How to Make Your First Sale on eBay

If you ‘re a brand fresh eBay drug user, you ‘ve distinctly never made a sale on the web site, but that does n’t mean it ‘s difficult to start sell. however, because eBay is such a large, sprawling web site with features for buyers and sellers, individuals and businesses, it can sometimes be hard to know where to begin .

If all you want to do is make a sale on eBay to earn some extra cash, have no reverence. Follow these simpleton steps to fatten your wallet preferably rather than late .

Sign Up for eBay

The first step is to join eBay and should be obvious. You ca n’t make a sell on eBay if you ‘re not a member. sol, connect nowadays and find an item that you ‘d like to sell or you feel is worth sell .

What to Sell

It could be anything you think is valuable. For exemplar, a show that you ‘ve never used, an impulse bribe that you never returned or any gently used product with few signs of wear or tear. It ‘s possible to sell more wear items as well, but your chances of making a sale are higher if you start off with raw or almost-new goods .

How to Sell

once you ‘ve found an object to sell, visit the eBay front page and click “ sell ” near the top of the page. It will enable you to create an auction number for your item. Watch your auction list in my eBay until the listing closes or a sale is made .

Receiving payment

If you do n’t immediately receive PayPal payment, use my eBay to send the buyer of your item an bill. On the invoice shape, be surely to send requital instructions to the bidder if necessity.

Wait for payment to arrive, either through PayPal, the most common payment method acting on eBay or through another method you ‘ve specified .

Shipping Your detail

After payment arrives, ship your detail to the buyer or winning bidder. Be surely to contact the member and notify them that their token has been shipped. You may besides ship and track the detail through eBay.​

Leave Feedback

Leave feedback giving your public opinion of the transaction. If it went smoothly, you may not have much to say. If aspects of the transaction bothered you, ​make note of what they were. Did the item sell for ampere much as you ‘d hoped ? If not, what can you do to better meet your goals in the future ? Do you need to reevaluate your expectations about how much of a net income you can make on eBay ?

If your expectations were n’t met, you should consider signing up for another site like eBay to see how much a similar item will fetch you on that site alternatively. You may decide to use both sites in the future or stick to the web site that you believe will earn you the most cash.

Resolve Any Problems

Resolve any disputes that arose during the transaction. Hopefully, during your first sale, you wo n’t have any disputes at all. Should a dispute rebel, see if you can take steps to nip it in the bud next time. Did you ship your item besides deep, for model ? Be sure not to make the lapp err in the future .

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