How to set up your FREE mini website

Timely offers all users a free mini-website. It is called a mini-website because it is a simple, minimalist solution for businesses without websites.  Website content for the website is added automatically as you set your Timely account up. For example, as you add business details, location hours, staff information, services, etc. the mini-website will grab and present this information in a stylish website. 
Businesses with existing websites can choose from a variety of methods ( for example, book now buttons ) to add seasonably to their websites .

Setting up your website

head to Setup > Mini-website ( Promote ) in your seasonably account and toggle this to On to get started :

Set your mini website address

First, you’ll be prompted to choose

Your Timely website address

(or subdomain) for your business. 
This will be the address customers can use to book online, as well as the


we will use for online booking buttons and widgets. We’ll automatically create one based on your Business name, but you can


this to update it.

Enter the address into the Your new Timely website address airfield :

A fleeceable “ Available “ will appear if the address has not been taken already or a red “ Not Available “ if it has .


The address, or “ subdomain ” that you enter here is the cover we will use to identify your Timely history for on-line bookings. Updating the address will mean that any buttons/link/widgets that use the old address will no longer work.

Add some imagery

You can then upload a cover image ( dimensions : 780 x 250 ), a well as a commercial enterprise logo ( dimensions : 140 x 140 ), to give your mini website a more professional spirit and a moment of personality.

Click Edit future to the cover image and click the Upload new photo release to select a photograph from your calculator. Click Save when you ‘re ready, to apply any changes :
Click Edit and Upload new photo to add your commercial enterprise logo :

Confirm the rest of your details

Clicking the Edit button will redirect you to the area in Timely where you can update those settings. If that data has been completed, then a click will show up next to the set .

From here, you can :

  • Fill in your Business name and a Description of your website (this will redirect you to the Setup > Business details page).
  • Adjust the Bio‘s for each of your staff members under Setup > Staff and decide if you want them to be bookable online and/or shown on your mini website.
  • Determine which services, locations and gift vouchers you’d like to make available online.
  • Decide if you would like to have a contact form available on your website (any enquiries will be sent to the account holder’s email).

Test it out!

When you’re ready, click the link at the top of the page to take your new mini website for a test drive:

Have your own domain name?

You can set your domain to link to your Timely mini website. Check out the

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 section for more information.
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