How to Find out If a Company Is Included in a Stock Index

many websites provide information for investors on which companies are included as components of different lineage indexes or exchange-traded funds. Knowing what indexes a company ‘s banal is included in can be an important part of predicting the future monetary value drift of that standard. That ‘s because newsworthiness that affects markets and sectors as a unharmed may move all of the stocks within the underlying index, careless of whether the news is immediately about the person ship’s company .

Key Takeaways

  • Stock indexes and exchange traded funds (ETFs) include a variety of companies, and it’s crucial for investors to know what those components are.
  • Being aware of the specific companies in an index or exchange-traded fund gives investors more information about what future pricing might look like.
  • In some cases, checking the website of the company that makes the index will provide the information.
  • In other cases, finding what the components are in an index means that investors will need to do some research on sites like Yahoo Finance or Marketwatch.

Where to Look

One space to find lists of index components or company stocks that make up an index is the web site of the index godhead. For example, you can find the list of company stocks included in the Nasdaq 100 by going to

Going straight to the primary source—the web site of the index maker—is normally ideal. however, this list is n’t always available or easy to find on the web site for every democratic index. Often, it ‘s easier to go to a web site like Yahoo Finance or MarketWatch that aggregates this information so you can find it in one seat .

noteworthy Stock Indexes

There are many neckcloth indexes available, but the follow are some of the major ones that millions of investors monitor :

There are several ETFs and common funds that are designed to track the major indexes, such as the SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF ( DIA ), which tracks the Dow, and the Invesco QQQ ETF ( QQQ ), which tracks the Nasdaq 100.

Both Yahoo and Marketwatch offer absolve information on what components make a neckcloth exponent, while sites like Morningstar and Zacks Investment Research may require a membership design for certain information.

Where Else to Look

yahoo finance

first, capitulum to the Yahoo Finance quotation page. next, you can either type in the appoint or symbol of an index into the quotation box, such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average, or click one of the shortcut links in the cake at the top of the page .

once you ‘re viewing the drumhead page of the selected index, click the connect to “ Components. ” That ‘s where you ‘ll find the number of stocks that are included in the particular exponent you are researching .


If you go to the MarketWatch home foliate, you ‘ll see a number of some of the most luminary industry indexes. If you click on one, such as the S & P 500, you ‘ll come to the overview page for that index. If you scroll down a piece, you ‘ll see a list of the companies that are included in the index divided into acme performers and penetrate performers .

The part stocks of indexes can change frequently. Getting the list of companies on an index directly from the index manufacturer is always the ideal option for making surely you have the most up-to-date information .

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