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For immediate fiscal easing : Our call centres are experiencing extremely high call volumes. For clients enrolled in RBC Royal Bank Online Banking immediate access to request fiscal relief is available, please use our self-serve options found in RBC Royal Bank Online Banking .

To Defer a Credit Card Payment in Online Banking:

  • Log into Online Banking.
  • From the Account Summary page, select your credit card account.
  • Select the “ Need to defer a minimum requital due to COVID-19 ? ” link just below the name of your credit card, and follow the instructions.

You can use this form to request us to temporarily waive the prerequisite for you to make the minimum payment on your citation cards for one month ( deferring your requital ), referred to as the relief period. This will provide some short-run fiscal relief to you during the COVID-19 site.

It is crucial to understand the affect of deferring your minimum payment .
If no payments are made during the stand-in period, your minimum requital may be higher at the end of the relief period .
As good, interest will continue to accrue at your annual interest rates during the relief menstruation. We will add your interest charges to your outstanding balance, along with any transactions, which may cause your outstanding libra to increase during the relief period. Rest assured that we do not charge interest on accrued interest.

To further help you during this unmanageable time, you will be provided with a credit to your account to reimburse you for 50 % of the interest charged to your account during the relief period. This credit will be displayed on your approaching statement. During the relief period you always have the choice to make one or more payments toward your outstanding balance .
At the goal of the relief menstruation, your minimum payment will again become due and you will no longer receive credits to your account for your interest charges.

If you have BalanceProtector on your credit tease, you may be covered due to loss of income. Please contact the insurance company, Assurant Solutions directly at 1-888-896-2766, or chew the fat to submit a claim. Please eminence that BalanceProtector premiums will continue to be charged to your account and increase your outstanding symmetry. Interest will not be charged on BalanceProtector premiums .
For longer term relief ( Up to 6 months ) : Should you require extra fiscal respite beyond one calendar month, please use our on-line booking instrument to schedule a time to speak with one of our advisors by call .
not enrolled in RBC on-line deposit ? Click hera for clamant registration .

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