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How do I enroll my Regions card in Regions LockIt® ?
No registration is necessary. Regions LockIt is available through the Regions Mobile Banking App and in Online Banking on all personal credit cards, CheckCards and postpaid now cards and ATM cards. LockIt is not presently available on business cards .
How can I start using LockIt from my mobile device ?
In the Regions Mobile App, there are two ways to access LockIt.

  1. From the main menu, select Services. Choose Regions LockIt and the card you want to manage.
  2. Or, from the Accounts menu, select the account. You can easily access Regions LockIt in Account Details.

How can I start using LockIt through Regions Online Banking ?
To access LockIt through Regions Online Banking, log in and blue-ribbon Manage Regions LockIt from the “ I Want To ” dropdown menu on the top correct corner of your splashboard. You can besides access LockIt controls by selecting the Customer Service tab and then Regions LockIt under Card Services .
Can I lock a control on my Regions Mobile App and unlock it through Online Banking ( and frailty versa ) ?
You can use Regions LockIt on both your mobile app and in Online Banking to lock or unlock circuit board controls .
Regardless of which method acting you use to lock or unlock a control :

  • It’s effective immediately and will be reflected on both the mobile app and in Online Banking
  • Any blocked transactions are listed on the Blocked Transactions tab on both the mobile app and in Online Banking

We may send you an e-mail each meter we block a transaction. There is no set up necessity .
How do I set up LockIt alerts on my mobile device ?
If you ’ ll be using Regions LockIt on your Mobile App, make certain to set up LockIt Alerts through the Manage Alerts pill. You can besides manage and view these notifications from the Settings menu in the Notification Center. Choose the contact method acting you prefer, such as push, text, or electronic mail to get notifications about declined transactions delivered right to your mobile device .
note : if you have not registered a fluid device for alerts, you will need to complete this step first .
Why/when should I use LockIt ?
Using Regions LockIt card controls can help reduce the risk of unauthorized use of your cards. Select the level of control required to block the transactions you need for your particular situation — for model, if you suspect fraud, misplace your wag or just want to manage how and where a card is used.

What happens when I lock a control ?
You will not be able to use your wag for the type of transactions blocked by that control .
What happens when I unlock a master ?
The types of transactions covered by that control will not be blocked unless you have locked another control that will block them .
How quickly will a manipulate lock/unlock work ?
a soon as you lock/unlock a manipulate, all new transactions covered by that restraint will be immediately blocked/unblocked .
What if I don ’ thyroxine have my mobile device and want to lock/unlock a operate ?
You can log in to Regions Online Banking to manage LockIt controls, or call us at 1-800-REGIONS ( 1-800-734-4667 ) for aid .
Will locking the All Transactions control stop monthly beak payments mechanically drafted from my explanation ?
While it can prevent fresh charges, don ’ thyroxine worry that LockIt will block all automated transactions on your wag. We will hush process those that you have set up as recurring subscriptions, bill payments, overdraft protection or credits to your account .
Can I placid use my card at an ATM if I lock the ATM transactions control ?

You can still use your poster at an ATM to :

  • Make a deposit to your checking account
  • Load funds to your Now Card
  • Cash checks
  • Make payments (including transfers from your deposit accounts to your credit accounts)
  • Check account balances
  • View/print account mini statements

Why wo n’t LockIt block card transactions when criterion authority systems are not used or unavailable ?
“ standard mandate systems ” refers to the network systems that are used to obtain actual mandate from issuers for tease transactions. LockIt will not stop circuit board transactions that are not processed through these systems, such as :

  • When these systems are down and transactions are processed through alternative authorization solutions.
  • When a merchant chooses not to get authorization.
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