How To Upgrade Card? – Wealth Quint ’ s card was once known as the MCO Rewards Visa. It is a good reward card targeted at cryptocurrency owners looking for the easiest way to access their crypto investments and turn them into available currency .

Before the second coming of crypto requital cards, crypto investors were challenged to access their funds for custom.

These days the presentation of this smart card has made life easier for everyone, specially cryptocurrency owners .

They can run their transaction with a throw of a finger without difficulty or fear of losing money. The poster enables users to load their crypto funds to their cards and change them into the decree currentness of their choice . Smart Card

A smart card ( circumscribed to CRO token owners ) has special features like a metallic appearance, beautiful craft, CRO rewards to holders, airport sofa access, and many more to save App users a draw of money !
While commercial banks charge their customers hundreds of dollars per annum for alloy cards, offers them to their CRO token holders without any charges, no monthly fee, no annual tip, no embark fee, or a apparatus fee . is wholly free ! The exploiter ’ s only duty is to own CRO tokens and pledge them for 180 days only .
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How to Apply for a Card?

Steps for Applying for Smart Card:

step 1: Register for Smart Card

enroll in the smart Card by downloading the mobile app and completing the “ know your customer solution ( KYC ). ”

footfall 2 : Apply for the Smat Card

once you ’ ve downloaded the App and completed the KYC. immediately, go to the “ Card ” interface located at the lower right field corner of the mobile app .
After that, select your best card tier and bet the respective comparison of the CRO .
Here are 3 steps you should follow to this;

a. Accept their Terms & Conditions
b-complex vitamin. see you have adequate CRO in your wallet to post for 180 days .
c. Submit & confirm the address of manner of speaking .

gradation 3: Shipping and Receiving

When your smart circuit board is ready, the drug user will be notified to update the App and interest CRO if he has not done that .
The wag condition will be revamped in your app once all of the above steps are met, and then the wag is being shipped .
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How to Upgrade Card?

Steps to upgrade your Smart Card:

step 1: Confirm Enough CRO in the App

first, ensure you have available USD 5000 worth of CRO. If you don ’ t have it, make surely you top up to reach it .

step 2: Upgrade Betted CRO Amount

Go to the CRO Wallet in the app, pat on ascent and follow the steps .
After upgrading your stake, the App will show you a page asking you if you want to upgrade your wag immediately. You can choose to skip that or land to chat with customer service confirm .

footstep 3: Top Up Your Smart Card to Pay for the Upgrade

Reissuing a raw card involves paying a tip of USD 50. so go ahead and top up your bright card balance first base .

The final upgrade requires some manual activities from the customer service, so liaison them via the chat push button on the crown right corner of the app. Please choose your options on the drop-down menu and delay for their answer .

eminence that the old card will be banned during the upgrade process ; funds remaining in your wallet will be transferred into the raw circuit board .

Reasons for Upgrading Card ?

There are several reasons why card users want to upgrade their cards. Among many are ;

  • To unlock their $25 worth of CRO bonus on registration.
  • To enjoy 10% betting interest on the staked CRO.
  • To earn greater interest on the periodic deposits with ‘Crypto Earn.’ and get higher CRO cashback percentages with their spending on the smart card etc.

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As stated earlier, reprinting a new batting order for users who want to upgrade their cards costs a military service fee of USD 50. This feature is entirely available for users whose address has been reviewed. If your provided address proof is even on review, please expect to complete it before the upgrade . Upgrade Time

For cardholders, it is recommended that you wait for 7-15 business days from the day your request was approved to receive a newfangled wag . Replacement Card

You can lose or damage your fresh card. When this happens, you can request for card successor .

first, please freeze your chic wag in the app and immediately contact the customer support team via the chat icon on the app or send an electronic mail to contact @ .
When this is approved, a replacement wag will be issued, and a service fee of USD 50 may apply .
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Every card has its limit, sol does the fresh circuit board besides. The wag levels involve all the card limits such as the exchange rate of interbank, free transaction of ATM coitus interruptus, and top-up .

You may check for the fees by visiting the Settings in the Fees & Limits on the app .
The fees and limits according to the batting order types have different ranges like the lowest limits for midnight Blue and the highest for the Obsidian. Therefore, be careful when checking the correct card grade .

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned details are given to help you know how you shall apply or upgrade for a calling card .
You can take help oneself from ’ randomness customer accompaniment if you are not able to get anything .
finally, you can start taking advantage of the unlike types of cards provided by .

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