The Differences Between Medicare and Medicaid

The Differences Between Medicare and Medicaid

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The words “ Medicare ” and “ Medicaid ” are so much alike that it ’ s easy to get confused. To add to the confusion, both are politics programs that help people pay for health care. But that ’ s where the similarities end .

See below for more information about each program and how they compare.

What Is Medicare ? What Is Medicaid ?

Medicare is a federal broadcast broadly for people who are 65 or older or have a modification disability or checkup condition. Medicare Part A and Part B are provided by the federal politics, and Medicare Part C and Part D, while federally governed, are provided by private policy companies .

Medicaid is a state government program that helps pay health care costs for people with limited income and resources, and different programs exist for specific populations. Medicaid plans vary from state-to-state but surveil federal guidelines for benefits .

What Do Medicare and Medicaid Cover ?

Medicare Part A is hospital insurance and Part B is medical indemnity. Medicare Part D is prescription drug coverage, and Part C ( Medicare Advantage ) is an all-in-one coverage option that combines Parts A, B and D, a well as other benefits that may include items like alveolar consonant, imagination, seaworthiness and hearing. Medicare Part A and Part B coverage is standard, but Part C and Part D will vary based in terms of coverage provided depending on the plan, the insurance supplier and your localization .

Medicaid programs include federally mandated benefits and optional benefits. Each state of matter decides what optional benefits to include .

How much Does Medicaid Cost ? How much Does Medicare Cost ?

Both Medicare and Medicaid may include premiums, deductibles, copays and coinsurance. For Medicare, how much you pay will vary based on when you enroll, what coverage options you select and what health services and items you use throughout the year. For Medicaid, the sum you pay depends on your income and the rules in your specific submit. Additionally, some specific groups under Medicaid are exempt from many out-of-pocket costs .

There are besides four unlike Medicare Savings Programs, which are designed to help with the monetary value of Medicare. If you meet the conditions to qualify for one of these programs, you could get help paying for your Medicare premiums, and in some cases, besides get avail paying Medicare Part A and Part B deductibles, coinsurance and copayments .

Can You Have Both Medicare and Medicaid ?

Yes, some people can have both Medicare and Medicaid. People who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid are called “ dual eligible. ” If you qualify and choose to enroll in both programs, the two can work together to help cover most of your health care costs. You may besides be eligible for a special kind of Medicare Advantage plan called a Dual Special Needs Plan. You can learn more about being dual eligible and how Medicare coverage can work for you here .

Video transcript

Upbeat music plays as the UnitedHealthcare logo becomes ribbons that pounce across the screen. A textbook bubble pops up .

ON SCREEN TEXT : double Special Needs Plans

ON SCREEN TEXT : Medicare Conversations

A document with D-SNP printed at the top appears .

ON SCREEN TEXT : What is a double Special Needs Plan ( D-SNP ) ?

A dark-haired womanhood sits in a chair. Text appears in a blue banner at the bottom of the frame .

ON SCREEN TEXT : Holly Martin Dual Special Needs expert

HOLLY MARTIN : Hello everyone ! I ’ thousand Holly Martin. And over the stopping point several years, I have worked on bringing department of education and awareness to Dual Special Needs Plans .

The D-SNP plane appears against a ashen setting, labelled “ What they are. ” A blow up glass appears next to it, labelled “ Why they are different. ”

holly : We ’ rhenium gon na take about what Dual Special Needs plans are. We ’ rhenium gon na talk about why they ’ re different, they ’ re a different type of Medicare advantage plan .

An picture of a man appears and is labelled “ Who is eligible. ”

holly : And we ’ rhenium gon na talk about who is eligible for them and what to know about whether or not a dual Special Needs plan might be right for you, or person you love .

We return to Holly .
holly : So let ’ s go ahead and get started .

A hand holding two MEDICARE cards appears beside textbook against a blue background .

ON SCREEN TEXT : What is double eligibility ?

holly : So let ’ s talk a little bite more on what it means to be double eligible .

Two cards, labelled Medicare and Medicaid appear against a white background .

holly : Dual eligible merely means that you are both Medicare eligible and Medicaid eligible .

The Medicaid menu is pushed aside, and a cake labelled 65 plus appears on the forget english of the blind. It is followed by “ Or ” and a wheelchair icon labelled eighteen asset .

holly : On the Medicare slope that means you could have reached the charming long time of sixty-five, or that you could have a modify disability at ages eighteen years all the way up to age sixty-four .

The Medicaid card takes up the forget side of the screen. On the good, a wallet appears, labelled income. A line goes through it, and text appears .

ON SCREEN TEXT : Poverty level

holly : To qualify for Medicaid, it merely means that your income is below the federal poverty flat. And that act actually varies by state .

Text appears beside a calendar .

ON SCREEN TEXT : When would I enroll ?

textbook appears against a egg white background .

ON SCREEN TEXT : Being dual eligible allows you to enroll throughout the year

textbook appears at the crown of the skeleton against a white background .

ON SCREEN TEXT : initial Enrollment Period

Below it, a cake with the months of the year appears, with a checkmark above June. Text appears below the legal profession .

ON SCREEN TEXT : so, you can enroll when you first become eligible for Medicare .

New text appears above the bar .

