How Can I Double $5,000 Dollars? 10+ Ideas

In 2018, the Federal Reserve found that 56% of Americans have less than $ 5,000 in their savings accounts .
furthermore, 39 % preceptor ’ t have adequate money to spend $ 400 in the case of an emergency .
While it might seem like the finances of many Americans are headed down a blue path of bankruptcy, increasing your bank report balance international relations and security network ’ t actually equally intemperate as it ’ sulfur made out to be .
In fact, if all you have is $ 5,000 to your name, you can double it ( and probably much faster than you ’ d have a bun in the oven ).

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10+ Ways to Double $5,000

Whether 5K has landed in your lap or you equitable received your 115th paycheck, it ’ second never excessively deep to use it to make more—and in this blog mail, we ’ ra going to find out 10 ways you can .

1. Start a Side Hustle

possibly the most park method of making more money is starting a side hustle .
The great thing about side hustles is that many of them can be fun, as they ’ re normally developed out of an interest or passion. however, some can take years to scale depending on the demand and market impregnation .
On the other hand, a few side hustles can become quite lucrative within your first few days, such as driving for Uber or delivering food for DoorDash .
Although you might not be passionate about becoming a taxi avail or a manner of speaking son, slope hustles like these rake in the change fast because need is constantly there. Plus, you don ’ t have to do any selling and how much you make depends entirely on how frequently you ’ rhenium available .

2. Invest in Stocks and Bonds

Investing your money is another popular way of doubling it, and many people find it playfulness. In fact, there are people who have their entire life funded by the stock market, thanks to their strategic investments .
While there are respective techniques to investing and a few vocabulary words you ’ ll necessitate to learn, beginners shouldn ’ triiodothyronine shy away from it .
In general, bonds are less hazardous than stocks. The excitability of a stock is typically what determines how bad it is, but when it comes to stocks the old saying rings true : “ with more risk comes more advantage. ”
How much hazard you should take in bonds and stocks depends on multiple factors, but age is one of them. The older you are, the less bad you want to be with your money .
When taking the stock market route to double your money, it ’ randomness important to note that while it can surely ( and normally will ) happen, the journey there might take significantly longer than early methods on this list .
To figure out how long it should take to double your money, use the Rule of 72 — a formula used to calculate the number of years it will take to double the money invested at an annual rate of return .
For case, a bond that returns an average of 5 % per year will take closely 15 years to give you double your money, according to the Rule of 72 .
Although you might not double $ 5,000 in the cheeseparing future with this route, investing is a smart strategy for earning passive income in the long term. Plus, you can get started with arsenic small as $ 1 .
To make it even easier, you can use an invest app like Acorns, which allows you to invest spare change or a certain sum of each paycheck .

3. Day Trade

If you ’ rhenium matter to in stocks but are looking for a direction to double $ 5,000 fast, there ’ sulfur another option on the table : day trade .
Day trade has become increasingly democratic over the death few years, with several millennial influencers in the finance and entrepreneurship niches—such as YouTubers Biaheza and J Rich —using it .
The primary dispute between day trade and regular neckcloth invest is simple : one is a long-run strategy and the early international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate .
Day trade is precisely what it sounds like : trade ( or, buying and selling ) stocks in a day. Professional traders get started a soon as the market opens and end when it closes, which will differ across time zones .
Unlike long-run breed and adhere investing, day trading is highly risky—which is besides why it ’ sulfur more lucrative in the short term. The reason why it ’ s thus bad is because to make a net income from day deal, you need to buy stocks that are extremely volatile. The more volatile a broth, the riskier it is.
If you ’ re new to day deal or have been besides aflutter to start, you can use sites like Webull to practice day trading with newspaper money before throwing your very $ 5,000 at it .

