What do i need to send money walmart to walmart

Whilst Walmart is not known for its fiscal services. They do provide aid to those who do not have a bank report .

We have put together everything you need to know about making the most of the Walmart to Walmart service .

What is Walmart to Walmart?

Walmart to Walmart, which is stylized as Walmart2Walmart, is an inaugural by the retail giant to allow customers who do not have a bank account to receive money .
The program was established in junction with RIA, a fiscal institution that specializes in money transfers around the earth .
This service benefits both Walmart and customers alike .
28 % of the people living in America do not have a trust account, which means a significant segment of the US population does not have access to basic fiscal services. With this program, Walmart is not only supporting people who are ineffective to receive bank account-to-bank report transfers but have besides found a gap in the market that they can fill .
As it stands, profits from financial services entirely make up a mere 1 % of the company ’ sulfur gross. With this service, Walmart is aiming to become a bigger musician in this sector .
The Walmart2Walmart service can be accessed via the Walmart MoneyCenter located in the storehouse. It will encourage payees to spend some of the cash they receive within the supermarket .
With Walmart ’ sulfur capture into the money transfer market, it has increased contest in the sector as it has become a direct equal of companies that offer alike services, such as Western Union. This has encouraged money transmit businesses to offer better prices for customers in decree to remain competitive .
But what do you need to do to send money Walmart2Walmart ? Below, we elaborate on how you do it and what documents you need .

How do I send money via Walmart2Walmart?

You don ’ t need much to send money via Walmart2Walmart. You can send money via the avail by following these steps :

  • Find the nearest Walmart near you .
  • Go to the Walmart MoneyCenter in the shop .
  • Provide an designation text file – this could be a range of things, including a driver ’ sulfur license, passport and military ID .
  • Identify which Walmart memory you would like to send the money to.
  • Transfer the sum of money you would like to send and pay the play along fees .
  • The money should arrive within 10 minutes at your choose location, from where the recipient can retrieve the funds .

You will be given a reference number once you have finalized your transfer request. You can use this to contact customer military service if any issues arise during the process .
The Walmart2Walmart service operates similarly to other money transfer companies. Due to Walmart ’ s dominance of the american english retail commercialize, stores are located all across the country, allowing customers to access the service wherever they live .
even though transfers are limited to $2,500, the service is normally open seven days a week, meaning customers and payees can carry out transfers and receive money respectively whenever it is commodious for them .
The fees that come with completing a money transfer are besides broadly lower than that of companies that offer a similar service. The total you pay for using Walmart2Walmart depends on the sum of money you want to transfer .
It costs $ 4 to transfer funds worth up to $ 50.However, the tip rises to $ 8 for transfers valued between $ 51 and $ 1,000. The highest fee that you would be charged to make function of the Walmart2Walmart service is $ 16. This is the fee you would need to pay for money transfers worth between $ 1,001 and $ 2,500 .
therefore, it is advisable to transfer higher funds less often as you will save on transplant fees in the long operate .

Alternative services

Walmart2Walmart is not the only fiscal service that the retailer offers. Customers can besides order a Walmart MoneyCard, a prepay debit card that has a cash-back rewards program range between 1 % and 3 % depending on whether you shop in-store, on-line or in a flatulence place .
You will not undergo a credit score check in the application process, and you can not have a veto balance wheel either. however, there is a monthly fee of $ 5.94 to keep the account linked to your card open .
You don ’ t need to provide a set of information to make use of the Walmart2Walmart serve, and it allows people who don ’ t have access to a deposit account to receive money transfers .
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