How To Delete a Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop

Mark has researched and reviewed account software at Fit Small Business since 2019 and has developed an across-the-board cognition of report software features and how unique business needs determine the best accounting software. Tim is a Certified QuickBooks Time ( once TSheets ) Pro, QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and CPA with 25 years of have. He brings his expertness to Fit Small Business ’ s account content. QuickBooks Desktop allows you to delete errant deposits while restoring the checks included in the sediment to the undeposited funds account where they can be edited or wholly removed. In this tutorial, we ’ ll walk you through the bit-by-bit work of how to delete a deposit in QuickBooks .
Deleting a record situate in QuickBooks is pretty easy, whether you ’ re using QuickBooks Desktop Pro, QuickBooks Desktop Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise, or QuickBooks Desktop Accountant. If you don ’ t have your QuickBooks Desktop product so far, we compare all QuickBooks Desktop versions to help you decide.

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The stick to video recording tutorial is based on QuickBooks Desktop Premier, but the process is basically the same for Pro and Enterprise .

Why Delete a Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop

There can be several reasons why you need to delete or undo a situate in QuickBooks Desktop. These include the following :

  • Incorrect checks added to the deposit
  • A duplicate deposit is created
  • Added a deposit to the wrong customer

To delete a down payment in QuickBooks Desktop, follow these steps :

  1. Select check register.
  2. Find the deposit.
  3. Delete or void the deposit.

1. Select Check Register

Go to Check Register under the Banking menu on your QuickBooks Desktop home page. You can besides tap on the Banking menu on top of the shield, and then click Use Register from the drop-down list :

Navigate to Check Register in QuickBooks Desktop

2. Find the Deposit You Want to Delete

following, choose the bank account where the incorrect situate was recorded from the Select Account drop-down menu :
Select the Bank Deposit Account From the check record, find the sediment that you want to delete. As you can see in the screenshot below, many deposits originate from the undeposited funds account. The undeposited funds account accumulates checks as they are received and applied against Sales Receipts or Invoices. Checks from the undeposited funds account are then combined into a single deposition transaction when deposited in the bank. If you delete that sediment, then all the checks included in that situate should reappear in the undeposited funds account :
Select the Deposit to Delete

3. Delete or Void the Deposit

After selecting the deposit to delete, the depository screen will appear, as shown below :
Deposit Screen You will notice that there is no edit button on the deposit screen. To delete your sediment, suction stop on the Edit menu on exceed of the riddle, and click on Delete deposit :
Delete a Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop While you can delete the deposit, you can see that there is besides an option to void it. When you delete a sediment, it is removed wholly from QuickBooks. however, voiding a down payment turns the measure to zero, but the transaction is hush recorded in QuickBooks .
To void a depository, click on the Void Deposit drop-down under the Edit menu :
Void a Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop Click Save & Close, and then click Yes if QuickBooks asks you to confirm the change .
The checks included in the edit deposit return to the undeposited funds account, which can be found on record Deposits under the Banking menu :

Click Record Deposits to View Undeposited ChecksCustomer Checks Return to the Undeposited Funds Account now that the customer checks have been returned to the undeposited funds screen, you can edit, delete them, or combine them into another new down payment .

Delete a Deposit When Not Made From Undeposited Funds

While I recommend always running your deposits through undeposited funds, the alternative is to record a check mark being immediately deposited in your bank report when received. For exemplify, when receiving a discipline against a customer invoice, you can choose to deposit the check immediately. The action for deleting this deposition is the like as the above steps. The difference is rather than appearing in the undeposited funds account after deletion, the customer ’ sulfur determine will be deleted and any invoice it offset will now have an receptive balance .

Wrap Up

Congratulations on completing our lesson on how to delete or void a deposit in QuickBooks Desktop. If you are considering a switch to QuickBooks Online, be certain to check out our tutorial on how to convert QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online .

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