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Get Started with Square Online

Ready to set up your website with Square? Get started >

With Square Online, you can create a professional web site to showcase your business on-line, sell your items, share blog-style Stories, and accept payments with Square. With our easy-to-use web site builder, spend less time setting up Square Online and more time focusing on what matters most : your business .

Setting up a website for the first time? Check out this webinar.

If you need to start work payments right away, you can skip account confirmation and complete it late with probationary activation .
To sell individual items without setting up an stallion ecommerce web site with Square Online, consider Square Online Checkout links. Checkout links allow you to sell items through electronic mail, social media, or your blog.

still not certain if Square Online is a right equip for your commercial enterprise ? Learn more about choosing the right on-line storehouse for your business .

Set Up Your Square Online Site

If you ’ ve already signed up for Square, you can get started with Square Online right from your on-line Square Dashboard by following these steps :

  1. From your on-line Square Dashboard, go to Ecommerce > Online .
  2. Select Get Started .
  3. Choose to either set up a single on-line ordering foliate or a multi-page ecommerce web site .
  4. Choose your business character ( i.e. what are you selling ? ), select your choose order fulfillment method ( s ) ( e.g. ship, pickup, etc. ), and set up early features based on your business needs .

Square Online is a robust platform that covers your web site, the items you sell on-line, on-line order fulfillment, and much more. You can even purchase a new sphere name from Square and set up an e-mail address based on that sphere .
To learn more, check out how to navigate the Square Online Overview page in Dashboard in orderliness to access the unlike features within Square Online, or how to navigate the Square Online site editor program to create a web site that ‘s a robust as your business .

Square Online Pricing and Fees

Building a web site via Square Online is a absolve avail. You can sell inexhaustible products on-line, and fulfill your orders electronically – all without a subscription tip. You can flush host your site with a loose Square subdomain ( e.g. “ ” ) .
You ‘ll only pay the transaction tip for orders placed on your web site, or for any optional upgrades or services. Learn more under .


There are lone charges if you want to purchase your own custom-made domain name, e-mail address, or an enhance service plan. otherwise, basic service is, and constantly will be, 100 % free and feature-packed. If you are prompted to pay, it is either because you tried registering a newfangled domain name, purchasing an e-mail address, or using a feature that is separate of one of the paid avail plans. All site upgrades, custom-made domains, and e-mail addresses are optional .

To learn more about web site price, check out the Square Online host plans, or head over to your Square Online Overview page
and select the Upgrade connect at the top .

You can besides learn more about getting started with domains for Square Online, or getting started with Google Workspace for Square Online for more information about those services and price.

transaction fees

You ’ ll only pay the transaction fee on the orders you receive. When a customer places an order on-line, you ’ ll pay the watch :

  • A 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction fee for most website hosting plans (including the Free plan)
  • A 2.6% + $0.30 per transaction fee when you upgrade your website to the Premium plan

Manage Your Square Online Subscriptions and Services

If you sign up for one of the paid-tier versions of Square Online, or purchase a domain or electronic mail address, you can manage your subscriptions and services for Square Online directly from the Account settings area of your Square Online Overview page .
Learn more about how to manage your Square Online subscriptions .
Note: To manage your report settings for your primary Square account, go back to your Account & Settings page in Dashboard. The Account settings area of your Square Online Overview foliate is for Square Online only, and does not affect your main Square account or other Square products .

Sell Items, Manage Orders, and Accept Payments Online

When you complete initial apparatus, you can start setting up your web site to begin selling on-line, managing on-line orders, accepting payments, and sharing your web site with others. Learn more details below, or check out the Square Online Platform subject page in our Support Center for even more aid topics .

Square Online Domains

A domain, frequently known as a URL or site address, is what helps users find your web site while browsing the internet. If you think of your web site as a house, then a knowledge domain is the house ‘s address. once you have a domain, there are respective ways to get your domain associated with your web site. We even offer a release choice .
Learn more about getting started with domains for Square Online .

Square Online Email Addresses

square partners with Google to provide a complete electronic mail solution for knowledge domain names known as Google Workspace. When you have a world name associated with your web site, you can create an electronic mail cover correct from your Square Online Overview page based on that sphere .
Learn more about getting started with Google Workspace for Square Online .

Use Square Online with an Existing Website

many sellers who learn about Square Online may have a site already built with a different web site host ( e.g. GoDaddy, WiX, Google, etc. ), but may not necessarily have a simpleton way to display the products they sell on their primary coil web site. With our full-bodied tools, you can create a bare page to display your products and liaison to it within your existing chief web site .
Learn more about how to use Square Online with an existing web site .

Use Square Online with Other Square Products

With Square Online ‘s robust tools, it can integrate directly or be used with respective other Square products. Learn more details on how below.


If you don ’ t see your Square Online locate on-line for any reason, there are several troubleshooting measures you can take related to your sphere. Learn more about how to troubleshoot your knowledge domain to bring your web site bet on on-line .


To learn more about Square Online, check out these FAQ articles .

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