4. Save More Money

Doubling your money will be a farseeing, drawn-out summons if you ’ re constantly spending what you already have .
While finding ways to save money international relations and security network ’ t a method acting of making more, it can get you to your goal savings bank account balance importantly faster .
even if you ’ ve already cut back on outgo, there are probable several more ways you can save. many people are under the mental picture that “ saving money ” equals “ spend less, ” but that ’ s not constantly the case .
While you can surely tighten your budget around unnecessary expenditures, you should besides look for ways to save money on the things you buy most .
Shopping on-line, in general, can save you a long ton of money thanks to the abundance of internet tools, such as the unblock browser extension, Honey .
You can flush club your meals online and spend less money than you would at the grocery store shop. Just use rescue sites like $5 Meal Plan. If you do want to treat yourself and skip cook for a day, skip those restaurants and consider something like Freshly .
These plans allow you to have multiple meals starting at $ 11.79 per meal. The means it works is you choose a design size which can be 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 meals per workweek. You can then select a commodious delivery day for yourself. Your chef-cooked meals are then shipped directly to your doorsill. If you need to cancel a week or a certain meal, you can do that before the weekly deadline .
To give you a real-life exercise of what their meals can be, here is what comes up when I go through a requital plan :
freshly meals
once you select a few meals ( I selected 6 ), you go forward to the requital page to see your total which for me came to about $ 11 per meal. The more meals you orderliness, the less it is per meal. hera is what my entire look like :
freshly billing $66
My last recommendation would be to start a savings report with a fiscal institution like Chime. A keep open report with Chime has a 0.50 % APY ( Annual Percentage Yield ), no symmetry requirements, and no fees. You can get started by visiting the Chime page and taking a look at their savings report features .
bill : chime is a fiscal technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by, and debit card issued by, The Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank, N.A. ; Members FDIC .

5. Buy and Resell Items on Amazon and Ebay

sometimes, you have to spend money to make money. But what you spend your money on heavily determines how much you ’ ll make in tax return .
While most people who sell on Amazon and eBay do so just to make a quick buck off from previous thrust, others have become full-time third-party sellers and make as much as seven figures .
To make money by selling on platforms like Amazon, you ’ ll need to complete a few steps :

  • Figure out what type of products you want to sell
  • Do market research to figure out whether or not the product(s) are selling at a good rate
  • Find a wholesaler or somewhere you can purchase the product at a relatively low price
  • Resell the product on Amazon or Ebay for a higher price
  • Once you get the hang of things and start making some cash, you can use tools like Helpfull’s Amazon split testing software to see which listings of yours are converting better and what changes could help you increase profit margins.

While this might sound like a fairly simpleton process, the last mistreat, in particular, can be catchy. Although it might be tempting to price the merchandise for twice the total you paid for it, it won ’ triiodothyronine ever sell if you set it excessively high .
Amazon itself often sells the like products as third-party sellers, and they have the ability to price them much lower without losing money. This makes it harder for third-party sellers to make a net income, as they normally can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate monetary value the token lower than Amazon without at least breaking flush .
so if you want to take the buy-and-resell path, be prepared to do some research .

6. Start Dropshipping and Build an eCommerce Business

exchangeable to selling on Amazon or eBay, dropshipping is the process of buy and resell products at a profitable price .
however, there are a few pros to dropshipping that make it much more appeal than the previous approach .
first, when dropshipping, you don ’ thyroxine actually buy the product until a customer has bought it from you .
irregular, the jobber ( the person or company you bought the merchandise from ) ships the item directly to the seller, so you never have to worry about ship or packaging it yourself .
For these reasons, dropshipping has become an increasingly democratic form of eCommerce, which is basically selling products on-line .
After buying a domain and setting up an online shop —which can be done via platforms like Shopify —all you have to do is market research to find a profitable product and then list it on your web site.
many dismiss shippers use the caller AliExpress because it allows them to purchase products for extremely low prices. Plus, AliExpress lets you use their pictures and reviews when listing the merchandise on your own locate .

