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solar-power-home As power bills continue to rise in households, more and more homeowners are thinking about converting their homes to solar energy. As a matter of fact, in some parts of the United States, residents are paying between $ 400 and $ 900 per month for their utility program bill. That is a batch of money !
Why should you switch to solar energy?
By making the switch over to solar energy you will not entirely save money, but you will besides be reducing the amount of dodo fuel use, which ultimately helps the environment. Fossil fuels are a major source of air pollution and are not necessity when we have an abundant add of renewable energy through the sunday. Another advantage is that you will avoid power outages when your area has a major storm .
How to make the conversion

When you decide to convert your home to solar power, the first gear thing that you can do is to make your home as energy efficient as potential before you do anything with solar panels. You can do thus by :

  • Installing energy efficient windows
  • Using environmentally friendly insulation
  • Installing energy efficient appliances

Having an energy effective home from top to bottom can only help you save even more money and tread more lightly on Mother Earth .
The adjacent thing you can do is determine how much department of energy you need to power up your home. You can plainly take a look at your past ability bills to determine your energy needs. You do not want to install more solar panels than you actually need, as they are reasonably costly to begin with. Some websites will actually allow you to input your energy use details and a calculator will let you know a uncut estimate on how many panels you will need .
Make certain that you have adequate roof distance and hours of sun to make use of the necessitate solar panels. Solar department of energy will best courtship your home if your roof is facing south. besides, be sure that there is nothing obstructing the beautiful sun rays, like trees or other buildings. You want the sun ’ s rays to get a direct hit on the panels.

Installing the solar panels
If you are not an technical with solar power initiation, it is best to hire a professional to install yours for you. Most solar panels are mounted on the roof, but sometimes they are mounted on polls american samoa well .
Install solar water heating

To convert your home to solar energy, you may besides want to install a solar water hot water tank. In holy order to get hot urine, normally people rely on an electric hot water tank, but this uses about 25 % of a family ’ mho energy. By installing a solar hot body of water tank you are saving yourself a good sum of money each calendar month .
Converting your home to solar might may cost you a bit up battlefront, but if you do the mathematics for the next ten-spot or twenty years, you will be coming out ahead by quite a bite in fiscal savings. You are besides being conscientious of the environment and the rapid depletion of dodo fuels. solar baron is becoming a more feasible option for homeowners as prices continue to drop and people hear more and more about it .
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