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Send and Manage Invoices on your Square Point of Sale App

Square Invoices are available right from the Square POS app ; you can view and manage invoices anytime, from anywhere. Request payment for goods or services, set up recurring payments, search for your customers by identify, take a partial payment or full payment in person, attach contracts, and even send reminders when an bill is past ascribable – all from your mobile device or tablet .
A flat 2.9 % + $ 0.30 penny process fee is applied if the invoice is paid using a credit or debit calling card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay – and you can send unlimited invoices. If your customer pays with a physical or electronic gift circuit board, the fees will be applied when the gift tease is sold, but not when used as payment for the bill. Invoices paid using Card on File cost 3.5 % + $ 0.15 cents .
Before getting started, make sure the Square app is up to date to use this feature. besides, make certain to follow our best practices guide for invoices .
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Note : If you have employees, they will need to have the Manage and Create Invoices permission enabled to send invoices from the Square POS app.

Create Invoices from the Square POS App

  1. Tap More from the navigation stripe at the penetrate of your shield and choose Invoices from the navigation menu > Create Invoice .
  2. Tap Add Customer > create a newly customer or add one from your directory. Include extra recipients and request a shipping address if you need to .
  3. Select any Line items to add to the invoice. Tap Add another item to apply a serve charge to the bill. Note : Default service charges can be created from the Account & Settings pill of your on-line Square Dashboard. alternatively, you can set up variable serve charges, which allow you to specify the claim sum or percentage at the fourth dimension of cart build up .
  4. Under Payment schedule, choose a payment schedule, choose to request a lodge, or split the bill requital into multiple milestones .
  5. Choose to make the invoice Recurring or One-time, and blue-ribbon when the invoice is Due and when to Send the bill. Add in an optional Sale or service date if needed .
  6. Indicate which Payment method you will accept for the invoice .
  7. Add in bill Details, such as invoice claim, bill ID, and a custom message > rap Save .
  8. If you want to add an attachment, choose to add in a photograph from your mobile device, take a photograph, or attach a PDF .
  9. If needed, add Square Contracts to your invoice. Note that contracts can be added to invoices from both io and Android devices. however, contracts can only be edited from your on-line Square Dashboard at this time .
  10. Tap Continue to choose your communication method acting and add in Payment reminders .
  11. once all of your invoice details are filled out, tap Send invoice .

Note : bill defaults can be viewed and edited on your on-line Square Dashboard or in the Square Invoices app ( io devices merely. )
Your customers can pay Square Invoices using any supported payment calling card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. Paid invoices will appear within your in-app Transactions and your on-line Square Dashboard under Transactions .
Invoice Creation Screen Tablet

Automatically Convert Estimates to Invoices

With Square Invoices Plus, you can opt to have your appraisal auto-convert to an bill once your customer accepts your calculate or save the invoice as a draft to send at a later date. If you choose to have estimates mechanically converted to invoices, the invoice championship and description will remain the lapp as the estimate, and the buyer will be able to complete payment upon toleration .
To turn on the auto-convert feature :

  1. Log in to your Invoices app
  2. Create an Estimate. In the Communications section of the calculate creation stream, you ’ ll see an Automatically convert option
  3. toggle switch on Automatically convert .
  4. You will have the choice to have the auto-converted invoice be saved as a blueprint or sent to the buyer mechanically .

When an calculate is auto-converted to an bill, the convert bill will use the same delivery method acting as the estimate. indeed, if an estimate is transport via SMS, the auto-converted invoice will besides be sent via SMS .
Note : Sellers can set reminders for payment schedules in an appraisal, but they will not be sent until the estimate is converted to an bill. All dates are relative to the date of when an appraisal is converted to an bill and air. Reminders will not be sent for invoices that are delivered via text message .

Add Attachments to Invoices

  1. When creating an invoice, blue-ribbon Add Attachment .
  2. Choose an image from your photograph library or take a photograph .
  3. Edit image name if needed and pat Upload .
  4. To add extra attachments return to step 1 .
  5. Tap Send .

