Drop Servicing – How to Create a Profitable Business Reselling White-Label Services

If you ’ ve explored any list of ideas for starting an on-line business, there ’ s a full gamble you ’ ve hear of “ dropshipping ” and possibly even its spinoff known as “ fell servicing. ”
The drop service clientele model is becoming more and more popular as it promises a commodity tax income flow without a huge investment .
But, you ’ re probably wondering what precisely drop serve is, how it works, how it compares to dropshipping, adenine well as how to get started .
In this guidebook, you ’ ll learn all you need to know about drop service. You ’ ll besides learn the biggest pitfalls to avoid, to ensure you build a sustainable and profitable clientele resell services.

thus, let ’ s dive in !

What is drop servicing

drop servicing is a commercial enterprise exemplar where you sell services that you don ’ thymine satisfy yourself, rather you outsource the work to a freelance or an agency that completes a project while you ’ re only in charge of selling the service to a client .
That means it ’ s a kind of outsourcing or “ servicing arbitrage, ” which is equitable a fancy term for reselling. You play the function of a interlocutor that markets and sells the service to clients, and the service provider completes the project behind the scenes .
how drop servicing works
If you ’ re not companion with drop service, it ’ s basically the dropshipping model but for services rather of products. What ’ s significant to note correct off the bat is that this model international relations and security network ’ metric ton anything newly. In fact, it ’ s been around for many years .
Drop servicing model is best understand through some examples :

  • You bring your jacket to a dry-cleaning business, but they end up sending it to a cleaning factory rather than washing it in the store. That’s drop servicing.
  • You go to a local bakery expecting fresh baked goods, but they actually get their pastries from a factory rather than baking it in house. That’s drop servicing, too.

These real-world examples show that dismiss service can work with both palpable and intangible end results, but it ’ s most frequently discovered these days with on-line services like digital market or network design .
Chances are, you ’ ve actually bought products from a dropshipper before and you may have even bought from a drop service deoxyadenosine monophosphate well .
And that ’ s what ’ s crafty about it !
As a customer, you may never know the difference between a service delivered immediately by a service provider and one sold by a drop curtain service business .

How does drop servicing work

The serve of starting a drop overhaul clientele is extremely childlike. You need to put up a nice looking web site selling the serve you want people to pay for, and then you go out and find person who will actually do the work .
In the modern era, the fell service business model often goes like this :

  • You design a website offering marketing services
  • Then you promote and advertise the service to get clients
  • Next, you forward the project details to a service provider to do the work
  • Finally, once complete, you deliver the work to the client

devolve service is all about selling a service at a high price and then finding person to do the work at a lower monetary value, while you pocket the difference .

What can you drop service

The reason why dangle servicing may seem so popular these days is that everyone wants to tout that you can drop service anything, and that ’ s just about truthful .
While most drop serve businesses offer a digital market service of some kind, like web growth, logo design, SEO, and so forth, you can drop serve anything angstrom farseeing as you have the two necessary elements :

  • a person willing to do the work for X amount
  • a client willing to pay even more

Is drop servicing legal

The drop service commercial enterprise mannequin is wholly legal. There ’ sulfur nothing against the law about reselling person else ’ second services and making money off the price difference .
The fact is, drop service works barely like any other business exemplar : Buy gloomy, sell high .
adenine long as you can find a client uncoerced to pay your asking price, and a person will to do the employment for a certain amount less, it ’ s entirely legal to operate a drop curtain overhaul business .
The question is, is it sustainable ?
I ’ ll show you how you can create a sustainable and profitable drop servicing business in a subsequently section. For now, let ’ s touch on what you need to get started .

