A new way to buy crypto on Coinbase using PayPal

A new way to buy crypto on Coinbase using PayPal

By Eddie Lo, Product Manager, Coinbase We are now offering millions of customers in the US a simpleton and rapid manner to buy crypto on Coinbase using your debit cards and bank accounts linked to PayPal. Buying crypto should be dim-witted and easy. however, moving money in the traditional universe of finance can be anything but. ACH and electrify transfers can take time and campaign, and we know you are expecting faster and more seamless ways to make crypto purchases. now, you can immediately fund crypto purchases with PayPal in just a few taps.

Funding crypto purchases through PayPal offers a companion and believe experience as you explore the populace of crypto. Working with the payments ecosystem, PayPal has built up the cognition and implemented the proper tools in ordering to assure transparency, operation and security in all services. We ’ rhenium now one step further in bringing everyone easy and dependable access to the cryptoeconomy .

Buy crypto instantly

If you have an existing PayPal account, you ’ ll be able to start making transactions on Coinbase right away. [ 1 ] Plus, there ’ s no want to add bank accounts or wag numbers directly to Coinbase — you can continue using PayPal to securely manage your data.

Simple and Easy

When you ’ re ready to fund crypto purchases with PayPal, first select the crypto you want to buy, tap on the payment method acting then “ Add a requital method ” to select PayPal. You ’ ll be taken to a PayPal login riddle — make sure your PayPal electronic mail address is the lapp as the Coinbase e-mail address, differently you ’ ll have to go through a two-factor authentication flow. After you log in, you can select or add a debit tease or bank account linked to your PayPal account. once you ’ re done, you can make a purchase up to $ 25,000 a day with your PayPal bill.

Customers in the US can buy crypto with a connect bank report via ACH or Wire transportation, a debit card, funds in their Coinbase USD wallet, in summation to now using funds from a connected PayPal bill. In the issue forth months we ’ ll expand the ability to purchase crypto using funds from PayPal to more countries. Cash withdrawals to PayPal are already available in the US, Canada, EU and UK. Learn more about our price structure for crypto purchases at our help center .

Meeting you where you are

We ’ ra looking forward to meet you where you already spend, pay, send, and save, and enabling more options with brands you already use. simplicity and ease of use are kernel tenets of Coinbase and we are committed to delivering on this promise .

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