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You have just given the worst guidance possible. Please teach from what I am going to explain, as this is authoritative to all QB background users that besides use the program to run payroll .

You never use Write Check for payroll. The especial Liability Check needs to be created. Look at the Tabs ; a regular Write Check has an Expense and an Items tab key. You need to be looking at a Pay Liability check, which has the Expense and the Liabilities yellow journalism. You need to use the function because when you are running payroll, every data flow to the account is controlled by the Payroll items. If you use Bills or Checks or Journal Entries, or even Credit Card Charges as the transaction type, you precisely Broke the kinship between the Payroll functions, Payroll Liabilities trailing, due dates, State and Federal Reporting. even if the accounting seems correct, because person at the least know to post a requital from Liability and not as More expense, they hush Broke QB Payroll .

The Payroll Center has the functions for Paying Liability. If you see nothing listed there for paying liabilities, that merely means no one took advantage of the Setup function as a reminder. This is called Schedule Liabilities, which allows you to have the platform prompt you by showing “ this is due monthly ” and “ this is due quarterly ”, etc. So you would use Create Custom Liability Payments, for each Liability Period hertz, to see and select and Pay what you accrued from each payroll run. Open any Paycheck details. See the tax items on the bottom left and right ? These Payroll Items are part of what is Listed when you by rights Pay Liabilities. The Payroll Item flows all data for you. Run the Payroll Liability Balances Report, set it for All Dates, and Columns by Year. This is supposed to be total = 0, if you think you paid everything.

And this is not going to be resolved via a text-based forum. The errors made by using regular Checks, and double-error posting it as More Expense, means the payroll tools were not used by rights, and these prior payments need to be corrected or offset using the proper Pay Liability function. The submission of that Banking as Expense means the P & L is improper for these timeframes, angstrom well. And the State and Federal Reporting will need to be reviewed and probable corrected or amended. Plus, if this happened in prior tax report years, the business tax report might besides need to be amended .

It ‘s time to get direct personal serve from a local provider who can review methods and account, and get you on lead. Find person that understands QB Payroll .

You never use regular Checks, JE, Bills or Credit Card Charges for QB Desktop Payroll ; these beltway payroll and are raw accounting. not Payroll .

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