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Learn how to create and send invoices in QuickBooks Online. If you plan to get paid in the future for products and services you sell, send your customers an invoice. You can plainly add the product or serve you ’ re sell to an bill and email it to your customer. We ’ ll show you how to create new invoices and show you how to review open invoices. We ’ ll besides give you info on how customers can pay their invoices online if you have QuickBooks payments, or how to handle things if you use an external payment action platform .

QuickBooks estimates and invoices are improving! Your workflow for estimates and invoices will look different depending on whether you have the old or the new version of estimates and invoices.

Learn more about the new estimates and invoices


Step 1: Create and send an invoice

Step 2: Review open invoices

QuickBooks puts open amateur invoices into your accounts receivable account. You ‘ll see this account on your Balance Sheet and other fiscal reports. Any time you want to review your invoices, go to Bookkeeping then Transactions then select All Sales ( Take me there ), or go to Sales then choose All Sales ( Take me there ). Or go to Get paid & pay or Sales, then choice Invoices ( Take me there ). Check the Status column to see where invoices are in the sales process.

hera ’ s a few common statuses that you might see :

  • Open: You haven’t emailed the invoice yet.
  • Open (Sent): You’ve emailed the invoice to the customer.
  • Open (Viewed): Your customer opened the invoice. 
  • Paid: Your customer paid the invoice.
  • Overdue: The invoice is past due and isn’t paid yet.
  • Overdue (Viewed): Your customer opened but didn’t pay the past due invoice.
  • Delivery issue: Invoice was undelivered. Check the email address and resend. 
  • Voided: The invoice was voided in QuickBooks. 

You can besides go to Get paid & pay or Sales, then choose Customers ( Take me there ) and open a customer ‘s visibility to see their invoices.

Need to notify customers about approaching invoice due dates ? here ‘s how to send them a reminder message .

Step 3: Receive payments for invoices

If you use QuickBooks Payments, customers can pay their invoices directly by credit card or ACH transfer. We summons and handle everything for you. When you get paid, QuickBooks puts transactions into the decline accounts. If you use an external platform to march payments, you can keep track of those payments in QuickBooks. Learn more about how to record invoice payments manually .

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