7. Sell Your Stuff

You don ’ t have to become a minimalist, but I ’ megabyte certain there are at least a few things lying around the theater that you haven ’ triiodothyronine touched in a year .
But if the denude life style of a minimalist is appealing to you then, by all means, you can do that, besides .
Most people think of hosting a garage sale when they want to get rid of a few things, but thanks to the on-line era, there are respective faster ( and much more commodious ) alternatives .
Of course, there ’ mho constantly the choice of Amazon or eBay. But you can besides use sites and apps like Poshmark, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Nextdoor, and Tradesy .

8. Earn cashback When You Shop

Another comfortable way to not lone save money but besides get a little back each fourth dimension you spend it, is to use sites that reward you for shopping with them .
The most democratic one is likely Rakuten.

Rakuten is a browser extension that helps you find coupons for saving money and Cash Back opportunities. No topic where you shop, you can consult these Rakuten features with barely a single cluck .
Plus, it ’ s complimentary .
The way Rakuten works is quite simple. Stores pay Rakuten a deputation each time you purchase something through the extension. then, Rakuten uses that committee to pay you via PayPal or even a check .

9. Complete a Money Saving Challenge

If you strategically save and set money aside each clock you earn more, you ’ ll find that your original sum has doubled with minimal effort .
Money-saving challenges are meant to provide you with a strategy that will take you from a certain amount of money to even more .
For model, the Envelope Money Saving Challenge frequently leaves people with an extra $ 5,050. The process is simple : tag 100 envelopes with numbers 1-100, then put them in a shoebox. Each sidereal day, take out an envelope and put the sum of money inside that matches the envelope number .
If you draw envelope number 16, for model, you ’ d put 16 dollars in the envelope ( or your savings report ) .
If you complete the challenge using this exact process, you ’ ll have $ 5,050 in savings. But since you already have $ 5,000, you might want to do the challenge with evening more money. If indeed, you can constantly increase the number of envelopes from 100 to 200 .
By using 200 envelopes, you ’ ll end the challenge with $ 10,100 .
Of naturally, there ’ s a wide variety of early money-saving challenges—such as the 52-week money-saving challenge and the 365-day penny challenge—but the sharpen of each is the same : to end up with more money than you started with .

If you want to take your budget and finances up a pass, you could take a expression at my budgeting binder here which includes a bit-by-bit set about to dealing with finances from budgeting for the month to paying off debt to dealing with credit scores .

10. Become a Freelancer

similar to starting a side hustle, becoming a freelancer is a method acting of money-making that lets you pursue a passion while besides building a clientele .
Although many freelancers end up doing their study full-time, it ’ mho besides perfect for anyone looking to bring in a few extra bucks .
There are many types of freelance. You can be a freelance graphic interior designer, writer, photographer, videographer, exemplary, or even transcriber. The list goes on. And the good news is, reasonably much any pastime can be turned into a freelance gig .
however, the type of freelance work you do and how much time you commit to it will ultimately be what determines how much money it makes you .
If you want to get started right off and don ’ thymine know much about marketing ( or merely don ’ thymine have the time to do it ), you can always use platforms like Upwork and Fiverr .
These platforms are quite popular among a variety of freelancers, and it ’ s slowly to see why. alternatively of having to commercialize yourself, you plainly make a profile, offer your services, and wait for clients to find you .
however, the downside to using these platforms is that they take a fee out of your income. Plus, it can be hard to compete with other freelancers in your recess since oftentimes, clients are just looking for who can offer the cheapest gig .
But after using these platforms for a while, you ’ ll begin to gather testimonials and loyal clients. then, you can always raise your rates, move to your own web site, and try out marketing techniques for yourself .

11. Invest in Passive Income Opportunities

alternatively of trying to make money by working more, why not try making money while working less ?
trading prison term for money is how most of us earn our incomes, but thanks to passive income opportunities, we can start making more money by investing less time. Sounds like everyone ’ mho dream, doesn ’ metric ton it ?
fortunately, finding legitimate ways to make passive income international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine arsenic hard as you might think .
It ’ s adenine easy as renting out your car, spare room, memory distance, or office. You can tied rent your house through platforms like Airbnb when you ’ re on vacation .
You can besides turn any avocation, interest, skill, or cognition you have into an on-line course. In reality, making an on-line course can be turned into a weekend undertaking. then, after grinding for two days, you have a glazed new intersection that ’ s quick to be marketed and sold for years to come .

