How to Copyright a Business Name

thus, you ’ ve just started your own business and you ’ re wondering how you can protect all that branding you ’ ve done. You exhausted months coming up with the perfective business name and you want to make sure that no one can use it for their own gain !
You ’ ve probably heard the word copyright thrown approximately and you ’ re wondering how you can use it to protect your business, your brand, and all your difficult work ? well, we ’ rhenium here to help !
In this steer, we ’ ra going to be looking over the ways you can protect your business with copyright. We ’ ll be guiding you through copyrighting, trademarking, and other ways to protect your business. I ’ thousand Alex and I ’ ll be with you throughout this article ! Let ’ s bring started .

When looking at ways to protect your commercial enterprise name, you ’ ve probably come across the bible copyright. Protecting your clientele name is essential if you want to ensure cipher profits from your hard work and uses your business name unfairly.

Copyrighting is a means to protect your oeuvre. It covers literary and graphic works, a well as musical and dramatic works. It is a human body of security provided by the government that governs who can ‘ replicate ’ your work .
Copyright does not cover ideas, and therefore any ideas can merely be copyrighted once they have become tangible or fixed .
unfortunately, occupation names actually can ’ metric ton be copyrighted. Copyright can be great for protecting designs and early parts of your commercial enterprise, even your logo ! But it can not protect your business name .

Can I use copyright to protect my business name?

As we ’ ve already discussed, copyright is bang-up for protecting elements of your commercial enterprise, such as designs, technical drawings, and even your logo. Copyright is a capital resource for creators to ensure that their make does not get used for others ’ profit .
however, copyright can not be used to protect your business mention. Copyright does not cover one names or phrases. It is thought that these items can so well be duplicated that they are not alone or substantial enough for copyright auspices .
so, if you can ’ t practice copyright to protect your business name, how can you protect it ? Keep read to find out all about trademarking and how you can use it to protect your business name !

What is trademarking?

sol, copyrighting won ’ metric ton be able to protect your clientele list but a trademark might ! Let ’ s take a look at more data about trademarks and how they can help you to protect your business name .
Trademarks can be used to distinguish your commercial enterprise appoint and ensure that the name can not be used by another mark. There are some restrictions on what can be trademarked, for model, a verb in common usage or a generic noun will likely not be allowed to be trademarked .
Your trademark identifies you to customers and so you need to make certain to use it correctly. In addition, if your trademark does fall into common usage, you may lose your trademark .
You have to ensure you keep a trademark in pull and there are fees involved. If you see person infringing upon your brand, you should get in contact with a lawyer who can help with this kind of quarrel. Trademark disputes can end up in court but rarely do .
Trademarks are easily identifiable by the little ‘ ™ ’ marker that appears beside brand items .
now that we know what trademarks are, let ’ s take a look at how you can get a hallmark for your business name and protect your hard work !

How can I get a trademark for my business name?

then, you ’ ve decided you need to trademark your sword new clientele name. You want to ensure cipher can use it and make profits from your hard knead. Keep read if you want to learn how to get a brand .
broadly, a brand is easily obtained on-line. You can normally file for a hallmark on your government ’ s web site. Trademarking your business appoint will probably require a fee which varies from area to nation .
When you trademark your occupation appoint, you should understand that your business name is lone trademarked in the country you applied, except in certain circumstances which we will discuss former on .
If you want to know about trademarks in the US, UK, and Europe, keep on reading to find out !

Trademarking in the US

then, you ’ ve decided to trademark your business in the US and you ’ re wondering how to do it ! Let ’ s take a attend at how to do that !
Trademarks in the US are awarded by the United States Patent and Trademark Office ( USPTO ). This web site is truly handy as you can search your business appoint to ensure the brand is available .
once you have ensured your business name is available for trademark, you will need to fill out an application and pay a fee which normally starts around $ 250 but it can get more expensive depending on different factors such as classes and lawyer interest .
The process can sometimes take up to six months so you need to be prepared to wait this measure of time !

Trademarking in the UK

If you ’ re looking to trademark your business name in the UK, you will need to go through the UK politics. You can find the brand search page and the application page on the united kingdom politics web site .
Like in the US, trademarks in the UK require an application to be filled out and fees to be paid. The summons can take a while excessively and is alike across countries .

Trademarks in Europe

If you want to file for a hallmark in all countries that are a part of the European Union, you can apply for this through EUIPO. This process requires you to already have a brand in one country and then to fill out a further application through the web site to be awarded a trademark across all penis nations .
This is a good option if you ’ re plan on trade across Europe but is not wholly necessity. This process costs around €850. once accepted, your brand will continue for ten years until the renewal is required.

The Madrid Protocol

If you want your trademark to extend even further, you can apply for a trademark in countries that are part of the Madrid Protocol. This system works to allow your trademark to be recognized across 125 countries and is available to anyone who has a personal or business connection to one of the states. This means you must be a citizen of or domiciled, or have an industrial or commercial administration in one of the member states .


A trademark is a good theme if you want to protect your business name but you should take the clock time to consider whether you in truth need one. Before applying for a hallmark, consider seeking out legal advice to get the best estimate as to what you need for your trademark .
Your commercial enterprise name takes a lot of work and wanting to protect it is apprehensible. If you ’ re starting the procedure of setting up a commercial enterprise and you are in motivation of a new clientele name, remember to check out our range of dedicate commercial enterprise appoint generators. These are invaluable resources for anyone creating a new business identify !

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