18 Weekend Side Jobs That Make You Money (And Are Actually Fun)

sometimes, even a full-time job doesn ’ t provide enough income to reach your fiscal goals. Whether you ’ rhenium saving for a bombastic leverage, aiming to put money digression for emergencies, or barely trying to make ends meet, securing extra income is a capital way to avoid fiscal asperity. That said, working 40 hours a week can wipe you out, and we ’ ra firm believers that weekends ( or early days off ) should be spent enjoying life. But what if you could find ways to make money on the weekends doing something enjoyable ? There are a assortment of half-time weekend jobs for side hustlers that might align with your interests and talents, so you could choose something that is meaningful to you. And when you enjoy a tax, it ’ south easy to put in the hours and reap the monetary rewards. If you learn how to make money doing something you love, you ‘ll be ahead of a bunch of others. Without far bustle, here are some weekend side jobs that can be both easy and fun.

If you ’ re an animal fan ( the kind that stops to pet strangers ’ dogs on the street ), you might find that spending your weekends walking dogs or pet-sitting will put a smile on your side while you earn some extra cash. Try connecting with cad owners using one of these services :

Deliver food and groceries

Delivering food and groceries can be a lucrative weekend side hustle if you ‘ve got a few loose hours, and it ‘s simple to get started. While each rescue overhaul works slenderly differently, in many cases, you can just sign up as a pitch driver and start fulfilling orders. There are typically no particular requirements, apart from being over 18 years of age and having a authentic modality of transportation to pick up and deliver orders .
If this sounds like the right side gig for you, you ‘ve got options :

Take surveys

If you ‘re looking for a side bustle you can do from the comfort of your couch, taking surveys may be a effective option for you. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection. While you wo n’t earn a full-time income with this side gig, it can surely help you bank a little extra outgo money .
again, there are typically no special requirements to sign up for a review platform. In most cases, you just need to be over 18 and volition to share your opinion. here are some capital options if you ‘re interest :

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Become a rideshare driver

If you have an eligible vehicle and don ’ t mind driving people from place to place, consider working as a rideshare driver. You get to set your own schedule and may be able to earn supernumerary money during busy hours of the day. If you have some free time, becoming a Lyft or Uber driver on the side could be a profitable gig .

Hang out with kids

If playing with kids all weekend sounds like a good time to you, consider becoming a weekend nanny. You ’ ll be able to play games, run about, act goofy, and help out a parent in desperate need of some time away .
While there aren ’ thymine any requirements for becoming a nanny, you ’ ll be able to charge more if you have a degree, CPR and first help certifications, and experience with kids. Your potential employer may besides want to conduct a background check .
You can connect with parents in motivation of childcare on these sites :

Hang out in an empty house

Travelers much hire house sitters to ensure the plants get watered and the mail gets brought in. Often, sign of the zodiac sitters besides take manage of pets in the family. It ’ mho easy to make a little supernumerary cash house-sitting without putting away much attempt .
It ‘s besides a big option if you want to sit back, put your feet up, and catch up on your Netflix or sociable media feed. Check out these websites to get started :

Teach English

If you love kids but would prefer to work from home, you can teach english on-line to children in China and earn up to $ 22 an hour via VIPKid. You don ’ t need to speak Chinese, and you ’ ll be able to help students gain confidence in another lyric. The course of study will be provided for you, and you ’ ll workplace one on one to make sure each child gets the educational attention they deserve .

Teach a fitness class

If you ’ re an exercise addict who wants to inspire others to take on healthy habits, consider becoming a group fitness teacher or personal flight simulator. use in the diligence is increasing, and jobs in the field can be both fun and reward .
For most opportunities, you ’ ll want to become certify, and the american Council on Exercise ( ACE ) is the largest certifier in the nation. The level of attempt and time required will depend on the certificate you choose. however, you ’ ll be able to study for the certification examination on your own time and at your own pace.

Pour wine or beer

Fans of ace alcohol may enjoy serving wine or beer at a restaurant, brewery, or winery. You may need a documentation or license to get started, so be sure to inquiry the requirements in your area. If you love the problem and want to get more involved, you might tied consider getting an alcohol license and launching a mobile bartending clientele .

Be a budtender

If you live in a department of state where cannabis is legal for aesculapian or amateur use, becoming a budtender could be a honor manner to help people get treatment for all kinds of ailments. In most states, you ’ ll need to get a basic license, and there may be a modest upfront cost. just be careful to choose a legalize budtender authentication plan. If you ’ re not ready to budtend, becoming a teller at a dispensary could be a great way to break into the industry .

