THIS is how to close a TD bank account in the U.S. [2022]

Updated on April 25, 2022

According to a surveil from 2019, approximately 95 % of U.S. households were banked. many individuals need bank accounts as they can be used to receive the monthly paycheck, store the money safely, or send money to/ receive money from family members or friends. But sometimes, you may besides want to give up on a trust account .
indeed, how to close a TD bank account if you have no necessitate for it ?

Reasons You Might Want to Close Your TD Account

Closing your TD bank score might be something that confuses you. Why would person want to close their bank account ? After all, having an account is crucial and could help in many ways, whether you use it a lot or not. You never know when you ’ ll need the savings bank account .
In reality, there are some situations when closing an account is needed. Believe it or not, but there are multiple good reasons why person might choose to part ways with their TD deposit account.

A common reason for closing a TD trust report is moving to a different state. TD Banks aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate available in all states. They have a certain phone number of locations, peculiarly on the East Coast of the U.S. If you move to the West Coast, you might want to close your TD report as you ’ ll have no use for it there. If you were to use your poster at non-TD ATMs, you would besides be charged some fees, so what ’ s the point if you could barely switch the depository financial institution and pay no fees ? It makes sense why person would close their TD depository financial institution explanation in this scenario .
The customer service know might be another reason why you want to end the kinship with the bank. Although that ’ s not to say that the customer service is always bad, you may have a negative have resulting from a specific problem. If the customer avail doesn ’ t take any steps to help you and behaves in a uncivil direction, you have every justly to put an end to your bank account .
You might besides be ineffective to deal with the fees or requirements of the bank. TD Banks have their own fees, just like any other bank out there, but they may be excessively high for you. When you can ’ triiodothyronine conduct with them and need lower fees, it entirely makes sense you might want to close your TD Bank account .
besides, you might not want to be part of this system anymore. There are more and more people who think banks are unnecessary for them and close their accounts as a result. To them, dealing with their money outside the bank system is plainly easier and feels much safer .
On top of that, being banked can be pretty costly besides. If you besides think that banking is not necessity in your life sentence, then closing the account you have with TD Bank might be the correctly decision .

4 Ways to Close Your TD Bank Account

so, you ’ ve decided that you want to close your report. What immediately ? How do you handle this ?
If you want to close your TD Bank report, you should contact the savings bank. It ’ s up to you how you do this, as there are multiple ways to let them know about your decision. hera ’ s how you can reach out to them and give them an account closure request .

By Phone

Calling the bank is quick and easy, so if you want to be done with the request much agile, then calling them on their number is the right choice. The TD Bank customer service can be contacted by calling 888-751-9000. Make certain you have a zero history balance before you call them, though .


Living near to one of their banks is very beneficial because you can simply go to their physical placement and take an account blockage request. It ’ sulfur besides different when you talk face-to-face compared to talking on the call. You might have to submit a written request that includes your account total .


many people choose to submit their requests online, particularly those who are accustomed to technology and find this method easier. You can send an e-mail request to their customer service and settle the topic .

By Mail

This method is more traditional and may take longer, but it works if you ’ ra not in a rush. You can mail a written request to the bank. Before sending the letter, just make certain you sign and notarize it, though .
furthermore, if you have a passbook-type explanation, you should besides include the bankbook with the letter .

Things to Do Before Closing Your TD Bank Account

Before closing your TD bank account, there are several things you should do. hera is a list with these steps :
Transfer the Balance to Another Account
You might want to open a modern bank account, but in order to do that, you shouldn ’ thymine wait until the old one is closed. You can open it before giving up on the old one so you can transfer the poise there .
The balance of the honest-to-god account needs to be zero before you proceed with the closing .
Update Auto-Debit and Paycheck Options
You might wake up one day and see that your Netflix subscription is not paid and you ’ re not allowed to watch your darling show anymore. If you set up an auto-debit choice for Netflix or any other account, you should first update that data and switch over to the raw explanation .
Without updating your information, the services will keep charging you from the old bank account. You will either lose access to these accounts if the savings bank refuses the transaction, or your account will reopen again, causing you problems.

What you can do is check your explanation statements for the by months and see what amounts are being automatically charged every month or year. then, write them down on a list so you don ’ thyroxine forget any, and switch them to your new bank account .
besides, if you receive your paycheck on this deposit explanation, you should make sure you let your employer know and update your information .
Clear Negative Balance in Your Account
Before closing your TD Bank account, make surely you clear any negative balance wheel that might exist. once you close it, the bank will allow you to close your account. however, if you submit a request and you did not clear your veto poise, then you will not be allowed to close your account, to begin with .
Return Your Passbook Account
In case you have a passbook-type explanation, you should make certain to return it. You ’ ll be asked to give it back to the bank before you ’ re able to proceed with the account closure .
Download Previous Account Statements
Having history statements from the past six months might come in handy if you performed any important transactions. You never know when you ’ ll need records of the transactions you have previously done while having a TD Bank account. sol, make certain you get the statements and keep them in a safe station .

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Closing a TD Bank account is not unmanageable. You just have to make sure that you do a few things before closing it. clear any negative balance, transfer existing funds to a new account, change auto-debits and paycheck information, and download bank statements from the past 6 months. Afterward, you can contact the bank and proceed with closing your report .

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