The entrepreneur’s hack to finding an amazing personal assistant

The entrepreneur’s hack to finding an amazing personal assistant

I ’ ve worked with dozens of assistants in my career as an entrepreneur. Some came from placement agencies, others came from advertisements I posted, and I even had some come from referrals. none were a great fit for me – and fit is the most critical element. Assistants aren ’ t simply people completing administrative tasks. A great adjunct is an extension of you, and in the best cases, they outperform you in certain areas. An amaze adjunct is the near thing we have on earth to a duplicate car. Their match allows you to get more done in your business and liveliness. For eight years, I searched for a great personal adjunct, to no avail. But now, I ’ megabyte glad to report, I ’ ve found an perplex assistant who has given me the ability to produce at the highest levels of my career. I didn ’ triiodothyronine find her in a traditional way, and I want to share with you the four non-conventional steps I took .

1. Figure out your areas of need.

This is key because there are now personal assistants for every sphere of your life. I identified the places I needed the most aid by examining both what I didn ’ thyroxine enjoy and what I had less skill at doing. Completing payroll documentation, tracking down accounts receivable and scheduling social media posts were all things I was measly doing. I took longer to complete these tasks and did them ailing.

2. Identify people you admire who appear to be getting a lot done.

There are thousands of people with a similar commercial enterprise and place in life as you, who are getting a distribute done with the serve of assistants. Leverage them. I used social media to look for people like me who were building a small business, creating an technical personal brand and who valued personal time with syndicate. Upon digging cryptic into their profiles, the “ Twin Doctors, ” besides known as Idries and Jamil Abdur-Rahman, rose to the top of my tilt. They appeared to have all the attributes I admired. More: For Entertainment Studios, Weather Channel CEO Byron Allen, failure is not an choice More: I work 10 jobs and eat dinner with my kin every night. here ‘s how More: Paul C. Brunson : Bulletproof your career with multiple streams of income Pro-tip: You can besides “ reverse engineer ” this pace by foremost looking for personal assistants, then researching their client base to find people you admire whose circumstances seem similar to your own .

3. Track down their personal assistants.

This seems to be the hardest step, but it ’ s actually the easiest. It ’ s alone human to tell the earth when we have a good thing, and social media amplifies our voices. A elementary scroll through a few months of social feed of the Twin Doctors and I saw several mentions of person they referred to as “ more than a publicist. ” I focused on researching that person – including their projects and areas of expertness, other clients they were working with and what I could determine of their values – through their web site and social media platforms.

Pro-tip: If the personal adjunct doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get a note in the social feed of the customer, contact the customer directly. Let them know you admire their exploit and ask if they have an adjunct. many assistants don ’ metric ton make full fourth dimension, and if the customer has the best intentions for their personal adjunct, they will want to see them get extra work .

4. Reach out to the assistant and share your areas of need.

Cast your net wide and reach out to many candidates. In my font, I happened to have had a former professional kinship with the Twin Doctors ’ adjunct, so connecting with her was easier. When you reach out to the assistant, find out if the person has demonstrated expertness in the areas of need you ’ ve identified and whether they are able to take on fresh projects. Keep in heed that your diligence in finding the assistant doesn ’ thymine guarantee they ’ ll be a perfect burst for you. Whenever potential, establish a test menstruation so you and the adjunct can evaluate the kinship. Pro tip: If you don ’ t have the money to cover the adjunct ’ second fees, negotiate. They may be interest in an alternate arrangement, such as a barter or a share of the tax income from the project they ’ ra working on with you. This is precisely how I found my adjunct, Dr. Renee Matthews, and when I shared this strategy with a acquaintance, she was able to find her adjunct the same way.

Remember, prison term is the most valuable asset you have. If you don ’ triiodothyronine have an admin, you are your admin. Start your search for a personal assistant nowadays. Paul C. Brunson, master of ceremonies of USA TODAY ‘s television serial ” Uncommon Drive, ” is a serial entrepreneur with three exits and a pioneer matchmaker ( yes, he is the real-life “ Hitch ” ). He besides is building a school in Jamaica. Follow him on LinkedIn or Instagram for sub-rosa footage and insights from his interviews and travels. The views and opinions expressed in this column are the writer ’ south and do not inevitably reflect those of USA TODAY .

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