Be a brand ambassador

If you enjoy discovering newly brands and sharing them with your friends, you might like working with companies to spread the discussion about their products in your unblock time. In many cities, brands post ads on Craigslist looking for people to pass out samples at grocery store stores, liquor stores, pop-up book events, or other venues .
sometimes these opportunities can overlap with your other interests. For example, we found ads looking for people to pour wine samples at a taste and ads seeking people who love kids to promote toys at a family-friendly event. You can normally find these ads in the “ gigs ” section of your local Craigslist site .

Use your creative skills

possibly you enjoy writing, graphic design, or you ‘ve got a bent for organization. If so, you may be able to make some money as a mercenary on the weekends. Sites like Upwork and Fiverr connect freelancer writers, graphic designers, and virtual assistants with potential customers. While the pay for gigs on these platforms will vary, if you find the right options, you could end up with a lucrative, consistent weekend side hustle .

Become a freelance tailor

not everyone has sewing skills, and there ’ s a demand for low-cost alterations. If you have a sew car and are besides skilled at hand-sewing, you ’ re already positioned to start a freelance business. Give your data to vintage stores and local boutiques to pass on to customers .
If you don ’ t have sewing skills but love helping people find the perfect fit, look into becoming an outfitter with Trumaker. You ’ ll discovery clients, take their measurements, and earn a mission from every custom-made detail of invest you sell .

Become a reseller

treasure hunters might enjoy scouring garage and estate of the realm sales for peculiarly high-quality items that can be resold on-line on sites like eBay or Amazon. You can besides resell any secondhand dress you no longer wear or vintage clothe you find at parsimony stores on apps like Poshmark .

Become a mystery shopper

Some companies want to gather data about customers ’ experiences, so they ’ ll pay you a fee for providing feedback about your shopping experience in assorted stores. typically, you ’ ll be asked to make a purchase, and then you ’ ll be reimbursed. Market Force and IntelliShop are two exempt platforms you can use to get started .

Help set up events

If you ’ ve got some have in the cordial reception industry and enjoy getting fix for a party, look for event set-up gigs. Weddings, festivals, and farmers ‘ markets all need staff to help oneself set up and tear down. You may be able to find some weekend knead on TaskRabbit .

Help with home staging

family stage is the serve of decorating and furnishing a family in a way that will be appealing to as many buyers as possible. Start by networking with local veridical estate agents. You may need to work for free to start, but once you have a portfolio of homes you ’ ve staged, you can make some extra cash from your interior dress skills .

Be a tour guide

If you ’ ra passionate about your city and love getting to know people from all over the world, becoming a enlistment guide might be one of the best side hustles for you. You ’ ll be able to show travelers your front-runner sights, eats, and activities, and you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate even need to be a professional .
Check out how you can get paid by using the comply sites :


What are the best ways to earn extra money on the weekend?

The best weekend side jobs depend on your life style and what you ’ re comfortable doing. however, here are a few ideas for making money with a side spear :

  • Resell on Amazon or Poshmark
  • Drive for Lyft or Uber
  • Deliver food or groceries with




  • Get paid to pet sit or walk dogs with


  • Work on home projects with


  • Take surveys and make money online with

    Survey Junkie



  • Housesit with TrustedHouseSitters or MindMyHouse
  • Teach English with


How can you earn income on the side?

If there ’ s something you enjoy doing, you probably have the opportunity to earn money doing it as a side bustle or half-time job. For example, if you enjoy driving a car, consider driving people with Uber or Lyft or delivering food or groceries with DoorDash or Instacart .
If you like animals, it could make sense to earn extra income as a pet sitter on Rover. Keep an receptive heed and be aware of the surrounding opportunities to find a side gig you enjoy.

What are the highest-paying side hustles?

many side hustles can earn you enough of money if you dedicate enough clock to them, which can be difficult if your day job takes up most of your time. however, here are a few side hustle ideas that can pay off if done well :

  • Resell items on Amazon
  • Blogging
  • Flip houses
  • Rent out properties on Airbnb or Vrbo
  • Rent out storage space on


  • Create an e-commerce business
  • Drive for a rideshare company
  • Rent out your vehicle with Turo or GetAround

Is it possible to make money blogging?

Yes, it ’ s possible to make money blogging. You likely have to create content on a even footing and grow your following to the point where you can offer services or products for money. In addition, if your web log starts gaining grip, you might be able to monetize your web site with ads. It ’ s not easy being a blogger, but it might pay off if you put in the time and feat .

So, which weekend side job is the one for you?

Whether you enjoy art and design, kiddos and doggos, shop, or precisely exploring your city, there are several ways to make extra money on the weekends that won ’ thyroxine feel like sour. many offer compromising schedules and allow you to create your own hours or even set your own price, so you can supplement your weekday work and take control condition over your fiscal goals. Have fun hustle !

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