THIS is how to close a Capital One account in the U.S. [2022]

Updated on April 25, 2022

capital One is one of the large banks of America, and you most probable know person who has an account with them, or you have one yourself. hush, at some point, you might decide to region ways with the savings bank due to certain changes in your life. How to close a capital One history, though ? Don ’ triiodothyronine concern, it ’ s not that unmanageable – we ’ ll walk you through the entire march .

Reasons for Closing a Capital One Bank Account

As one of the largest banks in the United States, Capital One managed to stick around for a dear period. After being established as a accredit card caller in 1994, Capital One expanded into retail bank and loans a well. With sol many people owning a savings bank report with them and given the fact that most of the profits of the ship’s company come from credit cards, it ’ s hard to imagine people giving up on their accounts. After all, why would they move from a democratic bank to another bank that offers the same things ?
There are actually several reasons why person might decide to put an end to their old bank report. Some people might move from a express to another, and consequently they need to change their lives and everything that comes with this. When they ’ re going to a newly state, they might want to switch banks besides, particularly if they found a better cover over there or if the depository financial institution is closer to where they live .
handiness is however another reason why some individuals say adieu to Capital One. capital One has merely 2,000 ATMs available across nine states. If you move to a submit where Capital One doesn ’ thymine exist, then there ’ s no rationality to keep your deposit bill. Non-Capital One ATMs will charge customers $ 2, so why deal with this fee when you can use a different depository financial institution that doesn ’ thyroxine charge you for ATM operations ?

In early situations, people might precisely not be glad with the fees and requirements and seek something else. The minimum requirements and fees might good be excessively high for some people to keep up with, so they go to banks where they can get lower ones. Parting ways is better than struggling to maintain fees and pay a minimum want total every month .
besides, some people are not tech-savvy and the endlessly growing universe of engineering may be besides difficult for them to handle. not all people are good at managing banking operations on-line, and this may prompt them to stop having one all in all .

4 Ways to Close Your Capital One Bank Account

If you wish to close your bank account, there are four easily ways to do so. You can choose a method acting based on your possibilities or your preference .

By Phone

You can call the Customer Service of the bank to ask for report settlement. But first, you should make sure the report has zero balance. Once you are indisputable this is the encase, you can call and wait for the closure work to start .


If possible, you can besides visit one of the forcible banks in your state of matter. It ’ s an easy way to close your bank explanation, specially if you inactive have money in your report. The written request you make to the deposit should include the account number .


Online bank clients can besides choose to close their accounts online. All you have to do is send a secure e-mail request to Customer Service, and they will take wish of it .

By Mail

Mailing your request to the bank is besides possible. You merely have to make indisputable you send it to the right cover of the bank, and you ’ ra set .

Steps to Close a Capital One Bank Account

How to close a capital One account ? It ’ s an comfortable process and here is what you have to do :

Open an Account at a New Bank

Before you close your previous bank explanation, open a newfangled history with a different matchless. After all, you will need to deposit your remaining poise, or you may need another locate to receive your paycheck. The employer should besides get the modern information a soon as possible, particularly since rerouting the paycheck might take several weeks .

Reset Automatic Payments

You might have automatic rifle payments, in which case you should move them to a different savings bank account. It ’ mho all-important to not let any activity on the old savings bank report. Check the bank statements from the past 6 to 12 months to see where your money is going every month, and learn every automatic payment account .
Again, do it in advance so you ’ re fix for the account blockage. You can even switch accounts online .

Contact the Bank

Is everything set ? If that ’ s the case, you should now contact your bank and let them know about your decision to close the report. You can either mail or fax a request, go to them in person, do it online, or phone customer overhaul. All you have to do is be clear that you want to close your bank score for good .
besides, remember the character of deposit report you own. If you have a single-holder bank score, for exemplify, you should close all deposits and automatic pistol payments to terminate it. fortunately, with joint accounts, you can close them without permission from the other party .


It might take a while for your account to be closed for good, but once it ’ mho done, you can start celebrating. The great separate is that closing your capital One account will not hurt your citation, so you can do it without any concern .

Things to Do Before Closing Your Capital One Bank Account

Before you close your history, you need to make certain this is the right thing to do, so you don ’ t end up regretting your decision. Closing your depository financial institution explanation is a serious thing, and as such, you should take it seriously.

On crown of that, you should wait for credits and deposits to open first, and besides reroute lineal deposits. For case, if you are getting your paycheck on that bank account, you should talk to your employer and let them know about the change, so you could reroute your deposits. This will happen by filling out a newly kind for the payroll department .
besides, updating your bills is necessary, so they don ’ t end up trying to charge money from the old report. otherwise, your old trust will either reject it or reopen the close report to let the payment go through. That ’ s the end matter you want to happen .
If you besides had an honest-to-god bill linked to savings, retirement, or investment account, you should change the information by removing the old one and adding the details for your new fiscal institution. This is specially significant if you had automatic pistol investments set up .

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Do you have a Capital One report that you want to close ? If that ’ s the case, you should start changing automatic pistol payments and deposits to another bill, and then let Capital One know what you decided. Just like with early banks such as Wells Fargo and the Bank of America, it ’ south comfortable to close your report and it will not affect your credit .

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