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My agent is saying that I have to pay cash one week before shutting, and that he will pay other persons who are involved. I am confused as to why brokers payment in progress and in cash.
A. A mortgage agent can obtain finance for a borrower to buy real estate from different sources. They can try to arrange the best deal, beyond just the concern rate, with banks, credit unions, faith companies and other lenders. By comparison, a mortgage specialist at a trust or similar fiscal institution may only be able to arrange a mortgage loan from that single initiation .
unlike provinces have unlike rules related to education and license requirements for brokers ; beware there are besides individual lenders who are not topic to the like regulation .
A mortgage specialist at a bank, credit union or faith company may be paid a wage, bonus, or commissions for arranging mortgages. Most or all of their compensation tends to come from the volume of mortgages they facilitate.

interim, a mortgage agent broadly gets paid a commission or finder ’ s tip from the lender for arranging a mortgage. A lender ’ s commission depends on the size of the mortgage, the length of the terminus and early factors. The commission may be paid upfront or it may be paid over the terminus of the mortgage, as a dawdler fee, or it may be paid in some combination. The fee may range from 0.5 % to 1 % of the mortgage, but could be lower or higher.

Some brokers may charge a agent fee to the borrower in addition to the perpetration they are paid from the lender. A broker tip is more common if the mortgage application is a complicate or unmanageable one .
ideally, borrowers should clarify right from the start what fees may apply, and a master mortgage broke should lay out their compensation and all conditions for you. You ’ ll want to suss out if there are conflicts of interest that lead mortgage brokers to send more of their business to a certain lender because of incentives that lender offers to the broke. This could mean they are not shopping around for the best deal for their borrower. Mind you, a mortgage specialist at a bank that alone offers their bank ’ south mortgages is not shopping round, either .
I think my biggest concerns for you, Adil, are the conditions of the broke tip. The request requital in advance of conclusion puts you in a unmanageable position. I can imagine you might be concerned about not paying up, and as a result not receiving the finance you need to close on the leverage. This would be an improbable and unfair consequence but could depend on your contract and the lender ( is it a fiscal initiation or is it a private person ? ). I would check out the terms of your mortgage agreement, as you may not be under an obligation to pay the agent fee in progress .

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