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overview When you prepare your federal income tax return, it ‘s likely you want to seek every possible discount to reduce the measure of tax you owe. One way to do this is by claiming your children and other qualifying relatives as dependents. The article below is accurate for tax years anterior to 2018. Some tax information has changed for tax years after 2017. Learn more about tax reform here .

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For tax years beginning 2018, the 1040A and EZ forms are no longer available. They have been replaced with new 1040 and 1040-SR forms. For those who are filing anterior class returns, you can continue to use form 1040A or EZ for tax years through 2017 .


When you prepare your federal income tax return, it ‘s probable you want to seek every possible deduction to reduce the amount of tax you owe. One way to do this is by claiming your children and other qualifying relatives as dependents. Each subject claimed lowers your entire taxable income by one exemption.

Each dependent must meet long time, kinship, residency and support tests. additionally, each person can only be claimed as a dependent on one income tax return per class. So if you share custody with a erstwhile spouse, merely one of you can claim the child .

Step 1: Form 1040/1040A

Use either Form 1040 or Form 1040A to file your income taxes. Although Form 1040EZ is simpler to prepare, it does n’t permit you to claim dependents .

Step 2: Provide dependent information

On the beginning foliate to your tax return, you must enter the wide names of your dependents, their Social Security numbers and their relationship to you. If you have more than four dependents, check the appropriate box and list their information on a separate page. Claiming a child by and large requires that they live with you for more than half the class, they do n’t provide more than half of their own fiscal documentation and are under the age of 19, or under 24 if a full-time student. Claiming adults as your dependents is allowed if you satisfy alike requirements.

Step 3: Add the number of dependents claimed

You can claim one exemption for each pendent you claim plus one for yourself and one for your spouse. An exemption is a fix sum that is subject to change each tax class and reduces your taxable income in the lapp way deductions do. In 2017 for exercise, the exemption amount is $ 4,050. You will multiply this total by the phone number of exemptions you are allowed to take and enter the entire on the second page of your tax return .

Step 4: Child tax credit

Evaluate whether you can claim the child tax credit. After entering all dependent information, the human body allows you to check a box for each dependent that qualifies you to claim a child tax credit. by and large, you can claim the credit for any pendent children that are under the age of 17 at all times during the tax class. If you qualify, the credit offers a dollar-for-dollar reduction of your final examination tax debt for the year .
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