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I have been a USAA customer for close to 20 years now. When I first started banking with USAA, I had to mail checks into their HQ, which is located in San Antonio, TX. The reversion clock between depositing a check via chain mail and the time the check was credited to my bank account could be anywhere from a few days to well over a workweek, depending on when the control was mailed, and from where .
thankfully, USAA has done a set to improve the march of depositing checks. In fact, USAA pioneered the digital check sediment process, first base with checks that were scanned and uploaded to a secured platform on the USAA web site ( Deposit @ Home ), and late with Deposit @ Mobile, which allows users to just log into their USAA app on their smartphone or tablet, snap a photograph of the front and back of the signed and endorsed check, and deposit the check to their savings bank account .
This is an fabulously easy and legato process. And in many cases, the check, or at least a dowry of it, is available immediately .
USAA Deposit @ Mobile has revolutionized the way I and hundreds of thousands of their customers do their bank. The same process has besides been adopted by countless other banks that now offer check deposits via their smartphone and pad apps.

How Deposit @ Mobile Works

The first thing you need to do is download the USAA app to your smartphone or pill. I presently use an Android phone, but the process works the lapp across Android an Apple ( io ) devices .

USAA Android App

The Android app is a great way to access your USAA bill while at home or on the go. In fact, I presently use the app to access my USAA explanation more frequently than booting up my computer .
It ’ randomness faster and the app is streamlined, giving users the ability to access their general account, give bills, transfer funds, start an insurance claim, access USAA Auto Circle and USAA Home Circle, and my fresh favorite, USAA [ electronic mail protected ], which gives you the ability to deposit a check with your cell earphone .

USAA [email protected] on Android

USAA already offers this feature for home computers under the name [ e-mail protected ] The precede is the same. With the dwelling translation, you scan the front and back your check ( after you endorse it with your signature and explanation total ). then you send the scan photograph and measure of the check and the USAA software verifies the information on the match and deposits it into your account. The serve is quick and much faster than mailing the check to USAA, since the funds are normally available the same day .
But believe it or not, USAA [ electronic mail protected ] is even faster and easier than [ electronic mail protected ] since it basically removes a step from the process. alternatively of having to scan the check, then save and upload the photograph to your USAA report, you just take a mental picture of the front of your check, then endorse the bet on of the check, take another picture, then snap submit. USAA then informs you whether or not the picture quality was good enough and whether or not it was accepted .
The first time I tried I didn ’ t have the check on a dark background and I had to take another picture ( this was clearly stated in the instructions. I merely used a medium color backdrop ). I didn ’ t have any troubles after I switched to a colored background .

What to Do With the Check After You Deposit via a Mobile App

once your lodge is accepted you will receive a confirmation number and your funds will be available to you. Users are besides instructed to write VOID across the front of the check, using large letter, or to destroy the hindrance.

I normally write the confirmation number in small letters on the bed of the presence of the check, then wait a few weeks to verify there were no issues with the deposit. Every few weeks, I will destroy the checks to ensure there aren ’ triiodothyronine any erstwhile checks lying about. That could become a security system publish, since checks contain the check writer ’ s bank bill act, identify, and address .
Here is the main difference between USAA [email protected] and [email protected]: with [ electronic mail protected ] you will have a digital transcript of your assay. It ’ s probably a beneficial theme to keep a copy of these for your records. With USAA [ e-mail protected ], your telephone doesn ’ metric ton keep a record of the photograph. Since the photograph international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine stored, you need to either take another photograph, scan it into your computer, or keep a physical replicate if you want to maintain a transcript for your records .

USAA Deposit @ Mobile Eligibility:

A couple of notes about USAA [ electronic mail protected ] and [ email protected ] : not all USAA members are eligible for [ e-mail protected ] and [ email protected ] You must have a USAA check or savings account and :

  • Have an active USAA property and casualty insurance policy and be qualified for a USAA loan or credit card (not a USAA Secured Card), OR
  • Be eligible for USAA property and casualty insurance and have an active USAA loan or credit card (not a USAA Secured Card).

Daily Deposit Limits

Contact USAA to verify your eligibility, ampere well as your casual down payment specify. Most day by day lodge limits start small. But they may increase over time, based on the count and type of accounts you have with USAA, your credit history and history with USAA, and other factors .
I have heard of some people being able to deposit up to $ 100,000 per day. however, there may be a contain placed on a share of the funds for larger deposits. In accession, I do not believe a $ 100,000 daily deposit limit is the standard. For larger deposits, you would most likely want to do an ACH or wire remove .

Supporting Hardware

In addition to suffer eligibility requirements, you will need to have an iPhone or iPad, or an Android adequate to earphone or pill with the right field hardware .
You can download the USAA apps here :

USAA besides offers apps for the iPad, Windows 10, Blackberry, and other platforms .
overall, I ’ megabyte more than please with the USAA Android App, and I ’ meter badly loving the [ electronic mail protected ] feature. It simplifies my bank life and makes my money available to me more quickly. Win-win-win .

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