How Mobile Check Deposit Works

As engineering advances, banks often offer their customers a variety show of features designed to make deposit easier. many banks offer mobile banking, digital wallet payments, peer-to-peer payments, and more. And one popular feature—mobile bridle deposit—allows customers to deposit checks through the bank ‘s app without leaving home .

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What Is a fluid depository ?

mobile deposition is a way to deposit a check without physically going to the bank. By using a mobile device with a camera—such as a smartphone or a tablet—it ‘s easy to take a picture of the assay, which is then uploaded through the savings bank ‘s mobile app. Mobile deposits are normally cleared within a topic of days .

Steps for Making a Mobile Check Deposit

The methods for depositing a check may vary slenderly, depending on the fiscal initiation. however, the following steps much apply .

Download the Mobile Banking App

first, make certain your savings bank or credit union offers mobile check depository. If it does, the web site will frequently provide a download connection to the bank ‘s mobile app. Download the app onto a mobile device with a camera—Android, iPhone, and Windows devices are typically supported. Start from your bank ’ s web site to ensure that you get the legitimate app quite than an imposter .

Endorse Your Check

Include any endorsement required by your bank. A signature in the payee section at the top of the back of the check may be sufficient, but your bank may require a restrictive sanction that makes your intention clear .


One exercise of such an endorsement is “ For mobile lodge only to my [ name of fiscal initiation ] account. ” Some checks already contain the mobile sediment language on the back of the bridle, future to a checkbox ; by checking the box, you may not need to write it out. Skipping endorsement could lead to delays in getting your money, and you may need to endorse and re-deposit it .

insert Required data

Depending on your bank ’ s app, you may need to provide a bit of information about the hindrance during a mobile check deposition. This may include the amount of the check and the account in which you want to deposit the funds .

Take Photos

The app should guide you through the process of snapping photos of the check using your mobile device. You ’ ll need freestanding pictures of the front and back, along with your endorsement .


Some bank apps will mechanically take a photograph when the camera is positioned directly over the check. To ensure chip images, make certain that all four corners of the check are within the inning shown in the app .

Verify and Submit Your depository

The app will likely automatically read the numbers printed in magnetic ink on the bottom of the check and ask you to verify that they have recorded correctly. If everything looks good, submit your request .

Wait for Confirmation

Do n’t destroy the check immediately after depositing it, as the deposit may not have accepted it yet. many banks suggest keeping it for a certain period of time ; other banks recommend shredding the check a soon as it has cleared. Visit your bank ‘s web site to see what its recommendation is .

After you submit your deposit, you ’ ll normally get an e-mail confirming acknowledge, and you may receive another one informing you that the deposition was accepted. Verify that your bill balance reflects the deposit .


Until your check has been in full cleared, make a small scar on the check with a date to remind yourself that it has been deposited.

When Will Mobile Deposit Funds Be Available ?

After you deposit your check, you will likely have to wait until at least the future business day before all of the money is accessible. sometimes, banks will make a fortune available the lapp day but identify a carry on the remaining funds until a later date.

Mobile Check Deposit Restrictions

To reduce imposter, most banks set certain limits on deposits made with a mobile device. Learn more about the limitations normally placed on mobile deposits .

mobile Deposit Limits

There ’ sulfur normally a maximum sediment limit that applies per day or per calendar month, and there may besides be a limit on the number of checks you can deposit. The dollar specify varies from bank to bank, but you can often deposit respective thousand dollars per month.

You can normally view your sediment limits inside the app. For model, the Wells Fargo mobile app shows you your mobile deposit limit after you select an account and enter the hope sediment amount. Your specify may be raised if your report has been candid for several years without any problems .

Permitted Deposit Types

You may only be able to make standard deposits, which are checks made account payable directly to you, quite than those paid to person else but signed over to you. If a check is account payable to you deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as person else, there ’ sulfur a prospect you can however deposit it in your individual account—if both of you endorse it and it ’ s not a large sum of money .


Checks typically must be drawn on U.S. banks in U.S. currency. In addition, money orders are not always allowed.

Mobile Check Deposit Safety

Mobile check deposits are broadly safe, and they can even prevent certain methods of imposter. It becomes a lot hard for a condemnable to steal your discipline when you keep it with you and submit it for deposit cursorily .

reputable banks and credit unions use industry-standard encoding in their apps, so your explanation details should be condom. And check images and early data are not stored on your mobile device .

however, it ’ second best not to use public Wi-Fi for any sensitive information or anything requiring your bank password. It ‘s better to use a guarantee wired or radio connection—or your fluid earphone ’ s data connection—if you want to avoid sharing sensitive information .

frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

What do you do with a check after a mobile deposit?

After you make your lodge, write “ deposited ‘ on the front of the check, and attend on to it until you receive confirmation from the bank that the deposit has cleared. Once it clears, destroy the check to prevent any problems with person attempting to deposit the check a irregular time.

How do I cancel a mobile check deposit?

You may be able to cancel a mobile deposit, but it depends on your bank ‘s policies. Since the depository is typically accepted by the future commercial enterprise sidereal day, you may merely have a very restrict window in which to request a cancellation .

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