  • Survey Junkie– This website pays you to take surveys online and is one of my favorite survey websites because of its countless survey options and trustworthiness.
  • Swagbucks– This is another survey website that pays you via PayPal or gift cards if you take surveys through their website. You also get a $5 welcome bonus using this link.
  • BillCutterz– If you want to find a way to lower your bills and save some cash, this company can help. Here is how it works- BillCutterz will negotiate discounts for you with your service providers (cable, internet, security, etc.). If they manage to get a bill reduction, they take 50% of what they managed to save. If not, you pay nothing. So, if they save $100, they take $50 from what they manage to save you. Pretty simple, pretty fair.
  • Ibotta– You can save hundreds of dollars every year by receiving cash back on your purchases. Shopping for your daily load of groceries through this app will make sure you get the best deals possible. They are tied up with stores like Walmart, JC Penny, Best Buy, and more.
  • Rakuten– Rakuten is another cash back option that allows you to earn your money back by shopping through their online store. You can find stores like lululemon, Nike, Verizon, Gap, and more on their platform.
  • Trim– Trim is a great app that you can download that helps you maintain your finances better by looking for ways to save money, negotiate bills, and cancel subscriptions that are not being used.
  • Personal Capital– This is a financial planning app that helps you manage your wealth with the use of tools like the retirement planner, net worth calculator, and investment checkup.
  • $5 Meal Plan– Meal planning can save you hundreds if you do it right. The $5 meal plan is my favorite way to meal plan in a way that saves money and time.
  • DoorDash– Getting a side job that you can work on at any time may not be a bad idea. Door Dash is always looking for new drivers and they have great rates and a flexible schedule to offer.
  • Mint Mobile– Mint Mobile offers you everything your current service provider is offering you for cheaper. It is a great budget service provider that is worth a quick look. Starts at $15 a month!
  • Acorn Invest– Acorn Invest helps you invest spare change and save for retirement with their awesome tools. Sign up now for either the $1 or $3 a month plan!
  • Gabi Insurance– Gabi helps you compare and buy home and auto insurance so you get the best rates with maximum coverage. They even help you cancel your old policy. Their customers have saved an average of $825 per year.

12. Monetize a Blog, YouTube Channel, or Podcast

Believe it or not, running a blog, YouTube channel, or podcast is a bang-up form of passive income and there are people who make six figures per month doing equitable that .
And similar to freelancing, any avocation, love, interest, or cognition can be transformed into a blog, YouTube channel, or podcast. Better so far, you can do more than one !
Starting a YouTube impart is basically the ocular interpretation of blogging. so if you prefer talking and being in front of a television camera, YouTube is probable the route for you. But if you love to write, blogging is right up your alley .
The way you make money from these assets are primarily through :

  • Ad revenue — allowing ads to be displayed on your blog or played at certain points of your video or podcast.
  • Affiliate marketing — linking to someone else’s product, then receiving commission for each purchase.
  • Sponsorships — promoting a product or service by featuring it in a video on YouTube, podcast episode, or by writing a post about it on a blog.
  • Your products/services — promoting your own products and/or services through YouTube, podcasting, or your blog.

