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here are some things to consider the adjacent time you need to deposit money during non-banking hours :
Locate an ATM : If your bank has an ATM nearby, and it accepts deposits, you ’ ll naturally want to use that one. This may help you avoid fees and delays with accessing your money once it ’ randomness deposited. If you ’ re in a unlike region or out of town, you may still be able to deposit checks in an ATM .
inaugural, make sure the ATM takes your type of bank batting order and that it accepts deposits. Smaller ATMs located in appliance stores, for example, may only dispense cash, so check for a deposit slot .
sometimes, it ’ s a topic of choosing an ATM that ’ south in your bank ’ sulfur network. The Allpoint Network, for example, has 55,000 ATMs that a large number of banks and accredit unions belong to. This allows its customers to deposit cash or checks in many of its ATMs.

Come prepared : When you ’ re fix to make your deposit, gather all of the items you ’ ll need. Bring your bank debit wag and ( memorized ) PIN, your signed check ( or cash ), a filled-out savings bank envelope ( only if the ATM requires one ) and a pen in case you need to fill out anything else. You ’ ll be well organized, and other customers waiting in agate line will thank you.

Be cautious : Before stepping up to the plate, be sure that your surroundings are dependable, dependable and well-lit. Keep cash hidden from see, and never let anyone see your PIN .
Follow instructions : Each ATM works a short differently, but the instructions on the screen will guide you from one footprint to the following. Some ATMs ask you to insert and quickly remove your card while others ask you to leave it in until your transaction is arrant. Either way, this is generally how it works :

  1. Insert your card and enter your PIN.
  2. Choose the “Deposit” option.
  3. Select which account you’d like the money to go to (usually savings or checking).
  4. Type in the amount of money you’re depositing and insert your check. If the ATM can read checks, you won’t even need to enter the amount.
  5. Confirm the dollar amount you see on screen.
  6. Answer any remaining questions, take your receipt and make sure you have your bank card before walking or driving away.

If you have multiple checks or bills to deposit, many ATMs allow you to insert them all at once. early ATMs might require you to place your deposits in a savings bank envelope .

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