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Woorise and Stripe allows you to cursorily and easily implement accredit menu payments in your campaigns. With the Stripe integration you can capture one time credit rating card payments or setup recurring requital subscriptions. mechanically capture credit menu payments with Stripe when a form is submitted .

Stripe Settings

The Stripe Settings will allow you to connect and authenticate with your Stripe account and make some choices about how you collect payment information .

  1. Activate Stripe Integration and click on Settings.
  2. Under Stripe Settings, select the Mode to use for Stripe integration: Live or Test. Live is for real transactions, and Test is for testing the integration and submitting test forms.
  3. Click the Connect with Stripe button.
  4. Use the Switch Account drop down menu to select the Stripe account you wish to connect to.
  5. Fill out the form and click the Authorize access to this account button.  Alternatively, if you are using Stripe in development mode, you can click the Skip this account form link at the top of the page.
  6. You will be returned to the Stripe Settings page. You should see Connected to Stripe as with your account name as well as a Disconnect button.


Woorise requires a URL to be added to your Stripe score ’ randomness list of Webhooks for each API modality you will be using .

  1. Log in here to access your Stripe Webhooks management page.
  2. In Stripe, click the Add endpoint button at the top right above the list of webhooks.
  3. In the Endpoint URL field, paste the URL found under View Instructions on the Woorise Stripe Settings page.
  4. Under Version, select the Latest API Version if available.
  5. Under Events to send, click receive all events from within the box.
  6. Click the Add endpoint button to save the webhook.
  7. Under Signing secret, click the Click to reveal button.
  8. Copy the signing secret and note the Mode at the top of the screen.
  9. Enter the Signing Secret from the Stripe Webhooks page into the Stripe settings. Use the Test Signing secret or Live Signing secret field as applicable.
  10. Check the I have enabled the Woorise webhook URL in my Stripe account. box.
  11. Click Update Settings.

Payment Collection

Payment solicitation method allow you to select how payment data will be collected. You can select one of the Stripe hosted solutions ( Stripe Credit Card or Stripe Checkout ) which simplifies the PCI submission process with Stripe.

  1. Stripe Credit Card Field
    The Stripe Credit Card field is hosted on Stripe’s servers and displayed on your form using an iframe. Your Woorise form collects all data except the credit card (and optionally, the Cardholder Name) fields, which are collected securely by Stripe and transmitted over HTTPS connection to their processing servers. Those Stripe collected details are not stored with your entry data.
  2. Stripe Payment Form (Stripe Checkout)
    Form submission will trigger the opening of a Stripe hosted form to collect all the payment details directly within Stripe’s domain, including required data such as email, billing address, or any other verification fields as demanded by your payment processing flow.

The Stripe Payment Form collection method acting will not make a credit card field available in the list of available Pricing fields to add to a human body as a credit calling card airfield is not required for this collection method .

Create a Stripe Feed

Before the Stripe can be used with Woorise you will first need to create a fertilize. A feed plainly allows form submission data to be sent to another source. In this example, payment data being sent to Stripe .

  1. Click on Campaigns and edit the campaign you want to be used with Stripe.
  2. Next, click the Form tab.
  3. From this page, hover over Form Settings on the top menu, and click on Stripe.
  4. Click Add New to create a new feed. You will be presented with the Stripe feed settings screen.

Stripe Feed Settings

The watch fields are available within the Stripe run settings shield .

  • Name
    A feed Name is required. It is only used for identification and will not be shown anywhere other than your feed listing.
  • Transaction Type
    Products and Services are single one time payments while Subscription is a recurring payment.

After you have selected your desire option within the Transaction Type dropdown, you will see versatile other fields appear that are specific to the option you have selected, in addition to other options below it .

Products and Services Settings

  • Payment Amount
    Determines which form field will be used for the payment amount. For example, you could choose a specific product Field, or the form total.

Subscription Settings

  • Subscription Name
    Enter a name for the subscription. It will be displayed on the payment form as well as the Stripe dashboard.
  • Recurring Amount
    Determines the form field to use as a recurring amount.
  • Billing Cycle
    Determines how often a recurring payment should occur.
  • Setup Fee
    When checked, will enable a setup fee. This can be mapped to a pricing field on your form to charge an initial fee to start your subscription. If you select this option, the Trial field will be unavailable.
  • Trial
    If you did not enable the Setup Fee, you have the option to enable a Trial. When enabling the trial period, select the amount of days you would like the trial to last. The customer’s recurring payment will not begin until the end of the Trial Period.

Stripe Credit Card Field Settings

only available if you have Stripe ’ randomness Payment Collection Method set to Stripe Credit Card Field in the Stripe settings.

  • Billing Information
    Map your form fields to the Stripe address fields to determine what information will be sent to Stripe for each required billing field.

Stripe Payment Form Settings

Will only appear if you have Stripe ’ second Payment Collection Method set to Stripe Payment Form (Stripe Checkout) in the Stripe settings. Stripe Checkout supports 3D procure and Apple Pay .

  • Logo
    A logo to appear with the payment collection screen can be configured within your branding settings page in Stripe.
  • Customer Email
    Specify the email field to be sent to the Stripe Checkout page as the customer’s email (this option is only available for the Products and Services transaction type).
  • Billing Address
    When enabled, Stripe’s checkout form will collect the billing address before the payment information is entered.

Stripe Account

  • Connect To Stripe As
    The Switch Accounts button under Stripe Account settings allows you to specify that the feed will use a different Stripe account than the default one set within your Stripe Settings page.

Other Settings

Customer Information

The Customer Information section is only available for the Subscription transaction type .

  • Email
    Specify the email field to be sent to the Stripe Checkout page as the customer’s email.
  • Description
    Used to provide an identifier of your customer.
  • Coupon
    Map this to your form field that contains the coupon code. The coupon must also exist in your Stripe dashboard. This discount will apply to the recurring charges. If using the Stripe Checkout payment collection method, the coupon won’t be applied to the first invoice.


You can send extra metadata to Stripe using these name-value pairs. Enter text to name the data field, then map it to a mannequin playing field. This datum displays under the payment information in Stripe. Click the + to add more than one identify. A maximal of 20 keys may be sent .

Stripe Receipt

If you would like to send a acknowledge, select an electronic mail field from the drop down. This option is available when the Transaction Type is set to Products and Services and you have added an Email field to your form .

Post Payment Actions

This option is available alone for payments collected with the Stripe Checkout method acting.

Allows you to trigger external accessory feeds at the time your Stripe Checkout requital is processed, letting you create actions that initiate with successful payment rather than merely at the time of submission .
The options offered in the Post Payment Actions section will depend upon which other Integrations are activated. For exemplar, you may see the choice to used activate feeds for Slack or Zapier .

Conditional Logic

Set conditions to determine when to execute this Stripe Feed. Conditional Logic besides allows you to configure multiple Stripe Feeds for a single form and gun trigger the right one based on Conditional Logic .

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