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Using PayPal to purchase things with Google Pay is nothing new. That specific partnership was announced over a year ago, but the two companies recently decided to extend their partnership. Starting later this year, you will be able to use PayPal in Google Play, YouTube and Gmail. here ‘s how to set it up and what to be aware of .

How to add PayPal as a payment method

The significant change announced by PayPal last workweek was that adding PayPal as a payment method acting to any Google services would make it a payment method acting across all Google services, such as Google Pay, YouTube, Gmail and Google Store .paypal-to-google-pay Taylor Martin/CNET

To connect your PayPal account immediately to Google Pay, you will first need the Google Pay app on Android. Once Google Pay is installed and opened :

  • Tap the Cards tab at the bottom right of the app to open it.
  • Tap the plus sign in the bottom right to add a new payment method.
  • Select Add other payment methods.
  • Select PayPal from the list of options.
  • Enter your PayPal login credentials and tap Log in.
  • Tap Next and enter a PIN twice.
  • On the next screen, set your default top up amount ($10, $20, $50 or $100) and the default account that top up will be charged to.
  • Tap Agree & Continue.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions by tapping Continue to finish connecting your PayPal account.

Changing PayPal settings in Google Pay

After PayPal is added to your Google Pay account, you can find it under the Cards check. There you can see holocene activity, remove the PayPal score or make it the default payment method acting. however, if you want to make any changes to your PayPal score in Google Pay, such as your top up measure or PIN, you ‘ll have to do that in the PayPal app. To do this, open the PayPal app and tap the Settings button in the top right corner. blue-ribbon Google Pay from the menu. There you can toggle on or off automatic lead up, change the default value and bill account. You can besides change the in-store PIN or disconnect PayPal from Google Pay .

Limitations of PayPal and Google Pay

For now, using PayPal in Google Pay is alone available where PayPal is accepted as a requital method. For exemplify, I tried to send a supporter money using Google Pay Send and Gmail. While your Google Pay balance is available as an option, PayPal still is n’t offered. In other words, it ‘s going to take some time for the integration to be completely seamless. besides, when your PayPal balance wheel is less than what is needed for a transaction, the acme up amount you selected will automatically be added to your PayPal balance. This means if you want to purchase an item for $ 1.04 and you only have $ 1.00 in your PayPal account, it will add your default top up sum to your history — a minimum of $ 10 — leaving you with at least $ 9.96 in your PayPal account. fortunately, that money can be withdrawn back into a bank account later if needed. Of naturally, the way around this is to disable the automatic top up feature in the PayPal app.

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Apple Pay vs. Google Wallet vs. PayPal
If you ‘d rather use Samsung ‘s payment service, check out our guidebook for setting up PayPal in Samsung Pay. You can besides use PayPal to purchase digital goods from the io App Store or sending money to friends through Facebook Messenger.

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