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even eCommerce stores with extremely attractive and high-quality products may often stumble in the product display department. Like a cluttered display with besides much data or perturb elements. Smart and effective product display is a science. It efficaciously convinces the customer to purchase. It besides helps reduce your market and ad budgets by promoting your products. In this military post, we talk about how you can organize your product layout and expose to maximize conversions .

15 eCommerce product display ideas to boost sales

As an eCommerce business owner, it ’ mho intuitive to think of factors such as opinion triggers, impactful CTAs, exit-intent pop-ups, etc. when it comes to boosting sales. however, there is one more significant factor that you may be underutilizing—how you display your products.

In this web log, we ’ ll be looking at fair that—creative ideas you can use to display your products and boost sales. Let ’ s take a look .

1. One-size-fits-all is old school. Categories are cool. 

move are the days when you could use a template-fitting, static web site and get by with it. nowadays, creative categorization and personalization are all the fury. In the on-line world immediately, people want to easily find what they are looking for, and categories help them do equitable that. so, find a direction to make categories cool : get creative, build immersive experiences, and look into bringing in interactional elements that will engage your audience. Lush, for case, has prominently placed categories on the top of the web site with sliding banners that efficaciously showcase the range of products vitamin a well as the highlight offerings .how to display products: example from Lush They besides create immersive paths for their hearing using category cleavage and curated content. For example, each of the main categories is broken down into subcategories which can be filtered through to browse through their product roll .how to display products: example from Lush A great tip here is to always use and highlight message that is on decimal point with your brand language and connects with your audience. For Lush, it is the creative replicate that supports their product display page .

Pro Tips:

  • Develop creative categorization for your website—keeping in mind seasonal holidays, mood boards, and product benefits.
  • It also helps to prominently display your categories on the top with sliding banners. 

2. Treat your copy like an elevator pitch

An important point to remember—one that we love reiterating—is that customers have a short attention span : 8 seconds, to be accurate. That means that you have 8 seconds to pitch your business and impress your customers. You ’ ve got to be precise. It ’ sulfur best to stick to the luff and get the job done. That is precisely what IWC does. They use a apt hierarchy of data to present the important stuff—stuff that ’ ll make you want to read more—and then soar in to extra details .how to display products: example from IWC This scheme gives IWC a competitive advantage over other brands that spend excessively much time on their elevator pitch. You take one look at their web page and you ’ ll know precisely what they do, what they deliver, and why you should buy from them. That ’ s the power of preciseness .how to display products: example from IWC

Pro Tips: 

  • Take no more than 8 seconds to convey product USPs to gain a true competitive edge over other brands.
  • Always use a clear hierarchy of information, prioritizing persuasion triggers and core messaging.

3. Don’t just show. Let them experience. 

It ’ s 2021. Customers don ’ thyroxine just want to see your products, they want to connect with your brand. One of the hottest strategies for eCommerce right now is to let your customers experience your products and steep themselves in your culture. specially with the launch of synergistic features, brands are leveraging this across the world by giving customers the baron to interact with products and experience them in a unlike way. Take a notice from this beautiful case from unblock People where the brand offers high-quality product images shot through different angles with the option to hover through .product display example from Free People

Pro Tips:

  • Content is always king. Use it well. Take classy pictures, rev up your creative direction, and have fun with it. 
  • Display your products in a way that doesn’t make it look like you are selling anything. Make it look natural, similar to how you would want it in real life.
  • Let customers hover through. Sometimes, they don’t want to commit just yet, and hovering through lets them discover the product without even having to move to another page.

4. Bundle them up

Bundles are the holy place grail of eCommerce. They are a simple feature of speech used in order to increase sales for your on-line denounce. They help to sell more products in fewer clicks. They can besides increase average order prize, which means more gross for you .

There are five main types of bundles:
  • Product package or kit
  • Upselling
  • Package discount or tiered pricing
  • Cross-selling
  • Market segmentation

Depending on what you offer, bundles can be the secret weapon in your eCommerce armory. Saje does a capital job at this : displaying their bunch in a outstanding manner that is instantaneously appealing to the hearing .product display idea from Saje

Pro Tips:

  • Remember: customers like bundles as much as you do. For them, they’re a great way to bag a deal. Use that well & nudge your customers towards the bundles using a creative display.
  • Persuasion triggers 101 — highlighting the price drop in red is a great way to bring in some excitement to your display and show your customers how good a deal the bundle is.