What you need to get started with drop servicing

One reason why the drop service commercial enterprise model is being promoted all over the vane as a type of agile money-making scheme is that it ’ sulfur easy to convince people to try it .
many alleged “ coaches ” and “ guru ” will sell you on the idea, profiting off of their educate, tools, or consort links that offer host and other services .
But you don ’ t have to buy into any such things !
All you need to do to start a drop service business is identify a service that you can sell for a premium, find person volition to work for less, and then set up a web site where you advertise it .
You might choose to invest in Facebook or Google ads, but it ’ s wholly optional .
With these broken entry requirements, all you truly indigence is commitment and a strong mentality, and you could start a drop serve business even more well than you can start dropshipping .

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Difference between dropshipping and drop servicing

When it comes to comparing dropshipping to drop service, there is a key dispute and it ’ s simple to remember : dropshipping deals with products that are physically shipped to the buyer. interim, drop servicing provides a service .
As said at the begin of this template, dropshipping and drop service are two identical similar business models, and that ’ s wholly true. In fact, you can think of drop service as basically a spinoff of the dropshipping model .
Both have been around for years, about since the begin of e-commerce and the on-line occupation itself .
The share where you may get hung up in the details is that a drop service business may produce a product in the end, like that bakery that ’ s buying from a factory .
The key thing to remember is that dropshipping involves actually shipping the intersection to the buyer .
For exemplify, say you purchase a jersey from an on-line shop. If that shop is a dropshipping business, they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate actually have the jersey on-hand .
rather, once you place an order, they ’ re going to purchase it from the seller on Alibaba or another retailer ’ randomness web site where they in the first place found it, or they may have the manufacturer ship it directly to you .

In any event, the dropshipping commercial enterprise never actually touches your item. They ’ re merely the contact. They find clothes that are selling for X sum and then they put pictures up on their web site selling them for Y. You pay more than they ’ re being sold for elsewhere, giving the contact a profit .
This is alike to the dangle serve model example we went through earlier where the drop service business, like your local dry blank, is charging $ 39 for cleaning your suit when they ’ re just going to ship it to a factory that only costs them $ 18 .
You ’ re glad just to get your suit back cleanse, but they get to pocket $ 21 for doing practically nothing but selling the service .
ultimately, dropshipping and drop service are identical similar models. so, if you ’ re trying to start a business, you may be left wondering which one is better .

Dropshipping vs. drop servicing – which is better

For those venturing into an on-line startup for possibly the first clock time, both dropshipping and drop servicing can seem like profitable commercial enterprise models with very little barrier to entrance .
however, while the models are similar, one ultimately holds more gamble. Can you guess which ?
In a fell service business, you typically get paid upfront and you ’ ll use that money to hire a mercenary or another party to do the ferment. That work is then delivered to the customer .
The hazard here boils down to the service supplier not doing the work to the node ’ mho specifications or your client not being satisfied with the third-party ’ sulfur work overall ( possibly leading to them demanding a refund, even though you already paid the third-party ) .
That means drop servicing has pretty first gear hazard, specially since you can always put satisfaction guarantees and no refund policies to work for you, asking the third-party to refund you if you aren ’ t happy and possibly telling clients that you don ’ triiodothyronine propose refunds under any circumstances. You might end up with some unhappy clients if your third-party international relations and security network ’ t up-to-par, but in the end, you still come out profitable .
With dropshipping, on the early hand, there tends to be a lot of logistic headaches that the “ acme sellers ” on YouTube and in television courses just don ’ thyroxine want to tell you about .
Have you noticed how many people are selling dropshipping courses these days ?

That ’ randomness likely because it ’ randomness far less of a headache, and less bad, to teach people how to get into dropshipping than to do it yourself .
With that said, let ’ s take a closer look at the risks that plague dropshipping .
first and first, remember the process. You need to locate items available for sale on Alibaba or another direct-from-manufacturer web site and then list them in your own store for a dirty price .
Your buyers will pay up-front for your products and cover any transportation fees you charge, but that ’ s when the concern begins. When shipping abroad from manufacturers directly, expect to deal with major delays, lost packages, and even the supplier sending the improper product or rate wholly .
interim, your buyers are fuming and your adhere eating all the fees of refunds, returns, and reshipments .
even worse, the COVID-19 Coronavirus position has made it identical hard to run a sustainable dropshipping business due to numerous delays and uncertainty with oversea department of transportation .
not to mention, with both of these businesses, you run the hazard of chargebacks, which are instances where customers can get refunds from their payment central processing unit or credit rating tease supplier if they ’ re infelicitous with the end consequence or if their holy order is late, about regardless of what your refund policy says .

