3 ways for customers to accept QuickBooks estimates online

It ’ second no secret that organization is key to running a successful business .
This is specially genuine when your company creates quotes or estimates in QuickBooks for prospective customers .
After all, you can ’ thymine start the knead and get paid if you don ’ thymine know whether the customer has accepted your appraisal .
ideally, your customers should be able to promptly and easily accept QuickBooks estimates online.

Can a customer accept a QuickBooks estimate online?

presently, QuickBooks does not allow customers to accept estimates online .
As a workaround, many QuickBooks users ask customers to respond to the estimate electronic mail to give their approval .
And while this may work for some, it ’ s easy to imagine the electric potential pitfalls of this hack such as :

  1. Your customer forgetting to respond to the email
  2. Their response getting buried in your inbox
  3. The customer claiming they never “formally” approved the estimate

The list of risks from managing QuickBooks estimates like this goes on and on .

How can you streamline your QuickBooks estimate approval process?

fortunately, technology has come a long way in providing small business owners with great tools they can use to extend the office of QuickBooks .
Let ’ s take a look at some options .

Electronic signature software

This is a great option for businesses that need to obtain a legally ski binding signature from a customer before beginning function but don ’ t want the harass of impression, fax, or scanning physical documents. alternatively, you can simply :

  1. Save your QuickBooks estimate or quote as a PDF
  2. Upload the document
  3. Add text and signature fields
  4. Enter the recipient’s email address to send them a unique link to the document.

here are our recommendations for electronic touch software :

  • DocuSign (plans start at $13/month for one user or $33/user/month for multiple users)
  • RightSignature (plans start at $12/month for one user or $60/month for multiple users)

Online QuickBooks quotation system

If you ’ re not quite quenched with your QuickBooks estimates, there are enough of web-based platforms dedicated to managing estimates, quotes, and proposals. With these tools you can :

  • Build sleek estimates from existing templates
  • Include files and links
  • Have your customers accept QuickBooks estimates online with the click of a button

Better yet – some quoting systems integrate immediately with QuickBooks Online ( QBO ), so QBO mechanically creates an invoice when a customer approves a quotation.

here are some recommendations for QuickBooks Online appraisal tools :

  • Quotient (plans start at $29/month for one user or $49/user/month for multiple users)
  • Qwilr (plans start at $29/month)

Accept QuickBooks estimates with Method:CRM

method : CRM is the top-rated QuickBooks CRM and it ’ sulfur easily to see why .
The two-way synchronize between Method : CRM and a QuickBooks estimate streamlines your approval process and lets you send out quotes from anywhere .
With Method : CRM, your sales team has each customer ’ sulfur history at their fingertips so they can easily create estimates from within Method while on-the-go. All without even needing access to QuickBooks .
The best character is that Method : CRM is a amply customizable CRM. therefore if you want :

  • Your customers to be able to approve estimates online by clicking a button or checking a box
  • To receive an email as soon as a customer approves an estimate

You can make this happen with Method : CRM. Use Method : CRM ’ s dredge and cliff tools on your own, or work with our Business Solutions Specialists to bring your vision to life .
Bryan Dutton of Allegro Design Co. “ can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate talk highly enough ” about how customizing his method acting : CRM bill has streamlined his narrow and QuickBooks estimate process :

“The process of putting together a contract went from 45 minutes to less than 15 minutes. With everything together in one screen I just have to select what I need and email it out to the customer.”– Bryan Dutton, Allegro Design Co.

Start accepting QuickBooks estimates online

Your best bet when it comes to sending and managing QuickBooks estimates is Method : CRM.

Sign up for a free 30-day test of Method : CRM and make managing your QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online estimates easier than ever before .
Simply sync your QuickBooks account with Method : CRM and get in touch with one of our Business Solutions Specialists to discuss what you ’ re looking for in your estimate approval process. Your trial of Method : CRM will include 1 free hour of customization services to help you get started !
Start using Method : CRM for free nowadays !

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