How To Write & Print Checks in QuickBooks Online

Mark has researched and reviewed accountancy software at Fit Small Business since 2019 and has developed an extensive cognition of accounting software features and how unique business needs determine the best accountancy software. Tim is a Certified QuickBooks Time ( once TSheets ) Pro, QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and CPA with 25 years of experience. He brings his expertness to Fit Small Business ’ s accounting content. In this tutorial, you ’ ll learn how to write and print checks in QuickBooks Online for bills that haven ’ thymine so far been entered. A subsequent tutorial will cover how to pay bills that have already been entered in the chopine .
This is separate of our free QuickBooks Tutorial Series, which is designed to help you learn how to execute key tasks in QuickBooks Online, our best small clientele accountancy software. To get the most out of this, you should follow along in your own QuickBooks account. If you haven ’ metric ton subscribed yet, you can choose from a 30-day free trial or 50 % off for three months.

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You can watch the video below or read the bit-by-bit instructions that follow .

tip : cost sure your checks are QuickBooks compatible. Learn the 5 Best Places to Buy QuickBooks Checks .

Step 1: Open Check From Your Dashboard

Click the + New button at the acme of the entrust menu legal profession and then select Check under Vendors in the second column, as shown below .
Navigating to create checks in QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks Online displays an input screen to create a raw check. The accurate fields shown on the screen will vary based on your selections in our tutorial on How To Set Up Advanced Settings in QuickBooks Online. The picture below shows the check input screen that we used for creating a sample distribution check for this tutorial .
Creating check screen in QuickBooks Online. Some of the authoritative fields you need to complete include :
A. Payee: Select the seller you ’ ra paying from the drop-down box. If the check is to a new seller, click Add new at the top of the drop-down number and set up the new seller as shown in How To Set Up Vendors in QuickBooks Online. After selecting a seller, the bill address should populate mechanically .
B. Bank Account: Select the bank account from which you are writing a check .
C. Payment date : enter the date the check will be issued .
D. Category: Payments must be assigned to either a category or an item ( J ). If you wish to assign the payment to a category, select it hera. If you select a class, you must complete the description field through the Customer/Project plain .
E. Description: Provide a description of the payment .
F. Amount: Enter the sum of the payment to assign to this category. By default, QuickBooks will enter the entire requital amount. however, the full check sum can be split between multiple categories and items if you wish .
G. Billable: Place a checkmark here if the amount charged to this class will be billed to a customer. however, the choose method of recording expenses billable to customers is to use items rather of categories as shown in How To Set Up the Products and Services List in QuickBooks Online .
H. Tax: Place a checkmark here if you ’ re required to charge the customer sales tax when billing them this expense .
I. Customer/Project: Select the customer and project, if applicable, to which you want to bill this expense. If it is a new customer or project, chatter Add new at the top of the drop-down box and add the customer or project as shown in How To Set Up Customers in QuickBooks Online .
J. Product/Service: This is where you can choose to assign the requital to a product or service item alternatively of a class. If you need to create a new merchandise or service item, choice Add new at the top of the drop-down box and create the item as shown in How To Set Up the Products and Services List in QuickBooks Online. once you select an item, the fields for Rate, Billable, Markup %, Tax, and Class will populate mechanically .

Choose category or item:

The same expense can not be charged to both a category and a product or servicing detail. however, the same determine can include some parcel charged to categories and some part charged to product and military service items .
K. Qty: Enter the measure of the detail being purchased. This is specially crucial for inventory items. once you enter the quantity, the sum will be calculated as rate times quantity .
L. Customer/Project: Choose the customer and project to bill for this token. This field is required if there is a checkmark in Billable .
once all the fields are completed, click the Save and Close clitoris .

You have two options for printing the check :
1. Print later: You can choose to print the check late by placing a checkmark in the Print later field located under the check number. Printing later is commodious if you are creating multiple checks .
Click Print later to print the check at a later time. 2. Print now: To print the discipline immediately, chatter Print check in the bottom menu bar of the remark screen .
Selecting Print check to print the check immediately. When you click Print check, QuickBooks will bring up the print queue windowpane that shows the current check plus any early checks you have selected previously to print late. Place a checkmark next to all checks that you wish to print and click the fleeceable Preview and print push button at the bottomland of the window .
Selecting the check you want to print and click Preview and print. When everything is set properly and your printer is cook to go, click the Print button on the preview window ( not shown ) .

Print setup:

The first prison term you print checks, the QuickBooks Online alignment sorcerer will guide you through setting up and aligning your printer for your detail style of checks .
After you print the checks, you ’ ll be asked if your checks are printed correctly. If they are, choose Yes, they all printed correctly, and then click Done .
differently, choice Some checks need reprinting, starting with check or No, keep all checks in the Print Checks list. QuickBooks will then return the checks that didn ’ t print correctly to your print queue. This saves you the time-consuming tax of changing the check numeral manually and reprinting any checks .
Selecting Yes, they all printed correctly and click Done. If you choose to print late, you can print your checks from the Print Checks blind. Click on the + New clitoris on your dashboard, and then click Print checks .
Navigating to print checks in QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks will bring up the lapp print queue window shown above ; and from here, you can continue as you did in the previous steps .

Why You Should Write and Print Checks in QuickBooks Online

Creating and printing checks in QuickBooks Online broadly is better than writing checks by hand for respective reasons :

  • Checks created and printed in QuickBooks are entered in the check register automatically and will make your bank reconciliation easier.
  • Your expenses are more up-to-date since your bank register is always current.
  • Printing checks is not only easier than writing them by hand, but also looks more professional.

There are two methods of paying expenses in QuickBooks Online. The first gear is to wait until the expense payment is due and then write a see, which is the method acting illustrated in this tutorial. The second, covered in our adjacent two tutorials, is to enter a bill when an invoice is received and then pay the bill when it is due .

Avoid recording expenses twice.

If you create a control as shown in this tutorial for a bill that has already been entered, the expense will be recorded on your books doubly, and the bill will even be shown as outstanding .

Wrap Up

You ’ ve precisely learned how to write and print checks for expenses that haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate been recorded as bills in QuickBooks Online. The future tutorial in our QuickBooks Online Training Course is How To Enter Bills in QuickBooks Online, where you ’ ll learn the benefit of entering bills as they ’ re received .

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