How to Send a Square Invoice in 9 Steps

Anna ’ s experience in occupation and finance led her to work for a US risk extenuation company in Singapore. She has contributed to POS and payments topics in the retail section across Fit Small Business. Meaghan has provided contentedness and guidance for indie retailers as the editor program for a phone number of retail publications and a loudspeaker at trade shows. She is Fit Small Business ’ s assurance on retail and ecommerce. invoice is one of the many ways to get paid using Square, which has a helpful invoice generator—you just need to fill in the prompt data. Sending an invoice is unblock and allows your customer to pay immediately. This article will walk you through how to use Square ’ s invoicing app, an specially great feature for any clientele that invoices clients or vendors .
If you don ’ t have a Square account, you can create one for release. The sign-up process takes just a few minutes, requiring no application or approval process.

Visit Square

Step 1: Log in at

first gear, go to and log in to your Square splashboard. Click “ Sign In ” at the clear right of the page, enter your username and password, and hit “ Sign In. ”
Showing how to login on Square.

Step 2: Go to the “Invoices” Page

once you ’ re logged in, head to your main splashboard page. There are two ways to access the “ Invoices ” tab key. You ’ ll find an “ Invoice ” option if you scroll down the left menu gore, which takes you to the Invoice dashboard. There ’ south besides a “ Send an Invoice ” push button on the upper berth right hired hand section of the independent splashboard .
Square's main dashboard. Sending invoice option. Square invoices dashboard. Sending invoice shortcut.

Step 3: Add Customer Information

Add your customer ’ mho information by typing in the name. The system will then show you a tilt of customers on record from a dropdown box to choose from. If you ’ re sending an bill to a new customer, choose the “ Create new customer ” choice from the dropdown .
Screenshot of Adding New Invoice Filling in new customer information in the popup window.

Step 4: Fill in the Invoice Details

once the customer information is added, you can proceed with entering your bill details. You can input a unique name for this invoice and include a customs message for your customer. The date of service refers to when the product/service arrange is fulfilled. An invoice ID number is automatically generated, but you can constantly customize this .
Filling in the invoice details. Under the “ Frequency ” section you get an choice between “ One-time ” and “ Recurring ” frequencies. Choosing the latter will prompt you to provide more send details .

Setting one time as frequency for single invoice transactions.
Set “ One-time ” as frequency for one bill transactions. This will let you set when the bill will be sent and when it is ascribable. The calendar enables you to schedule based on a number of days from the day the invoice is sent or specify a customs date .
Showing a recurring invoice.
Set “ Recurring ” as frequency for recurring bill transactions. This will change the send details settings to give you an choice to specify the start date via a calendar alike to the single invoice option. The “ Repeat every ” field lets you indicate the interval between invoices, expressed in number and week, month, or year .
The “ goal date ” field provides you with three different options :

  1. If you choose “On date,” the system will ask you for a specific date.
  2. If you choose “After,” the system will prompt you to specify the number of invoices you are to send for this subscription.
  3. If you choose “Never,” the system will continue to send the invoice until you manually cancel the subscription.

Square will then prompt you to set when invoices are due. last, click on the box if you want to provide your customer an choice to enroll for automatic pistol payments through the bill .

Step 5: Add Items to the Invoice

This section is the lapp for both single and recurring invoices. You can add multiple products or services and specify the measure. If the intersection or service is not yet listed in your library, you can create a new intersection and customize it right on the invoice foliate. If you make a mistake, the “ x ” at the end of each rowing will remove the line token .
Adding adjustments in recurring series.
once you have listed all the products, you can proceed with adding line adjustments. Square ’ s invoice lets you add multiple discounts and charges in a single transaction. As with the products/services, you can besides enter fresh ones as you go .

Showing adding discounts.

Choose a rebate type from the dropdown or create a modern discount. This will prompt you to specify the dollar amount or share for the newly option. Once you click “ Add, ” the rebate will be added to your bill. The new discount type will be available in the dropdown for future invoices .
Showing adding charges.
exchangeable to discounts, you can add multiple accessory charges from a dropdown and create a modern accessory charge type if needed .

Step 6: Add Payment Methods

When adding a payment method, Square Invoices lets you choose credit rating card data from your file ( for existing customers ) or add new credit card details for newfangled customers .

  • If you are creating an invoice for an existing customer with their card information available in the dropdown, make sure to check the credit card authorization form you have on file.
  • For new customers, you need to download a copy of a blank credit card authorization form and ask the customer to sign it before proceeding with the transaction. This should be then securely stored in your customer profile.

Specifying the payment method options.
You can specify the payment method acting options that you want available in the bill. You besides have the option to allow customers to add tips and request to have their card information stored for future automatic colony of transactions .
The next step is to update your invoice delivery settings, which lets you specify how you want the invoice delivered to your customers. It besides gives you the ability to add, update, and customize invoice reminders .
Three options are available for sending invoices :

  1. Send your customer invoice via email along with an option to add more recipients upon the request of customers.
  2. Send your customer invoice via text messaging wherein your invoice link will be sent to your customer’s registered phone number.
  3. A manual invoice delivery setting gives you the option to send invoices via email, share the link created for the invoice, or both.

Updating invoice delivery settings.
finally, choose to add any extras like attachments and custom fields. This is ideal for adding contracts, estimates, regulate spectacles, and other documents related to the customer ’ mho buy .
Choosing to add any extras like attachments and custom fields.

Step 8: Review & Send/Schedule

once you ’ ve filled everything out, review the bill by clicking “ Preview ” at the top and make indisputable your information is correct. You can hit the “ Save as Draft ” button at any time and return to it late, or proceed with sending the bill .

Showing a client preview.
Click on the “ Preview ” release to see how the invoice looks from the customer ’ s point of opinion .
Clicking on schedule button to send out recurring invoices.
Click on the “ Schedule ” clitoris to send out recurring invoices .
Sharing invoice link.
Click on the “ Create ” button to either send the invoice via e-mail or copy the link generated for the invoice, which can be shared via text message or on other platforms .
Viewing and tracking the status and trigger reminders or make quick edits.
once you have sent out or scheduled an invoice, this will be listed and viewed on your invoice splashboard. You can view and track the condition and trip reminders or make quick edits to the bill from this page .

Step 9: (Optional) Send a Square Invoice From Your Mobile Device

If your business takes you on the go a lot, you may want to send an invoice through your mobile device. You can follow the same steps above to send a Square invoice through its mobile POS app .
Scroll through the images below to see how :
Downloading the Square mobile pos app on a mobile device.

Filling out the information in the template to create invoice. Sending the invoice via email or manually by sharing a url link.

Bottom Line

That ’ s all there is to it. Square ’ south bill fee is 2.9 % + 30 cents, which is charged to your account once your customer pays the invoice using their credit or debit card. If they pay by ACH, there is a 1 % tip. Card-on-file payments come with a slightly higher tip of 3.5 % + 15 cents. There ’ sulfur no cost to manually send an bill to a customer—and they are never charged no matter how they pay .

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