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The cost of owning a home involves more than your monthly mortgage payments and the premiums of your homeowners policy policy. You ’ ll besides need to think about the necessary expenses to keep your home looking good. painting is a identify partially of that, which leads to a legitimate question : How a lot does it cost to paint a house ? The national average for an inside house painting job is barely over $ 1,900 ( between $ 2 to $ 6 per squarely foot ), according to HomeAdvisor, while the national median for an exterior paint job is fair over $ 3,000 ( between $ 0.50 and $ 3.50 per square foot ). however, painting expenses can be adenine varied as the walls they cover. “ The price per square foot and the character of paint that should be used varies greatly depending on the size of the job, condition, airfoil being painted and location, ” explains Alison Bruce, aged selling director at PPG, a leading external paint and stain manufacturer.

What affects the cost to paint a house?

To understand how a lot it will cost to paint your house, start with the materials. According to HomeAdvisor, one gallon of paint can cost between $ 25 and $ 50, with some high-end brands costing $ 100 or more. One gallon will cover approximately 350 square feet. then, there ’ s the person doing the paint. british labour party costs make up the majority of a paint job : Expect to pay between 70 % to 85 % of your entire price for their services. last, as with most home improvement jobs, there ’ s your geographic location, and the differences in what goods and services cost there. For case, Homewyse estimates the entire price tag ( supplies, tug, and other costs ) for painting the outside of a 1,500-square-foot base in New York City a high as $ 7,410 ( $ 4.94 per square foot ) versus a maximum $ 5,419 ( $ 3.61 per square metrical foot ) for one in Indianapolis. James Michelli, a Louisiana-based sales example for Sherwin-Williams, adds that the type of home and detail involved in the job besides affect the price. “ For a basic specification home, price per square foot is around $ 2.75- $ 3 in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, sphere, ” he says. however, “ large customs homes with lots of peak and detail can range from $ 5- $ 7 per square foot. ”

Calculating the cost to paint a house

In general, outside paint jobs monetary value more than home paint jobs. partially of that is the paint itself : Paints recommended for the outside of the house can cost up to 25 % more per gallon than paints for the inside .

Cost to paint a house exterior

The average cost to paint a firm outside ranges from $ 1,900 to $ 6,900, according to HomeGuide datum. The hearty footage of the paintable sphere is one of the determining factors. For case, a 1,500 feather feet theater with a paintable size of 1,200 square feet could cost between $ 1,200 and $ 4,800. But a 3,000 square animal foot home with 2,500 square feet of paintable area could be between $ 2,500 and $ 10,000. A 5,000 square foot dwelling with a paintable area of 4,200 could run you vitamin a much as $ 16,000.

Different types of side can besides have a goodly affect on your final bill. here ’ s a dislocation on the price ranges of a property between 1,500 and 2,000 squarely feet :

Exterior finish Cost to paint
Metal/Aluminum $400-$3,500
Concrete $500-$2,000
Vinyl $600-$3,500
Wood $700-$3,000
Stucco $1,400-$6,500
Brick $3,500-$10,500

Cost to paint a house interior

The cost to paint a house inner varies by square footage, number of rooms, board type, room size and if ceilings, trim and texture are included. The average cost to paint the house inside, according to HomeGuide, is $ 1,200 to $ 3,900. Adding texture will tack on $ 0.50 to $ 1 per public square foot while ceilings will add on $ 1 to $ 2 per squarely foot. If you want the clean-cut painted, expect to pay an extra $ 1 to $ 4 per analogue foot. here ’ s a bare rule for budgeting for your inner painting supplies : The glossy you go, the more you ’ ll spend on the intersection. The post will besides impact how a lot you pay. For model, a gallon of Valspar flat will run between $ 15 to $ 55 while Benjamin Moore will cost anywhere from $ 43 to $ 80. Glidden satin paint will cost between $ 23 and $ 29 per gallon, but that same gallon from Behr will be $ 31 to $ 45. Bear in beware that professional painters can save you deoxyadenosine monophosphate much as 50 % off the dagger monetary value, if you buy through them .

How often should you repaint your house?

You might lock in your mortgage term for 30 years, but you can expect your painting needs to pop up more often. “ Generally, a homeowner should expect to repaint their home every seven years on the exterior. The department of the interior of the home may be able to go 10-plus years if a high-quality paint is used, ” explains Tom Ashley, Jr., president of the united states of Louisiana-based home contractor Expand Inc. and 2020 president of the National Association of Home Builders Remodelers Council. The outside material of your home, the type and quality of the paint you use and the weather all gene into how much you should repaint its exterior. The sunday can cause rouge to degrade faster, specially when you go with a cheaper quality paint. Flaking, desquamation, bubble, fade and semblance change are thoroughly indicators that it ’ second clock time to repaint your family.

How to save on house painting costs

  • Invest upfront. While it may be tempting to cut costs with cheaper paint, springing for a better brand can save you money in the long run. “If a high-quality paint is used from the beginning, they are generally more washable and look better longer,” Ashley says. “Therefore, the homeowner should not have to paint as soon.”
  • Keep it clean. Bruce says that it’s “important to properly care for and clean the walls in your space to keep the paint looking fresh.” However, she warns that some cleaning solutions can wind up creating bigger challenges. “Abrasive cleaners and sponges, like a Magic Eraser, remove paint and can leave a visible shiny spot behind,” she says.
  • Shop around. You compared different mortgage lenders to find the best offer to finance your home. Apply that same competitive attitude when you’re ready to give it a new look. You’re not just looking for the lowest price, though; you’re looking for the crew that will do the best job.
  • Do it yourself. If you don’t like any of the quotes you get, but do like spending time on a ladder, you can consider handling your painting needs on your own. HomeAdvisor estimates a DIY exterior painting job will run you between $400 and $1,800, plus under $300 worth of brushes, drop cloths and other supplies. For the interior, HomeAdvisor estimates you can pick up the paint and supplies you’ll need for one room for somewhere between $200 and $300.
  • Do it all at once. If you have an especially large home that requires extra attention to detail, you may be able to save by engaging the same painter to do both interior and exterior at the same time. For example, using designer paints for the interior of a three-story, 3,000-square-foot home with tall ceilings, your bill could be $10,000. Painting the exterior at the same time could tack on as much as $10,000 more. Though $20,000 can seem high to pay for painting, remember that exterior jobs usually cost more, so you’re actually saving money (as well as time) here.

How to pay house painting costs

If the cost of painting your home is besides expensive for you to stomach, you can consider taking out a personal loanword. These can be used for a range of home improvement needs. While you will pay concern, you can avoid watching your savings account dry up while the paint dries. You could besides consider a dwelling equity loan to help manage the costs of dressing up your property. fair be sure to understand if borrowing against your base is a fresh travel inaugural. The character of lend, the interest pace you get and your capacity to repay can help you determine whether a home plate equity loan is the best manner to finance a house painting job. Learn more: 

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