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Cost of Selling a House 2022

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What are the costs of selling a house?

The major costs of selling a house ( or seller shutting costs ) include the real estate commissions, legal fees, and sales tax on real estate commissions. These vary based on state, region, and your agent ’ s commission cost structure. You can save on the cost by selling your home FSBO. alberta bc manitoba New Brunswick newfoundland Nova Scotia ontario pei quebec saskatchewanOntario lake ontarioProvince lake ontarioTotal Commission Rate


Sold Price


Legal Fees You can expect to incur a value of $ 500 to $ 1500 on legal fees, which account for the homework and record of official documents .


sum shutting costs $ 29,000 You will receive $ 471,000 Closing Cost Breakdown bribe agent $ 12,500 Selling agentive role $ 12,500 Sales Tax on Agent Commissions $ 3,250

Legal Fees $ 750 uncertain about your mortgage prepayment ? Check my mortgage prepayment or discharge fee

What is real estate commission?

Real estate commissions are the fees that you pay to your very estate agent for their services. Your real estate agent works very hard to commercialize, stagecoach, and sell your home. In Canada, broadly the seller pays the perpetration to both the buyer and seller agents. The real estate commissions are first paid to a lawyer, who will then pay out the commissions to both the buyer and seller agents after the transaction for your family has been completed. As a seller, you can choose to self-list your family to avoid perpetration costs ; however, we advise that you should have some previous experience with real estate of the realm transactions. A one percentage agent charges a commission equally gloomy as 1 % and can help you save on commission .

Real Estate Commissions in British Columbia

province picprovince pic BC veridical estate committee is normally charged on a graduated scale. The committee rate on the first gear $100,000 of the final leverage price of the property is normally 3% to 4% while the commission rate on the remaining balance is 1% to 2% . For a $ 1M home, the commission would be $ 17,000. This is the total of the deputation on the first gear $ 100K of $ 3,500 and the committee on the remaining parcel of $ 13,500. The commission is typically split between the seller and buyer agents based on an agreed upon come. real estate of the realm commissions are negotiable and vary based on region. To get a cheeseparing appraisal of what you might be paying, select the region ( Greater Vancouver Area, Victoria Area, Fraser Valley, or Kelowna ) and refer to the conclusion Cost Breakdown, which will show the commissions for the buyer agent and seller agent. Check Agent Commission in British Columbia

Real Estate Commissions in Alberta

province picprovince pic The very estate commission in Alberta is besides calculated on a like graduated scale. The first gear $ 100,000 deputation rate starts at 7 % while the remaining parcel is typically charged at a rate of 3 % of the final purchase monetary value of the property. The commission is typically separate 50/50 between the seller and buyer agents. Check Agent Commission in Alberta

Real Estate Commissions in Ontario

province picprovince pic The aggregate veridical estate committee in Ontario normally ranges between 3.5 % to 5 % of the leverage price of the property. The buyer agent share of that aggregate commission is normally fixed at 2.5 % with the remaining 1 % to 2.5 % going to the seller agent. real estate of the realm commissions in Ontario are typically assignable and you can check real estate commissions that agents nearby you are charging. Check Agent Commission in Ontario

Real Estate Commissions in Saskatchewan

province picprovince pic Saskatchewan besides uses a calibrated perpetration scale for real estate of the realm commissions, exchangeable to Alberta and British Columbia. In Saskatchewan, there are two calibrate scales normally used to calculate real number estate commissions :

  1. 6% of the selling price for the first $100K, 4% for the second $100K, and 2% for the remaining portion of the selling price
  2. 7% for the first $100K and 3% for the remaining portion of the selling price

The real estate commissions charged are normally split 50/50 between buyer and seller agents. These commissions are besides typically assignable, so reach indisputable to check with your agentive role advance.

