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easy as 1-2-3 Freewebstore has been built from the grind up to be a easy as possible. The stores are sport packed and managing them is a easy as 1-2-3 ! low Stock Alerts Create alerts to yourself to re-order democratic products when they reach a certain broth level. Never run out of stock again !

be Cart Activity Watch window shoppers become value customers in real-time. Identify potential conversion issues and new customer pathways to help maximise profits ! relate Products Two products that are regularly bought together can be linked visually for the shopper. Proven sales technique to boost your bed line . moment Updates You have real-time control over your shop. Stay ahead of the game and react promptly to changing shopper trends or market forces . automatic pistol Stock Stock is managed for you. Simply tell us how much stock you have and we take worry of the lie . Warehouse Picklists Print off a list for your warehouse operatives to pick out stock ready for your orders to be shipped . staff Accounts staff Accounts allow you to give access to your dominance empanel to early people via their own electronic mail addresses based on permissions set by you . Access anywhere You can access and manage your store from anywhere in the worldly concern. All you need is internet access ! Re-stock reminders Shoppers can ask to be notified when a popular product comes back into stock. Maximise sales tied when the item is out of stock product Images Increase sales and product sex appeal by adding lots of product images. Sales conversions are higher with more images of the merchandise Bulk Buying Offering shoppers a deduction for buying in bulge is another testify successful sales proficiency. This is supported on Freewebstore by default option . product Options Most products can come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Add these options to your products, each can have their own effigy and cost besides ! Imports/ Exports

Moving data in and out of your store is bare. Whether you are importing products, exporting orders or importing new images, we have it covered . product Groups Some inventories can get large, so we let you create groups of products to make managing them easier. Apply changes to groups of products to save time . intersection SEO You have full moon control over your memory search locomotive optimization. So you can optimize individual products as you see fit. Or let the system do it for you mechanically ! Age Verification Keeps minors out of your store and comply with any legal obligations by enabling our age verification have. You can customize this as you see paroxysm . vacation Mode Going on vacation ? Lucky you ! Put your store into vacation mode to let your regular shoppers know. They will see a friendly message whilst you relax . PDF Invoicing Invoices are mechanically generated and dispatched to your customers in the industry standard PDF format. Customize these invoices with your own stigmatization . order Emails Shoppers mechanically receive custom-make order ratification emails when they place an decree on your store. These can besides be customized with a personal message . order murder You can send dispatch emails to your shoppers as and when you process their order. This helps keep the shopper felicitous as they know the goods are on their way . order Tracking If you use a messenger to ship your orders to your shoppers then you can attach tracking numbers to your orders. The shopper can then track the goods right to their door . No software to install The stores are completely browser-based, so there is no fiddly software to install, update or learn . extra Categories You can post your products to multiple categories, so no matter how the shopper decides to browse you can make certain they find what they want . Customizable Invoices

Choose from a range of bill layouts and customize them further with your own colors, logo and subject. A professional PDF bill will be mechanically created for each order . special Offers Running offers is an authoritative separate of a successful shop. Create offers with a pair of clicks and watch your sales rocket .

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