Out of the methods above, affiliate commercialize is credibly the most coarse and the easiest way to get your foot in the virtual door .
A good position to start would be to figure out what a profitable affiliate marketing niche might be. A set of the time temper bloggers, YouTubers, and podcasters suggest diving into a recess that you are ‘ passionate about ’ .
While this romantic notion may have worked out 10 years ago when the virtual space was not as crowded- it is a fortune more competitive today .
Yes, you should narrow down on a recess that you can see yourself writing/ talking about years from now but it does besides have to be profitable .
For exercise, the blogging recess is wholly oversaturated and it would take you years to crack into the circus tent 10 results on Google. So it does not even matter that the affiliate programs give affiliates reasonably big cuts because the audience is barely already taken .
however, niches that a set of people don ’ thymine even consider can be madly profitable. For exemplar, Coffee Affection is a web log that gives its readers recommendations for the best coffee gear, beans, and roasting techniques .
They make a reasonably penny each month through affiliate sales for everything from coffee bean machines to premium coffee bean purchases .
screenshot of coffeeaffection site
According to Ahrefs, Coffee Affection gets traffic worth over $ 300k every month :
coffee affection stats ahrefs
once you narrow down on something profitable, you can start reading up on what affiliate programs are the best to get into and which ones are run well .
If you choose to start one of these three journeys, keep in mind that it takes clock to build. To make money from ads on YouTube, for exemplar, you must have accumulated 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours before getting monetized .
On a web log, you have to meet standards set by advertising networks before being able to apply. For case, Mediavine ( the network we partner with on CollectingCents ), has specific requirements for new sites to join .
On the bright side, it isn ’ t near angstrom hard as getting monetized on YouTube. alternatively, the real challenge is driving enough traffic to your blog for your ad tax income to become profitable .
finally, if you prefer talking to writing but are a moment camera-shy, you can constantly start a podcast.

13. Get Paid to Write

If the idea of blogging piques your interest, but you don ’ thyroxine want to wait for months—or, potentially years—to gain money, there ’ s an alternate .
Writing is quite a lucrative skill in 2021, from blogging to SEO copywriting. But the fastest way to start making some plain change from your study is by publishing it on platforms that pay you for each man .
medium, NewsBreak, and vocal music Media are three prime examples of sites that pay writers .
For example, anyone can start an account on, which means you can start writing immediately without waiting to be accepted. After starting an report, you can join the collaborator program, which you must do if you want to get paid for your solve .
Unlike YouTube, making money on Medium has nothing to do with follower consider. so even if you have zero followers, you can hit the jackpot .
alternatively, you ’ re paid according to how many “ reads ” —which are basically views—your piece gets .
If person who has a $ 5 per calendar month Medium membership reads your piece, you mechanically receive a share of their $ 5 tip .
Plus, Medium pays writers once a calendar month, which gives you enough of clock to publish new pieces and run up the reads.

The Key to Doubling $5,000 Is Creativity and Consistency

There ’ s an countless sum of ways you can double $ 5,000—from investing it in holy order to make passive income to funding the beginning of a new business .
Making more money can be american samoa elementary as identifying your love and discovering ways to make it lucrative. And in the digital era of the twenty-first century, practically any subject can be made insanely profitable .
Don ’ t let your $ 5,000 lento drain from your bank account. figure out how it can reel in more .

That is over 10 ways to double $5000- over to you.

Swagbucks pays you to take surveys online and is one of my favorite survey websites because of its countless survey options and trustworthiness. They pay you via PayPal or gift cards if you take surveys through their website. You also get a $5 welcome bonus using this link.
CIT Bank offers high yield savings accounts and term CDs that are great for people who are looking to invest their cash and earn interest. One of the reasons they are so famous among savers is because they have one of the nation’s top rates- 6x the national average (your typical savings account earns you just 0.09%).
FlexJobs is great if you are looking for remote work opportunities. The team at FlexJobs monitors every job posting to make sure the standard is maintained so you will find well-paying job opportunities and zero scammy ones.
For wise parents with their children’s futures in mind, an early tax-advantaged investment account specifically tailored for children is a fantastic idea. Programs such as UNest are designed to help you achieve this goal of
crafting a better future for your children.
Credit Saint is my top pick when it comes to credit repair agencies. It has a 90-day money-back guarantee, an A+ rating from the BBB, affordable pricing and it has also been voted the best credit repair company by consumer advocate. Credit Saint
My last recommendation would be to start a savings account with a financial institution like Chime. A savings account with Chime has a 0.50% APY (Annual Percentage Yield), no balance requirements, and no fees. You can get started by visiting the Chime page and taking a look at their savings account features.

Note: Chime is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by, and debit card issued by, The Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank, N.A.; Members FDIC.

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