How To Create A Street Wear Brand From Scratch

Hila Klein, CEO and owner of Teddy Fresh


Hila Klein is the CEO and owner of Teddy Fresh, a vibrant streetwear label focusing on high quality pieces and artist collaborations. Noticing a lack of colorful expressive invest in the streetwear market, Hila was inspired by the naivete of kids ‘ clothing, the epic colors of vintage pieces, and the quality of high end brands to create Teddy Fresh .

Teddy Fresh continues to create bright, fun, premium quality clothe for adults, at a consumer price that is accessible for all .

I had the opportunity to interview Hila recently. here are some of the highlights of that interview :

Jill Griffin: I precisely love what you ‘ve done with this idea ! How did Teddy Fresh come to be ?
Hila Klein: I ‘ve always wanted to go into manner. Since I was a small kyd, style and artwork have been an ongoing mania of mine. I in the first place applied for fashion school but I did n’t get in, so I decided to try a unlike access and go to art school. As an artist I was always open to all creative directions. After graduating, I started a YouTube channel. It actually resonated with people and started to grow a meaning adopt and generate a little piece of money. Using the funds and following from the platform I decided to go for it and create my own fashion line Teddy Fresh !
Griffin: And it ’ s colorful streetwear. Is that how we should be describing it ?
Klein: Yes ! I would go shop or walk around the plaza but could n’t truly find the gorge that I wanted to see ! I have constantly loved color so I wanted to see things that were more playful, fun, exciting, pathetic, and sometimes you would see it when you ‘re going through children ‘s stores. invest for kids would be in truth playful and fun with lots of detail but then when you go to adults it just kind of gets lost. I wanted to make gorge that I couldn ’ thyroxine find out there. That ’ s how it started !
Griffin: How did you start manufacturing the clothes ?
Klein: I started researching and actually good looking everywhere ! I was looking on Alibaba for manufacturers, and scouring the internet finding all kinds of options ! I tried unlike people. We went through a few places over time to find the perfect team to help us create our dream plan. It ‘s kind of like a snowball once you in truth get into things. It merely starts moving and you slowly pick up steam and get the hang of it. You start realizing what you ‘re looking for and what you need to ask for. At first gear you do n’t very know what to do and are fair learning on the flee !

Griffin: How do you make your sales ? How cause people find out about you ?
Klein: We are sold entirely on-line right field now, and during covid we decided to go all in on e-commerce. We took that opportunity to focus more on ourselves and our foundation. We wanted to make surely we had a solid structure to grow from because expanding excessively fast can besides be a problem sometimes. We have n’t truly done any gainful marketing campaigns, precisely harnessed the baron of Instagram and Twitter .
Griffin: And it ‘s called Teddy fresh ? How did you come up with the mention ?
Klein: It ‘s kind of cockamamie ! My husband and I just constantly thought it was cute to call each other “ Teddy ”. I started messing about with the estimate of the logo being a chemise behave because I like the idea of a not therefore masculine man. I thought it ‘s pretty cool for a guy to walk about styled up but then there ‘s a little teddy bear logo on his clothes, sensitive, aristocratic men are where it ’ s at ! Teddy Fresh is a cool little chemise have a bun in the oven !
Griffin: Are the styles the same for men and women ?
Klein: In the identical beginning it was all unisex. We were learning as we went so we had to start lento, test the waters, learn our capabilities, and lento expand. now we are at a wax 50/50 with a collection for men and a collection for women. We photograph the clothing on men and women and our hearing has been evenly mix besides. We put a set of feat into the designs. It ’ s actually very different to design men ’ s versus women ‘s collections. originally streetwear was this thing for men only – it was like a men ‘s club, and that ’ s a shame because I personally love that kind of clothe ! That ‘s the kind of stuff that I wanted to buy for myself but a distribute of companies would n’t even go down to my size so you have to kind of either tire it baggy or you know it does n’t work. I thought it would be cool to be in this streetwear world but besides have a lane for women excessively. even men that are not so “ macho ” can find this survival to be appealing. This collection is for anyone !
Griffin: When you are walking about, do you see your designs on people ?
Klein: I do and that ‘s the most dreamlike depart ! It ‘s good crazy. It was honestly my dream precisely to see it out and about and now it precisely randomly it happens. even if I wear it, person will come up and precisely compliment me for what I ‘m wearing, it ’ sulfur attention-getting clothe .
Griffin: You guys have done indeed well ! For people that are entrepreneurs that are going to start their business, can you give me 3 to 5 fastball points of things that they need to think about before they run into something .
· For me, starting out I tried not to go in over my head and alternatively decided to take small steps every time and slowly test the waters and then go bigger a small bite at a prison term. For example, I started with a smaller choice, ordering lower quantities, and then testing to see if it would sell. Or if I ‘ve made a new design for exercise like a jacket that I ‘ve never made before then again I would make it with caution and make a minor come, see how it sells, and then kind of feel like I ‘m more confident before diving in deep .
· Give yourself deck and don ’ thyroxine feel that you have to rush yourself despite the fact everything is so fast pace nowadays. Embrace the process and know that if you take your time you are actually going to get better results. Product quality has to come first – during the sampling march I constantly put choice first therefore if I feel like I have a delivery date in heed but the samples are not quite there I ‘m not going to commit to that rescue date. It has to be the best that I believe we can put out there and if we have to move the rescue date that ‘s o ! I ‘m constantly focused on putting the best product out there and making certain it fits right and feels commodity .
· Hire experts to help with your areas of helplessness. For me, starting out I did n’t very know what I was doing and so I actively looked to hire people with a lot of experience so I could learn from them. I learn as I go .
· Trust your gut. I am still learning more about the serve all the time but sometimes if person tells me something and my gut says otherwise I ‘m going to trust myself. That ‘s something that I ‘ve learned to actually be convinced doing thus I think I would actually give that advice to anyone.

Griffin: What have I not asked you that you would like to partake ?
Klein: Something that ’ s much overlooked is the importance of creating a creative and productive environment in the office. I love putting an emphasis on creating a in truth dear environment for employees. Starting out, I worked in all kinds of jobs that I felt despicable at, disrespected tied. It ‘s actually significant to me to create a workplace where people enjoy coming to work. Employees choose to spend their time each sidereal day here for us – I truly appreciate that and I want them to know that. We have a “ no ego ” policy here at Teddy Fresh. Everyone is welcome to talk to anyone. I work with everyone in the company and they can come to me with any questions small or bad. It ‘s a actually collaborative process where we all hear each other out and the best theme wins and it ‘s equitable a very fun plaza to work. We work hard, we work a lot but we make sure that it ‘s a good environment that we all like to come to .

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