Of course, now that we ’ ve gone through the risks and downsides of both, let ’ s concisely consider the advantages of one over the early. When it comes to the top, dropshipping frequently wins out thanks to its short sales bicycle, which can be achieved with careful product choice and tools that allow you to automate partially of the ordering work .
On the early hand, drop servicing is much a B2B serve, meaning you ’ re a business paying another business to do the service your node is waiting for. Your client may besides be a business, as is the case with most digital marketing services, and all that business means communication and network are required to find partners and clients .
The biggest advantage ? With the correct partner, you won ’ t have all the supplier-induced headaches that dropshippers deal with .
Plus, wear ’ triiodothyronine forget : Drop service businesses generally entail very first gear startup costs and you won ’ thymine distribute with all the ship and transaction fees, either !

Why avoid freelancers and partner with a white-label agency instead

We ’ ve good touched on a long list of risks associated with spend ship, but with drop servicing being relatively low risk, why wouldn ’ thymine you want to pursue it as a business model ?
In short, while you may not be a likely to end up losing money with a cliff servicing business, the chances of a sustainable profit are low .
That ’ second because typical drop military service businesses tend to turn to UpWork and Fiverr to find freelancers to provide their services .

Issue with overseas outsourcing #1 – Quality of service
The first issue with this is a matter of quality. There are some truly talented people on these sites, but they tend to charge a chasten or high rate which means you ’ d have a very minor net income allowance by the prison term you charge an even higher rate to your clients .
indeed, to profit, you ’ ll end up hiring some of the cheapest workers on these platforms, and that broadly means newbies ( which may be great, but will finally move up in the ranks and raise their prices ) or people who work for a unsheathed minimum and, consequently, put in the minimum sum of effort .
In early words, the biggest fight of running a fell service business is finding dependable freelancers at a rate you can afford .
And, flush if you find freelancers able to systematically deliver the quality you ’ ra looking for, they may not be around for long. These people come and go as they find higher-paying opportunities and better influence environments overall .
After all, if you can be charging X amount for their bring unbeknown to them, it ’ s only a matter of time before they realize they could be charging more, besides .
Issue with overseas outsourcing #2 – Risk of a bad reputation
meanwhile, when outsourcing to freelancers, you risk the reputation of your own post or business. If you happen to be outsourcing and putting your own face and name to the service, that ’ s evening worse .
Your repute will be directly and possibly irreversibly damaged should clients find that they ’ re getting unoriginal, plagiaristic, or barely poor-quality work that you possibly didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate match cautiously enough yourself .
Issue with overseas outsourcing #3 – Dealing with overseas providers
Add to these risks the lyric barrier and time zone differences that frequently pose themselves as complications when outsourcing to low-cost freelancers, and you ’ ll soon learn that managing projects and even meeting deadlines can be extremely difficult when outsourcing to freelance workers .

