THIS is how to close a Fidelity account (with easy steps) [2022]

Updated on May 16, 2022

Fidelity is great for people who are looking to open their own investment accounts and use different fiscal instruments and services. But at some point in time, you may decide that Fidelity doesn ’ triiodothyronine satisfy your needs anymore, or that you don ’ metric ton want to make any early investments. In that site, you might be thinking about closing the explanation, but you might not know how to do it or which method to use. well, this article will help you out in that esteem .

How to Close a Fidelity Account

Knowing how to close a Fidelity bill is crucial so that you can successfully put an end to your operations with this platform. There are two main ways you can initiate an report ending, and each one of them has different steps that you should take .

Closing a Fidelity Account by Phone

One way to close your Fidelity account is by telephone. Make sure that before you start the process, you gather all the necessary paperwork so everything can proceed smoothly .

Find the Fidelity Customer Service Number

You should first search for the telephone count provided by Fidelity for your bill. Check out your report statements. The count should be printed on these documents. In the event that you do not have any account statements to look through, you can check out the Fidelity web site. There will be some Fidelity contact earphone numbers that you can use.

Call Fidelity Customer Service

immediately, it ’ s time to give customer service a birdcall. Use the right telephone count to do this .

Request to Have Your Fidelity Account Closed

You are in reach with customer service now, thus tell them that you wish to close your account. besides, you should let them know what type of account you want to close. The team will ask for sealed information so they can confirm your identity. This information will include your earphone number, account number, address, and the last 4 digits of the Social Security number .

Record the Details of Your Call for Reference

Make certain to write down the demand date and time of the phone name you are having with the Fidelity customer service. besides, it is important to write down the list of the Fidelity representative you are talking to. Any fees you are charged for the blockage should besides be written down. This summarize will be deducted from your account a long as you have funds. In the end, the representative will tell you when you will receive a requital for the amount left after the charges .

Closing a Fidelity Account by Mail

You can besides close your Fidelity bill by mail. once again, you need to make indisputable your paperwork is adjacent to you when initiating the procedure .

Find the Fidelity Contact Addresses on Your Account

The first thing you should do is look over the account paperwork and find the Fidelity contact address. normally, it is listed there. If it isn ’ metric ton there, though, you can check out Fidelity ’ s web site as they have a mailing address there. Keep in mind that addresses will differ based on the history type, so choose the right address from the list .

Write a Request to Close Your Account

Start writing a letter where you mention what Fidelity account you wish to close. Give them proper identifying data, like the report number, the date the report was opened, arsenic well as your telephone number and all the people you had listed on the explanation .

Mail Your Letter Using Certified Mail

now it is time to send your letter to Fidelity. Send them the letter along with a shape of ratification like certified mail. If you want proof of manner of speaking, you can besides ask for a signature .

Wait for Your Account Closure Confirmation

last, you fair have to wait until Fidelity confirms that your account is closed. There is the possibility of being charged a tip when your report is closed. Don ’ thymine worry – a affirmation specifying the fee sum will be sent to you. then, Fidelity is going to send you a payment for any money you have left in your report at the time of the closure .

How to Close a Fidelity Account for a Person Who Had Died

If you were assigned to close person ’ sulfur account in shell they pass away, you need to take the correctly steps. here is how the report closure march is initiated .
Tell Fidelity About the Person’s Passing
initially, you should let Fidelity know that the account holder passed off. There is a page on the Fidelity web site made for this aim, asking about information that will let them know what happened. Since you may be going through adversity after the death of the loved one, you may not start the closure process immediately. Luckily, Fidelity can hush limit the report ’ randomness bodily process so you can resume the process late. You equitable need to give them some data beginning, which includes the diagnose, date of birth, date of death, and the Social Security number .
Get All the Right Documents
Before any assets are distributed, Fidelity will need specific documents. One document is the death certificate of the explanation holder. If there were any end-of-life services offered to the deceased individual by a funeral base, then you can talk to the funeral conductor. They can provide you with death security certified copies. however, you can besides obtain these copies from the state ’ s vital records in the event you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get them from the funeral conductor .
Another thing you may need is a letter of testamentary, which is something you should have if you are the executor for the estate of the die person. The document proves that you have the legal right to operate and make arrangements on behalf of the person who died. meanwhile, if the will of the person who passed mentions you as the executor, you will have to go to probate woo and file the will. The pronounce can then issue the letter of testamentary .
You don ’ thyroxine need this letter if you are the lineal beneficiary and not the executor, though.

Get in Contact with Fidelity Again
When you are ready to continue the work and you have all the documents ready, you should contact Fidelity. You can request a meet with a representative after you submit the death certificate on their web site. The letter of testamentary can besides be submitted now if you are the executor .
If you ’ re the executor, then you will have to let Fidelity know where the funds of the asleep should go. If you are the beneficiary, then you will have to give Fidelity the bill details of the deceased. Some account types can be transferred to your bank report, and no penalty will apply. But assets such as retirement accounts will lead to tax repercussions, so you may have to talk to Fidelity and find a solution .

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The Bottom Line

Closing a Fidelity account may take a while but following the right steps should make things proceed smoothly. Choose the right method acting to close your account, have all your paperwork ready and start the blockage operation as instructed in this article .

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