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What is Amazon Brand Store & Why it is Important for Your Business?

Let ’ s assume you are doing pretty awesome on Amazon. You ’ ve optimized your list, ran some Amazon PPC ads, and generated enough of sales. now what ? If you want to keep up with that momentum of your sales there is one thing you should decidedly do future : Create an Amazon Brand Store !

Why ?

It ’ s a leading way to showcase your products and will help you maintain a professional brand-like reputation and presence on Amazon.

For starters think of it as a mini-website of your retail business but on Amazon.

It ’ s a great Amazon advertise strategy to go for if you have some complemental products to sell aboard unconstipated ones.

Ready ? Let ’ s scram started.

What is an Amazon Brand Store?

Amazon Brand Store is a free contentedness feature of speech for vendors and sellers that lets you create your own branded on-line store on Amazon and showcase a collection of your products.

It provides a great shopping experience for buyers thanks to its brand-centric appearance.

Why Create an Amazon Brand Store?

What makes it crucial for having an Amazon Brand Store for your clientele is brand presence. You get to maintain your brand reputation on the world’s most popular marketplace.

A stronger sword identity gives you more visibility which further helps you dominate your niche in a competitive market.

Benefits of Having an Amazon Brand Store for Businesses

There are batch of advantages to having an Amazon Brand Store and will add batch of value to your occupation.

here are some :

1) It helps you come across as a genuine brand

When you showcase your products on your Amazon Brand Store, people are more likely to see you as a genuine brand rather than some reseller selling brassy products. This adds to your credibility and helps you make more sales in the retentive run.

2) It helps find multiple products on the same page

Amazon Brand Store is capital if you have a variety show of products to sell. It helps you organize all your products in one place and gives a seamless shop experience to your customers. Selling footwear, apparel, or technical school gadgets ? good set up a storehouse and display all your products. You besides have a great opportunity of making more sales as customers can buy multiple products straight from one locate.

3) It helps you uptick your organic rankings on Amazon

Brand Store pages don ’ thyroxine fair bring some good traffic and sales but they besides help you rank organically on Amazon. If you have a Brand Store for your Amazon commercial enterprise then you can boost your rankings in search results and outperform your competitors.

4) Helps you market new products to already existing customers

This is an add benefit that you get when you build a Brand Store on Amazon. not only you are able to market products to new customers but besides preexistent ones. You can plowshare your Brand Store on sociable media and let your followers know about the latest products.

5) Allows a smoother mobile shopping experience

Did you know that your Brand store can be optimized for mobile devices ? This makes it easier for shoppers to buy your products neat from their phones. Thanks to enhanced responsive design your products look adenine beautiful as they would on a desktop screen door.

6) It can be used as a landing page on Amazon

rather of creating a disjoined down foliate for your products, you can besides use your Brand Store as a dedicate land page on Amazon. You can use Sponsored Brand ads to redirect your customers to your Brand Store and let them shop your exclusive range of products straight from your store.

How To Set Up Your Amazon Brand Store

To set up and start your Amazon Brand Store, do the following steps :

1. Register for Amazon Brand Registry

To be able to sell your products on the store you will first need to get yourself registered to Amazon ’ second Brand Registry.

Before you register, make sure you have the keep up things :

  • Your brand’s registered trademark to be used on your products.
  • Valid proof that you are the rights owner of your trademark.
  • Your Amazon account. (If you don’t have one you can create one for free.)

Register your mark by meeting the above requirements and you will get access to the features of Amazon Brand Registry.

2. Craft Your Store Homepage and Pick Layout

After registering, log in to your Seller Central account and find the ‘ Stores ’ option from the menu. Underneath it, pick ‘ Manage Stores. ’ This will take you to the store page creation process.

Once you are shown the eligible brands, pick the one for which you want to create the store foliate.

You will then be asked to pick your home page layout. Pick the relevant template that will best display your products.

3. Create Relevant Pages for Your Store

nowadays that you have the home page layout in home, it ’ second time to create pages for your products.

You can create unlike pages for different purposes such as pages for best-selling items, pages based on categories, pages for discounts, etc.

Keep the stream simple and easier to navigate for your customers.

4. Create Content Tiles to Add to Your Store

With the pages and layout quick, your next job is to place the content tiles on each page. These are like contented snippets that appear on the Store page which customers interact with.

There are diverse types of content tiles you can add which include the Header, Text, Image, Video, Gallery, Product, etc.

Use them to make your Brand Store come alive.

5. Add Your Product

After adding your tiles the future thing you have to do is add your products to the pages created earlier.

You can easily add products by picking the right Amazon Standard Identification Number ( ASIN ) for each product.

Add in all the necessity products you want to be displayed on your Brand Store.

6. Send it for a Review

once everything is complete, the final gradation would be sending your store page for review.

Make sure you preview your store page correctly for errors or other inconsistencies so that it doesn ’ triiodothyronine catch rejected by Amazon.

once approved by Amazon, you ’ re all plant to use your Brand Store.

Amazon Brand Store Examples

If you in truth want to understand how Amazon Store works then there ’ s nothing better than checking out examples from different brands.


Canon, one of the worldly concern ’ s most popular image and optics manufacturer, does a brilliant subcontract with their Brand Store.

They use a elementary layout for their store which showcases their newly arrived products, categories, and their best sellers.

The high-quality content tiles are besides attention-getting and with a concise call-to-action make it easier to navigate to different internal memory and list pages.


The following example is from ClearLice, they manufacture plant louse treatment and prevention products such as shampoos and conditioners made from lifelike ingredients.

Our creative and marketing team worked in concert with ClearLice to set up their Brand Store on Amazon.

We created a clean however keyword-rich Store Page which features two major categories of their products, their major USPs, and a selection of their best deal products.

The Store Page helped ClearLice grow their sales with 4X boost in ROI and come across as a brand.


Another Brand Store that caught our center was of Seiko.

The japanese watchmaker uses high-quality product images of their watch range which includes watches for both men and women.

The use of high-quality visualize capacity tiles helps grab the attention of customers and take them to their inner merchandise pages.

The elementary social organization of their storehouse makes it easier for their customers to find relevant products with comfort.

You can use a similar layout if you have a wide variety of similar products.

Make sure you besides take advantage of good visualize subject tiles to bring a vibrant count to your Store page.

Final Thoughts

As you might have guessed by nowadays, creating an Amazon Brand Store can bring some dangerous value to your business.

It ’ second rid, interactional, and can take you from being a regular seller to a recognized sword on Amazon.

While mark store initiation does take some time and effort, it ’ s absolutely worth it, particularly if you want some dependable gross.

Need some help creating your own Brand Store ? Or a robust Amazon market strategy that generates conversions and sales ? We ’ rhenium ready when you are.

We are a digital ad means ourselves that has helped companies set up their business on Amazon. Our marketing team knows their manner around Amazon tools and strategies and can help you achieve your sales targets.

Get in touch with us and let our experts do it for you. CHECK OUT OUR AMAZON SERVICES

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