If those complications result in inadequate or fail deliveries, you end up with an unhappy customer and possibly a bad revue .
sol, what should you do rather ? The biggest flaw with the drop serve business model is the miss of dependability, consistency, and quality when outsourcing to low-cost freelancers. That ’ s where a white-label market agency will come into play, and here ’ second why .
A white-label selling means may cost you more than that “ budget-friendly ” freelance who sells lone because of their low price, but as the read goes, you get what you pay for .
Advantage #1 of a local white-label agency partner – Access to a full team of professionals
White-label agencies have an established repute behind them, and they ’ rhenium more than barely one person. An means has a whole team working for them, skilled and armed with the right tools to get your projects done on-time and with consistent timbre .
meanwhile, your integral business international relations and security network ’ t reliant on one single person, as the agency will constantly maintain a team adequate to of scaling up to meet your needs, even as you continue taking on raw clients thanks to felicitous referrals .
That means you stand to build a successful, long-run partnership with such an representation, putting you in the status to farther streamline your work flow and possibly even automate your business model .
Advantage #2 of a local white-label agency partner – Transparency
An much unmentioned aspect of working with a white-label agency that ’ s besides extremely beneficial is that a white-label means knows what you ’ ra doing .
In other words, it ’ sulfur no mysterious that you ’ re reselling their services, and they ’ re wholly fine with it because you ’ re doing all the marketing and advertising that they don ’ thyroxine feel like dealing with .
On the other hand, a drop serve business that ’ randomness outsourcing to freelancers would never want to tell the freelancers they ’ re doing that because that would lead them to inevitably charging more for their services, which they ’ re boundary to end up doing anyhow once you help build their repute .

What is a white-label agency

A white-label market agency is an agency offering marketing services. The “ white-label ” function means they cater to resellers or drop service businesses like yours, knowing that you ’ re using their services for your own clients .
The reason why white-label agencies exist comes down to the elementary laws of provision and demand. They come to be because there ’ s room for them in the market when drop service businesses like yours get tired of hiring freelancers at random .
After all, the benefits of working with a white-label representation over a mercenary are ample. To continue touching on some of the key factors, consider the consistent timbre, improved communication, scalability, and the improved access to tools and manpower necessary to get your projects delivered on specification and on clock .
Those are the things that define a white-label representation and set it apart from freelancer services .

When is the right time to consider a white-label agency

If you ’ re trying to get a business up-and-running, you ’ re doing the right matter by starting your research early, because the best time to hire a white-label market agency is before you start selling .
Of course, if you have already begun looking for clients, it ’ south never besides belated to switch. The oklahoman you transition from freelancers to an agency, the oklahoman you ’ ll be able to start delivering systematically higher-quality services to your customers .

What to look for in a white-label marketing agency

If you ’ ve decided it ’ s time to spouse with a white-label market representation, you ’ re on the track to success. You barely need to consider a few critical factors to ensure you make an inform decision .
first, choose a partner that has the experience and cognition necessary to complete your projects. Second, consider emphasizing the importance of an representation that works in your time partition to ease communications, or one with a 24/7 support team so details are never ignored .
adjacent, look for a white-label representation that has a prove track phonograph record. That means reading reviews both on and off their web site and control for complaints against them in the BBB. You may evening ask for referrals from other companies in your industry to help you find the right collaborator .
ultimately, the best agencies will offer a dedicate project director to make sure your projects are never forgotten, overlooked, or belated. This stick out director should be your single point of contact to collect all the details and deadline data for your respective projects and communicate those details with the team doing the work .
It will take time to find the correctly white-label market agency, but once you do, you ’ ll have greater peace of thinker knowing that you ’ re partnering with real number experts who are going to faithfully be there for you for every project going forward .


The penetrate line is that reselling services is a feasible commercial enterprise model that can help you earn a stable tax income stream by connecting clients in need of a service with quality service providers. That ’ mho why drop service is becoming one of the hottest ball-shaped trends .
however, to truly run a sustainable and profitable business purpose to partner with a reliable white-label representation. Avoid freelancers and outsourcing overseas as these are typically only impermanent solutions that won ’ thymine fetch you any constancy or scalability .
attend for a local means partner with a team and infrastructure to deliver on any project your clients demand. This will not only ensure a coherent and quality service for your clients, but besides a good reputation for your business, less concern, better communication, and the potential to build a true stigmatize .
If you ’ rhenium interest in hiring white-label digital marketing and network design representation, check out our partnership program page. Join early successful solopreneurs and agencies that we helped scale .
And, as always, drop us a comment polish below and share this guide with anyone looking for a comprehensive examination drop servicing guide .

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