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Starting an LLC in Georgia is Easy

You can get a Georgia LLC on-line yourself by filing the Articles of Organization with the Georgia Corporations Division. The cost to create an LLC in Georgia is $100 .
Follow our free How to Form an LLC in Georgia guide below to get started .
For more information on how to form an LLC in any state, visit our How to Start an LLC guide .
Steps to form an L L C in Georgia

Step 1: Create A Name For Your Georgia LLC

Before you register your LLC, you ‘ll need to come up with a name. Your business appoint needs to be catchy for brand purposes and legitimate for legal purposes .
We go into depth on this topic in our LLC appellative usher. We ’ ll go over the basics below .

Naming Your LLC

first, brainstorm some possibilities. Use our LLC list generator to get the ideas flow .
Next, make sure your name meets Georgia guidelines:

  • it must contain the words limited liability company, limited company, LLC or L.L.C.
  • it can’t contain words (or variations of words) like bank, insurance, or university, without approval
  • it must be distinguishable from any other entity or trade name registered in Georgia
  • full list of Georgia naming guidelines

future, do a Georgia LLC diagnose search with the Corporations Division to find out if your identify is available in Georgia .
If your business name is available and meets guidelines, you ’ ll be able to register it when you file your Georgia Articles of Organization with the Corporations Division .
Is the URL available? Before you commit 100 % to a diagnose, check to see if there ’ s a good network knowledge domain available .
We recommend buying your domain correct away because even if launching a clientele web site international relations and security network ’ thyroxine on your radar veracious now, it will be soon.

Find a Domain Now

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once you register a domain diagnose for your LLC, consider setting up a occupation call system to establish credibility and enhance your customer service. Nextiva provides a overplus of utilitarian features and a quick, easy setup. Try Nextiva .

Using a Georgia Trade Name (DBA)

A Georgia DBA ( doing occupation as ), besides known as a trade identify, is any register name that a business operates under that is n’t its legal business mention. A trade appoint can be used by any character of business, including a sole proprietorship, partnership, or limited indebtedness company ( LLC ) .
Learn how to get a DBA in our Georgia DBA scout.

Step 2: Choose A Georgia Registered Agent

When you file your Articles of Organization, you ‘ll need to list a register agent .

A cross-file agent ‘s job is to accept legal documents like serve of procedure and tax notices for your LLC .

Your register agent can be a person or a registered agent service. You can act as your own read agent, but many business owners choose to use a file agentive role military service .
Here are a few things to think about before you decide to act as your own registered agent:

  • You’ll need to be available during normal (9 am – 5 pm) business hours at the address you provide
  • If you run your business from home, you’ll have to make your personal address public
  • You could be served with a lawsuit in front of your family or coworkers

Recommended: Northwest Registered Agent offers a dislodge year of registered agentive role avail when you form your LLC ( $ 39 plus state fees ) .

Step 3: File the Georgia Articles of Organization

It ’ south fourth dimension to formally form your Georgia LLC by filing your Articles of Organization with the Corporations Division.

You can file on-line with the Corporations Division or fill out a hard copy of Georgia Form four hundred 030 and Transmittal 231 Form and mail it in. The file fee is  $100. 

Recommended:  now is a good time to decide if your LLC will be member-managed five manager-managed .

There are only 2 “Articles” on the Articles of Organization. You’ll be asked to provide your:

  1. LLC name
  2. The effective date of filing
  3. Date, signature, and role in forming the LLC

For detail instructions, visit our Georgia Articles of Organization guide .
Mail Your Articles of Organization:
Send your shape and payment ( collectible to the Secretary of State ) to :
Corporations Division 2
Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.
SE, Suite 313 West Tower
Atlanta, GA 30334
How long does it take to get an LLC approved?  The   LLC process fourth dimension is 5 to 7 days on-line or up to 2 weeks by mail.

Step 4: Create A Georgia LLC Operating Agreement

Creating a Georgia LLC operating agreement is the lone way to legally lock down your LLC ’ sulfur management and ownership structure. Having this document in home will give you something to return to if a challenge or lawsuit arises .

even single-member LLCs benefit from having an operate agreement .

Your operating agreement should outline the following:

  • Each member’s responsibilities
  • How new members will be admitted
  • How existing members may transfer or terminate their membership
  • How profits and dividends will be distributed

You can add as many provisions as you want, arsenic long as they do n’t conflict with Georgia law. Take a look at our What is an operating Agreement lead to learn more .

Download a template or create a custom-made absolve operate on agreement using our tool .

Step 5: Obtain An EIN For Your LLC

An Employer Identification Number ( EIN ) is like a Social Security number ( SSN ) for your party. The IRS and the state of matter of Georgia will use this number to track your business activity .
Your EIN will come in handy when it’s time to:

  • Open a business bank account
  • File Federal and State taxes
  • Hire employees

The best way to get an EIN for your LLC in Georgia is by using the free on-line application on the IRS web site.

Read our Get an EIN usher for instructions.

Need Help Forming an LLC?

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