How to Buy Wholesale Clothing for Your Boutique

One of the most crucial parts of being a successful boutique owner is how you buy wholesale clothe and products for your boutique. Sourcing for great quality, trends and price will set you apart from the rest.

Here are the things to remember when buying wholesale and four key places to source for your boutique!
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Before you buy anything, know this…

You ’ re a boutique owner for a reason you ’ re not a big-box memory.

cipher else has is your ability to style your customers and give them the most personal service anywhere. indeed as you buy, buying with your customer ’ south singular tastes, your unique brand, and your ability to promptly turn key categories and make money is critical .
so while this post will tell you WHERE to shop, you will besides want to take the prison term to know HOW. Another samara prepare you can find in the Boutique Hub. Your profit is hiding not only in what you buy, but the numbers behind it all .
What brands will you source ?

When you begin buying sweeping you need to be bringing in the right brands and building the right level of trust with your customers. Bringing in brassy brands, pricing your pieces just above wholesale, or not building enough margin will only hurt your business. Your prices can always go down, but you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be able to raise them back up.

Price suggests quality, and so does photography.

quality products, styled with your alone sample & photographed beautifully will build your sword and hope with your customers.

Using stock photos suggest you ’ re one of the crowd. Build your brand with video recording, try on sessions, unique flat lays or model photos and re-style and shoot as products don ’ thyroxine turn as you ’ d like them to.

Now……where do you find the best products for your boutique ?

Four Places to Buy Wholesale For Your Boutique:

1. Apparel & Gift Markets
Going to market allows you to meet vendors directly and to see the quality, to touch and feel products, and to get inspire. More than you can through photos, you ’ ll be given the opportunity to see how venders are styling the products and see how others are styling the latest trends through displays. Take that inspiration back to your boutique and put your own spin on it.

While at market, you ’ ll find several bang-up vendors in the ‘ temps ’ or temp booth segment. These range from dress, accessory, shoe and endow vendors. Every grocery store has this type of section and is what you are most much shopping with.

The other type of choice to shop at market is the showrooms. These are where one showroom owner has curated 3+ brands in concert to show you in one identify. This is an efficient way for brands to penetrate the grocery store in respective key areas through trusted showroom owners. The showroom normally has like priced and customer demographic focused brands.

Finally, ask about the cash and carry. Some markets have options for you to buy on-site and bring the goods home plate with you that day. This is normally jewelry and accessories, but can besides be samples of full apparel lines .
2. Buying Wholesale Online
Some of the more popular on-line platforms include Fashion Go, LA Showroom, OrangeShine, Tundra, and Faire. All of these platforms all serve a different corner of the market, thus find what suits you best. For a higher-end or slide fastener code protected options, there ’ randomness besides NuOrder and Joor.

Each of these platforms are a little unlike in who they serve, but they all have great selections and singular terms .
3. Wholesale on the Boutique Hub – Hubventory

At The Boutique Hub, we partner with over 750 brands from around the universe that are all vetted, quick to serve boutiques. not only do you get to meet the mark and see the tune, but you get to meet the people behind the trade name inside of the Boutique Hub on a daily footing. Inside of our penis groups at the Boutique Hub, you ’ ll catch to see daily videos, line sheets, and newly arrivals from all these brands as they drop. And because you are hub extremity we negotiate pricing with tons of these brands to get you guys the best deals potential .
New in 2021 – we ’ ra launching our own wholesale platform, Hubventory ! It ’ sulfur wholesale created by the industry, with your business put inaugural. We have slowly Shopify integrations & uploads, collaborative inventory plan boards, personalized feeds, honest pricing, moment penis savings, and education .
4. Los Angeles
There are many sweeping options in LA, but more than probably you ’ re going directly to LA if you ’ re into debauched fashion and ready to be shopping in a San Pedro area. It international relations and security network ’ thymine recommended to fair buy a ticket to LA tomorrow and try to figure it out. There ’ second decidedly some strategy when it comes to going to LA that you should know ahead. In the Hub, we have tons of training information, tips, and videos on how to buy an LA, along with our LA Experience trip through Retail Bootcamp. All of this information can be found in our train library for all of our members at the Boutique Hub .
What else should you know?
Fit. Junior, girl, and curvy cuts all run a little different, thus as you begin buying, knowing how each brand calls their size will make a huge remainder in how you serve your customers. What ’ south medium in one brand will not be a culture medium in the early. You have to be the person that uncovers those best pieces and educates your customer on how the clothing will fit their alone body type .
Have wholesale questions ?

Let us know anytime, or meet up with us at grocery store ! Look for Boutique Hub signs at our partner brand booths, or for our future at market meet up for boutique owners !

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