Note: Image files and PDFs can be uploaded with a combined file size specify of 25MB with a maximum of 10 files. You can upload file types PDF, PNG, and JPG .
Do not use this feature to upload any Personal Health Information, illegal content, or content in violation of Square’s Terms of Service . Content you upload may be reviewed and used by Square in connection with contesting a chargeback.

Accept payments for Invoices from the Square POS App

You can use the Square POS app to complete any invoices sent from your app or Dashboard .

  1. Tap More from the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen door and blue-ribbon Invoices from the navigation menu.
  2. Click on the invoice from your number or learn how to create an Invoice on your mobile device > tap Add Payment .
  3. Swipe, Insert, or Tap your customer ’ s menu, charge a save batting order on file, or select a distinguish sensitive type ( Cash, Gift Card, Check or other. )
  4. You ’ ll see a final riddle that reads Invoice Paid after the payment completes .

Your customer will automatically receive payment confirmation to the e-mail or earphone count ( if you chose to share manually ) entered for their Invoice .
Note : tip will only be available if enabled when the Invoice is created. point of Sale Tipping settings do not affect Invoices .
Note : invoice payments do not support paper signatures and all menu signatures will be on the device screen, regardless of whether the device setting Customer Signs on Device is disabled .

Edit, Resend, or Cancel Invoices from the Square POS App

  1. Tap More from the seafaring bar at the buttocks of your screen and choice Invoices from the navigation menu .
  2. Tap the invoice from your list that you would like to edit .
  3. Tap on the Edit button in the top right corner or Cancel Invoice at the buttocks of the screen door
  4. Make the updates necessary and Resend the bill .
  5. Confirm or edit the list of recipients milliliter ’ five hundred on the bill to determine who ( if anyone ) will be notified of invoice edits and cancellations .

Note : You can search invoices and estimates based on several fields such as customer identify, electronic mail address, earphone number, style, and more. You can see a full moon list of searchable options in our Support Center .

Share an Invoice with your Mobile Device

You are able to partake your Invoice right from your fluid device. To do therefore :

  1. Open the Square POS app > pat More > Invoices .
  2. Tap Create Invoice .
  3. In the delivery field, wiretap Share by Email, Share by text message, or Share URL Manually .
  4. Complete the bill and wiretap Create .

You besides can find a partake link button within an existing invoice. Copy the bill URL at the bottom of the bill details screen to share it from your mobile device .
Note : Printing an bill international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate available on mobile browsers at this time .

Add Automatic Reminders to Invoices

  1. When creating an bill, coil to Invoice Options .
  2. Tap Reminders > toggle Schedule Payment Reminders on .
  3. Edit the two nonpayment options and/or click Add Reminder to add another choice .
  4. accomplished and schedule or send your invoice .

Note : once an bill has been paid, reminders will nobelium long be sent. Reminders will not be sent for invoices that are delivered via text message .

Send a Reminder for an Invoice from the Square POS App

Send a reminder for an existing, great bill .

  1. Tap More and choose Invoices from the seafaring menu .
  2. Tap the invoice from your list that you would like to send a admonisher for. If you are having trouble locating a specific invoice, you can search by using several filters .
  3. coil to the bottom of the invoice details and tap the Send Reminder push button .

Duplicate an Invoice from the Square POS App

  1. Tap More and blue-ribbon Invoices from the seafaring menu .
  2. Tap the invoice from your tilt that you would like to duplicate. Use filters to narrow the list of invoices you wish to view.
  3. scroll to the bottom of the invoice details and tap the Duplicate button .
  4. A new invoice page with the former details will appear. Change the appropriate sections as necessary and tap the Send button in the top right corner .

Seller Community: Ask questions, induce answers, and hear how other Square sellers are taking in-person payments for Invoices .

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