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Marriott Bonvoy offers its commitment program members two ways of booking free nox awards : with Bonvoy points or with free night awards. Points can be accumulated by staying at Marriott properties and by making purchases on co-branded recognition cards. Most exempt night awards come from holding and renewing Marriott credit rating cards issued by American Express and Chase. here are some tips on how to get and how to use a Marriott certificate.

What types of Marriott free night awards are available?

Marriott dislodge nox awards range in measure, and that value depends on the method acting with which you earned it. Marriott certificates are worth the pursue number of Bonvoy points : If you even hold the Chase Marriott Bonvoy Premier card ( no longer available to fresh applicants ), then you receive a free night award with Marriott worth up to 25,000 Bonvoy points every year you renew the card.

Holding and renewing the following credit cards earns you a certificate worth up to 35,000 Marriott points :

  • The Marriott Bonvoy Boundless® Credit Card .
  • The Marriott Bonvoy™ Premier Plus Business card .
  • The Marriott Bonvoy American Express® Card ( not available to newfangled applicants ) .
  • The Marriott Bonvoy Business™ American Express® Card .

It ’ south besides possible to receive a free nox prize worth up to 35,000 Marriott points by outgo at least $ 60,000 on the Marriott Bonvoy Business™ American Express® Card or the Marriott Bonvoy™ Premier Plus Business Card during the calendar year. Terms apply. If you have the Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant™ American Express® Card or the Ritz-Carlton Rewards Card ( not available for applications ), you earn a spare night award worth up to 50,000 Bonvoy points every year after your menu renewal calendar month. Terms apply. Some credit cards, such as the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless® Credit Card, offer spare nights worth up to a certain value in points — three nights worth astir to 50,000 points in this casing — as a welcome bonus. And last, every calendar year you reach 50 elect nights and then again when you reach 75 nights with Marriott Bonvoy, you ’ re eligible to pick an annual Choice Benefit. A barren nox award worth up to 40,000 points is available as one of the selections when you reach 75 qualifying nights.

Where to find your Marriott free night award

If you have any Marriott exempt night awards available for habit, you ’ ll find them in your account under “ Activity. ” Each security displays its value and exhalation date, which is one year after it ’ randomness issued. other than during the coronavirus pandemic, certificates can ’ thymine be extended beyond their passing date and must be redeemed and have a stay completed before that date. release nox awards don ’ thyroxine post immediately upon accredit calling card reclamation. Allow up to 12 weeks for the certificate to be available for redemption through your Bonvoy account.

How to use a Marriott certificate

To use a Marriott certificate for a spare night, begin searching among the hotel ‘s 7,000 properties. Zero-in on those hotels ‘ whose price in points does n’t exceed the value of your absolve nox security ( 35,000 or 50,000 ). It ’ s not possible to apply certificates toward a higher-priced board and cover the difference with points. Your unblock nox must not exceed the security ’ s rate. When searching, know that seasonality is taken into score when pricing out hotel rooms.

Finding the Marriott that’s best for you

Marriott has a handy tool to help you narrow down your search by selecting the celibate, the state you ’ d like to travel to and the act of points required to koran an award night . For example, Germany features more than 30 Marriott properties where a standard room goes for 35,000 points. Narrow down your search far by selecting your preferable location/city and the dates by clicking on “ View handiness. ” Because it ’ s possible that a room at any of these hotels can be priced at extremum rates of 40,000 points, keep searching for handiness until you find hotels that can be booked with certificates. once you select your hotel and the phone number of nights, you should see how many certificates are eligible to be redeemed for free nights at your selected property.

Select which certificates you want to use and how many, and you ’ ll see them apply to your reservation in the drumhead of charges . It ’ s possible to mix and match paid stays and free nights on one reservation. If your quell is longer than the number of certificates you have, simply pay the stay of the bill with your credit card or Marriott points and complete your book.

Nerdy tip:

You can’t redeem a Marriott certificate for another guest. You have to be staying in the room to use the certificates issued under your name.

How to get maximum value from Marriott free night awards

Because each certificate ’ sulfur prize is limited to a particular point evaluation, you want to make sure you book a hotel the uses close to if not all of the full amount of points. For example, the best bang for your buck for 35,000-point certificates will be at hotels that cost 35,000 points per night. It besides helps to consider how much the certificate costs you to acquire. Because recognition cards that come with rid night awards charge annual fees, you ’ rhenium paying anywhere between $ 85 to $ 450 to earn these certificates. Try to redeem them at hotels whose nightly rates exceed the membership fees you pay. For example, you get a free night award worth up to 35,000 points with the Marriott Bonvoy Business™ American Express® Card, which has an annual tip of $ 125 ( see rates and fees ). If you redeem the absolve night at a hotel that costs $ 350 per night including taxes, you offset the annual fee and get two to three times the value back. Terms apply . Another great manner to use Marriott certificates is to extend a vacation you koran with either cash or points. Whenever you redeem enough Bonvoy points to stay five straight nights at one hotel, you get the one-fifth night rid. therefore, one of the ways to get utmost prize from your Marriott certificates is to use them to add one or two nights to your five-night booking. With this method, you can get a weeklong stay paid by rewards.

Nerdy tip:

Marriott free night awards don’t qualify for a fifth night free promotion, which means you can’t redeem four certificates and book five nights. The promo applies to stays booked with Bonvoy points only.

The bottom line

free night awards that come as a honor for keeping certain credit cards every class make paying annual fees easier to swallow. Marriott certificates do have some restrictions, but they can come in handy for a ski weekend, a road trip to a national ballpark or an overnight stop in an upscale hotel in Europe. a long as you redeem Marriott certificates for rooms whose nightly rates are high on your travel dates and offset the fees, you come out on top. To view rates and fees of the Marriott Bonvoy Business™ American Express® Card, see this page. To view rates and fees of the Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant™ American Express® Card, see this page.

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