ON SCREEN TEXT : special Enrollment Period

Three checkmarks appear over February, April, and August. New textbook appears at the penetrate .

ON SCREEN TEXT : once per quarter for the beginning three quarters of the year or during the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period, which is the last quarter of the year .

New textbook appears above the bar .

ON SCREEN TEXT : annual Enrollment Period

The browning automatic rifle highlights the part at the end between October and December. A check set appears above November. text appears at the bottom .
A overstate glass appears adjacent to white text against a gloomy background .

ON SCREEN TEXT : What is a double Special Needs Plan?

holly : So what is a double special needs plan ?

The D-NSP sheet appears below text on the leave side of the frame .

ON SCREEN TEXT : Medicare Advantage plan

The Medicare and Medicaid cards appear next to it from the proper, with two lines connecting them to the sail .

holly : A “ D-snip ” plan is just a particular kind of Medicare Advantage design that is there for those that have both Medicare and Medicaid eligibility .

A pill bottle labelled Part-D enters the frame .

holly : And that Special Medicare Advantage design takes your Medicare, your Medicaid and your Part D needs and puts them all together in one box to provide you with an overall healthcare have .

A sheet of paper with D-SNP labelled three times unspools future to text against a blue background .

ON SCREEN TEXT : Are all Dual Special Needs Plans the same ?

holly : A double special needs plan is a Medicare Advantage plan .

Three icons appear. One is of a dollar beak labelled “ Costs. ” The adjacent is a star labelled “ Benefits. ” And the third base is a checkmark labelled “ Coverage. ”

holly : And just like all Medicare Advantage plans, the costs, the benefits, and the coverage are going to vary based on who is providing that design .

A blow up glass enhances on the D-SNP sheet over a blue background. Text appears following to it .

ON SCREEN TEXT : How are double Special Needs Plans unique ?

holly : dual especial needs plans are alone in that they provide extra benefits .

The Medicare and Medicaid cards chute on screen following to a full moon pill bottle labelled Part D. A star topology picture slides on screen next to them labelled “ special Benefits. ”

holly : thus along with providing you your Medicare, your Medicaid and your Part D coverage, they besides offer you extra benefits that help you utilize that healthcare coverage .

A stethoscope icon appears with a car drive along on it. At the conclusion is a address pivot with textbook above it .

ON SCREEN TEXT : transportation system .

holly : Things like fare, to make sure that you get to your doctor visit safely and on time .

The frame is divided into four quadrants. The exile pin moves to the top leave. On the top correct, a couple of glasses labelled “ Vision ” appears. A toothbrush labelled “ Dental ” is in the bottom left, and a collection of Vitamins and creams in the bottom correct is labelled “ OTC credits. ”

holly : They can besides be things like dental and vision coverage. Or possibly credits to help you purchase over-the-counter products .

A piglet trust appears adjacent to text against a blue background .

ON SCREEN TEXT : Are there any costs with D-SNP plans ?

holly : “ D-SNP ” plans typically come at no extra cost to you. however the costs of a D-SNP plan are going to depend on your Medicaid eligibility levels .

The Medicare and Medicaid cards appear against a blue backdrop, along with a pill bottle labelled Part D .

A zero dollars pronounce appears over each icon .

holly : so justly now for case, if you ’ re not paying anything for your Medicare, and your Medicaid, and your Part D, what ’ s so great about a D-SNP design is you can join that plan, you won ’ t lose any of those benefits that you presently have .

The icons converge and turn into a D-SNP sheet, besides labelled zero dollars .

holly : And you won ’ metric ton pay up any more to be aside of a D-SNP plan and gain all of the extra benefits we just talked about, equally well as that coordination of caution .

Text appears adjacent to a light bulb against a blue backdrop .

ON SCREEN TEXT : What if I however have questions ?

holly : so, we ’ ve learned a little bite about Dual Special Needs Plans today, and if you ’ d like to learn even more, visit us online. Thanks for watching .


ON SCREEN TEXT : Medicare Made net bring to you by UnitedHealthcare

A blue u-shaped logo appears against a white setting, followed by text .

ON SCREEN TEXT : UnitedHealthcare®

Faint text sits at the buttocks of the screen .
ON SCREEN TEXT : ©2021 United HealthCare Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Medicare Made Clear® by UnitedHealthcare®


Learn More About Dual Eligible Plans

Understand if you ‘re eligible for a double plan, and find the plan that may be a dependable fit for your needs .

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How to get Medicare

To get Medicare Part A and Part B, you ’ ll need to enroll with Social Security directly. The exception to this convention is if you are receiving Social Security or Railroad Retirement Board benefits when you become eligible for Medicare, broadly at historic period 65. In this subject, you ’ ll be mechanically enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B. To get Medicare Part C or Part D, you ’ ll necessitate to enroll directly with the private insurance company providing the plan you want .

How to get Medicaid

eligibility for Medicaid depends on the rules in your state. To see if you qualify, and to begin registration, contact your State Medical Assistance ( Medicaid ) office. You can visit to find a local office and learn more about Medicaid eligibility and registration .

Medicare and Medicaid are two very different health caution programs, so it ’ south important to understand the differences between them, and if you ’ rhenium double eligible, how they can work together to your benefit .

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