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5. Less is more. Minimal is key.

design is one of the most crucial and essential factors in making your product display look good. After all, if your web site does not look appealing, you will lose customers, right ? But purpose is not the lone thing that matters — functionality and efficiency do, besides. That is why it ’ mho important to display your products in a manner that is not lone good looking but besides effective. certain, go ahead and play around with illustrations, fonts, and all other reasonably things. But besides keep it clean. Display your products in a manner that is minimal and hook attention to what ’ s significant. If you need inspiration, Makr does a great job at this .product display example from Makr

Pro Tips:

  • Catch their attention. A minimal display draws eyes to what’s important: the products.
  • Avoid using too many contrasting elements, heavy colors, or too much text. Keep it simple. 

6. Recommendations always work

Product recommendations serve two primary purposes: 
  • Help brands showcase more of their products
  • Make it easier for customers to find products they’d like

No curiosity, product recommendations bag a valuable conversion rate. But, you besides need to ensure that they do their job well : display them well, show relevant suggestions, and offer recommendations that will be valued by the customer. Another estimable way to display recommendations is to highlight what other customers liked. That ’ ll bring in dangerous social proof points. This case from Stelladot will show you what we ’ rhenium talking about .how to display products: example from Stelladot

Pro Tips:

  • Use complementary product recommendations to cross-sell your range to customers.
  • Leverage the power of social proof by highlighting what other customers are buying, and in turn, increase your average order value.

7. Reinforce decision making with customer reviews

Shopping on-line is easy, but shopping on-line from a sword you don ’ triiodothyronine know much about ? not indeed a lot. That ’ mho where social proof comes in. As a customer, you ’ re much more likely to finish a leverage when you know that early people, real people, have used and liked the product. then, it entirely makes sense that as a commercial enterprise owner, you leverage this pot of gold. That ’ south precisely what REI does : they let their customers do the talking — and the proof is in the pudding .how REI displays products online

Pro Tips:

  • The key is in the details. Encourage your customers to leave detailed reviews, with pictures if possible. That’ll only increase your credibility.
  • Offer incentives to your customers for leaving reviews. Maybe a bunch of points, a sweet little deal, or even a freebie on their next order?
  • Be sure to include a scale for ratings as well. Ratings help potential customers quickly analyze whether they’d like to know more about that product or not.

8. Make your CTAs fun. Spark interest with creative content

It ’ sulfur no secret that the generous use of insidious CTAs, like the product recommendations list, has a substantial consequence on conversion rate.

however, here ’ s an estimate with which you can make your CTA stick out : it ’ mho time to break the ice and use some liquid body substance ! In true Madewell fashion, they use cagey copy & a clear hierarchy to encourage the consultation to shop .how Madewell displays products online After all, having big conversions on your web site is good, but having fun while doing it is better. That ’ s because if people are enjoying themselves on your locate, they are more probably to stick around long. If they ’ ra having fun on your site, they are more probably to convert into sales ! so, make the experience fun : keep the flow easy, keep everything within reach, and make the customer travel harass free. Take a note of how Madewell offers their “ perfect, vintage denim ” .how Madewell displays products online

Pro Tips:

  • Your brand has a personality. Flaunt it. Just like Madewell does above, build a narrative and align your CTAs around them. For eg, shop the story.
  • Make each product pitch aspirational, one that encourages the audience to shop now. Convince them with CTAs such as Make ‘em yours.

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9. Sway them with videos and AR experiences

It ’ s the digital long time. Make full function of it. New technologies are changing the room the market works. People can nowadays get authentic experiences from the comfort of their own. With such engineering, the possibilities are much unlimited and brands like IKEA and Crate & Barrel are leveraging them to their advantage. Proof ? Customers are 64 % more probably to purchase a product after watching a video recording. For exercise, Crate & Barrel uses AR to help customers envision how a piece of furniture will look in their home .Crate&Barrel product display example

Pro Tips:

  • Video content goes a long way in boosting customer engagement. Use it well. Develop installation and how-to videos to further aid the customers’ decision making.
  • Use augmented reality for an elevated experience that allows customers to truly connect with the product. Have a view-in-room option that lets them virtually experience the product in their own home.
  • Leverage augmented reality to boost in-app purchases and make the customer journey seamless.

10. Offer them a downloadable product sheet

The product sell sail is like a good, antique sales pitch that every entrepreneur once used to use — and placid does at times. What a web site captures in multiple pages a sell sheet collects in one PDF. This is one detailed PDF that offers a true insight into your business — product USPs, benefits, value propositions, and everything else. When used in bicycle-built-for-two with a dedicate land page, these product sheets can be used to cater to several levels of consultation cleavage and offer each other precisely what they need. Dole Food Service uses several brochures & sell sheets to cater to each category of their customers. They break it down into Full Product Line, K-12, Healthy, Frozen Fruits, etc .Dole Food Service creative product display inwardly, they follow it up with unique data on each product : features, benefits, rate propositions, and more .product sheet from Dole Food Service

Pro Tips:

  • Make the content useful. It should not only be an extension to your website but also offer additional information that makes it appealing to potential customers.
  • Remember to cater to all levels of your audience — and cater to them in a manner that is appropriate for that audience group.