Real Estate Lawyer:

actual estate of the realm lawyer fees generally range between $ 500- $ 1000 but the actual cost you pay may vary. The calculator estimates lawyer fees to be around $ 750. Some of the services that your lawyer supply for you include :

  • Title Search: The seller lawyer must ensure that the seller closes any outstanding permits and agrees to pay any outstanding items from the proceeds of the sale of the house. If the buyer’s title search reveals any restrictions or easements, then the seller’s lawyer offers solutions to satisfy the buyer so that the transaction may proceed.
  • Letter of Direction: The seller lawyer will verify any mortgages and line of credit on the property and provide the buyer lawyer a Letter of Direction that states that any proceeds from the sale of the property will be used to pay off debt and taxes owing. Finally, the seller lawyer will verify the property tax information and provide it to the buyer lawyer.
  • Statement of Adjustments: The Statement of Adjustments is a list of the expenses owing or prepaid by the seller at the time of closing. This list includes items such as property taxes, parking permits, condominium fees, and more. For example, if the seller has already prepaid the parking permit for an entire year but the house is sold halfway through the year, then the buyer will be required to pay the balance for the second half of the year to the seller. The seller lawyer is required to verify the amount and term of all the items on the Statement of Adjustments.
  • Closing Date:On the closing date, the buyer lawyer will electronically transfer funds to the seller lawyer. The seller lawyer will confirm receipt of the funds and use them to pay outstanding mortgages and debts. Following, the seller lawyer will prepare a report and release the keys to the buyer lawyer. The seller lawyer will also deduct the cost of closing (such as lawyer fees and real estate commissions) and credit the final remaining balance to the seller. You can typically expect to collect these funds within 24 hours of closing.

Do you pay tax on real estate commissions?

Yes. In each province, the real estate of the realm commissions are submit to the sales taxes at the sales tax rate for each respective state. These are : The close cost calculator calculates the sales tax for the unite real estate commissions for both the buyer and seller agents.

Consider this Scenario: Bobby owns a $500K home in Ontario that he would like to sell. How much will he pay in cost of selling?

The real estate committee fee in Ontario is 5 %, or $ 25,000, with 2.5 % going to each agent. The sales tax in Ontario is 13 % of the real number estate of the realm commission tip, or $ 3,250. The legal fees are approximately $ 750. In total, Bobby will pay $ 29,000 in the monetary value of selling his base. Assuming he owns all of the equity in his base, he will receive $ 471,000 upon completion.

Consider this Scenario: Emma owns a $1M home in Vancouver that she would like to sell. How much will she pay in cost of selling?

The buyer agentive role real number estate commission is 3.255 % on the first $ 100K and 1.15 % on the remaining $ 900K in the Greater Vancouver Area, or $ 13,588. The seller agent commission is 3.875 % on the first $ 100K and 1.33 % on the remaining $ 900K, or $ 15,913. The sales tax in BC is 5 % of the real estate of the realm commission tip, or $ 1,475. The legal fees are approximately $ 750 .

For Sale by Owner:

There are many considerations to be mindful of if you choose to sell your family yourself ( For Sale By Owner/ FSBO ). The main advantage of selling your home by yourself is that you will be saving on the seller agent commission, which is one of the major close costs. The issues you should take bill of when self-listing your home include pricing/staging/marketing, proper legal disclosures, and buyer agent commission. When selling a house by yourself, you will need to marketplace and stage your base. This includes taking professional photograph of the interior of your home, listing your home on on-line list services, and setting up slots for open houses. You will besides need to price your home at a fairly market value by performing a relative commercialize analysis of the nearby real estate transactions in your vicinity. You should besides consider offering the buyer agent a deputation and signing an agreement stating the percentage tip or you run the hazard of buyer agents not showing the home to prospective buyers. ultimately, any hazards, pain, or risks associated with your property necessitate to be legally disclosed to the buyer before close.

As there are many considerations involved with For Sale by Owner, we recommend that you hire a actual estate agentive role unless you have experience with real estate of the realm transactions. Your agent will professionally stage and marketplace your home, and they will have access to a large network of potential buyers. substantial estate agents are besides feel negotiators in pricing and they are companion with the close process. ultimately, your seller agent will have insurance against errors and mistake omissions for legal disclosures. The calculators and contentedness on this page are provided for general information purposes merely. WOWA does not guarantee the accuracy of data shown and is not responsible for any consequences of the use of the calculator.

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