11. Clear their doubts with FAQs

If you own an on-line store, you know how challenging it can be to answer all your customers ’ queries — specially if you have to do them all yourself. That ’ s where having an FAQ page helps. An FAQ page is a great way of being there for your customers by answering their most coarse questions in a place that is convenient for them to find. A classic FAQs page provides quick answers to the most common questions about your services, products, or business. however, you can go one step further and break this down into categories, section it into audiences, and make them easily to filter through. Check out how tight-fitting Dip does it with clear, well-distributed categories that spread across the full moon kingdom of customer inquiries .how to display products by Skinny Dip

Pro Tips:

  • Keep the page neat and clean. When someone’s coming in with doubts, they’d like it to be solved quickly and easily. Having a well-structured page will help you do just that.
  • Maintain three crucial elements: lots of negative space, a clear search button, and detailed answers. That’s all you need for a killer FAQ page.

12. Complete their journey with the product detail page

The product detail page is the culmination of the journey, the sorcerer. This is where the bribe decision is finalized. It contains everything a visitor needs to complete their purchase like price, lineage handiness, product description, and customer reviews. Customers can see what they are getting for their money, read any review customers have posted, and checkout with comfort. once they land here, you know it ’ s a done cover — but you have to close it well. Check out this exercise from Rocky Mountain Soap that highlights all the important stuff : product details, customer reviews, value propositions, and more .product display example by Rocky Mountain Soap Co

Pro Tips:

  • Pitch to win. Treat your product detail pages like a closing pitch — ensure they have everything customers will need to finalize their decision. Make it as tempting as you can.
  • Take them on the buying journey, giving them all the information they’ll need to seal the deal: price, description, customer reviews, and most importantly, the option to checkout.

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13. Personalize their display based on their needs

The calculate of any eCommerce site is to help customers find and purchase products easily. Your display needs to reflect that. The more complicated your interface is, the less likely it ’ ll prompt customers to complete their buy travel. flashy websites are all the rage — but they can frequently hinder the buy procedure. alternatively, opt for something that ’ mho simple and clean, debauched and effective — something like Hollister has .how Hollister displays products on website

Pro Tips:

  • The faster your checkout process, the better. So, prioritize things like customer journey, sort and filter options, prominent offer displays, and fast and easy loading.
  • Personalization is critical. It helps you deliver the best possible experience to each and every one of your customers, allowing them to find exactly what they’re looking for: product information, shipping options, payment options, etc. And what does that bring you? Faster checkouts.

14. Showcase your best first

In eCommerce websites, amidst the clutter of content, products, post, CTAs, one thing stands out : the best. When you add a best seller tag to your product, people are immediately drawn to it — if only to know why and what makes it a bestselling product. so, show them off. Display them in a outstanding place, and make indisputable they get the eyeballs they deserve. Above-the-fold is constantly a estimable estimate. That ’ s what Ace Jewellers banks on .Ace Jewellers example for product display They not entirely display their bestsellers range above the fold but besides follow it up with Bestseller tags on each merchandise detail page .How Ace Jewellers displays bestselling products

Pro Tips:

  • Make the Bestseller tag eye-catching but not flashy. It should look classy and match the vibe of your website.
  • Throw in another persuasion trigger to make the deal even sweeter. Match your Bestsellers with limited edition offers, only X piece left tags, and more.

15. Incentivize your display with limited period offers

One of the most important aspects of running an eCommerce store is to incentivize your audience, and express period offers are a great way to do this. There ’ south much a deadline to such offers and, as in the case of any deadline, there ’ s an importunity to finish the task i.e. finishing the buy.

When you enhance this know with a attention-getting offer, vibrant purpose, and big display, it only makes things better. For case, Bassett. Don ’ metric ton you love how they ’ ve done this ?How Basset offers discounts

Pro Tips:

  • Have a deadline-based offer and a timer that counts down to it. Nothing better to create that sense of urgency.
  • Keep a separate landing page for the offer, so you can not only track metrics but also give your customers a chance to check out quickly.
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And there you have it. 15 cool ideas for you to be inspired from. Check them out, get inspired, and keep this page bookmarked for future character ! Most importantly, remember to make it yours. There ’ south nothing more appealing to your audience than a coordinated, brand-focused identity that speaks to them. Make them fall in love with your post.

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