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You ‘re thinking about switching to Consumer Cellular to save money on your cell earphone beak. Switching carriers can seem like a daunting task, specially if you ‘ve never done it before. In this article, I ‘ll show you how you can save money when you switch to Consumer Cellular !

Why Switch To Consumer Cellular?

There are a distribute reasons to consider switching to Consumer Cellular. Consumer Cellular is an AT & T and T-Mobile MVNO, meaning that subscribers have coverage on two of the best countrywide networks. Check out our coverage maps to see if your coverage would improve by switching to Consumer Cellular .
Consumer Cellular offers a wide variety show of plans with varying amounts of cellular data. If you ‘re paying for cellular data you do n’t use, you may want to consider switching to a Consumer Cellular with a lower monthly data allotment. You ‘ll probably save money when you do !
We reviewed the best cell phone plans for seniors and found that Consumer Cellular ‘s Connect plans are some of the best out there. You can even get great membership benefits through AARP !

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Choose A Consumer Cellular Plan

Consumer Cellular ‘s Connect plans fit a range of different needs. The best design for you will credibly depend on how much data you use each calendar month .
We recommend choosing the 3 GB plan if you do n’t travel a lot or do n’t use a lot of data each month. With free Wi-Fi available about everywhere, 3 GB will be enough for most people to make it through the month .
We besides powerfully recommend paying the extra $ 5 / calendar month for inexhaustible minutes. 250 minutes is just not enough, unless you plan to only use your cell telephone in case of emergencies .

Check To Make Sure Your Phone Is Carrier Unlocked

If you plan on bringing your own phone when you switch to Consumer Cellular, make sure it is aircraft carrier unlock. You ‘ll have to check with your current aircraft carrier to see if you can get it unlock if it is n’t already .
Before you can unlock your telephone, most carriers require you to fulfill a few requirements, such as making sure all your fees and contracts are paid in full and that you ‘ve been using their service for a certain sum of time .
occasionally, carriers will mechanically unlock your call once it becomes eligible. however, you may have to specifically request the unlock. Try contacting your radio receiver carrier wave ‘s customer support to see if they will unlock your phone .

Is My Phone Compatible With Consumer Cellular?

flush if your call is carrier unlock, it ‘s possible that it may not work on Consumer Cellular ‘s network. Consumer Cellular is a GSM carrier wave, so if your previous carrier used T-Mobile or AT & T ‘s network, your phone is probably compatible. however, it may not be compatible if your phone can entirely use CDMA engineering, which is sometimes used by Verizon .
You can use this connectivity engineering creature to check if your phone uses CDMA or GSM technology. You ‘ll have to find your telephone ‘s international mobile equipment identity ( IMEI ) number to use the creature. You can find your earphone ‘s IMEI act by dialing # 06 # or looking within its Settings app .

Find An IMEI On Android

Swipe gloomy from the clear of the screen and tap the gear to open Settings. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the list. Tap About phone. Your phone’s 15-digit IMEI total can be found next to IMEI .
How to find IMEI on Android

Find An IMEI On iPhone

You can find your iPhone ‘s IMEI by going to Settings -> General -> About.

check imei on iphone

Need A New Phone?

Consumer Cellular has many great options if you ‘re looking to get a raw call when you switch. Consumer Cellular directly sells many of the best smartphones on the grocery store, including the iPhone 12, iPhone SE 2, and Samsung Galaxy S20 FE .

When Should I Switch To Consumer Cellular?

Do n’t switch to Consumer Cellular until you ‘ve paid off any contracts you might have with your current aircraft carrier. If you switch before your contract expires, you may have to pay early on result fees .
We besides recommend waiting until the end of your monthly bill period, if possible. otherwise, you may wind up paying for two cell telephone plans at the same prison term !

How To Activate A Phone On Consumer Cellular

Make indisputable you have a Consumer Cellular Connect design before activating your telephone .
consumer cellular All in one sim cardConsumer Cellular Activation Code Enter Your Activation Code Consumer Cellular



  1. Order an All-in-One SIM Card or a new phone from Consumer Cellular.
  2. Find the activation number next to the QR code on the back of the box the SIM card or new phone comes in.
  3. Navigate to Consumer Cellular’s activation webpage.
  4. Type the activation code into the box.
  5. Click Activate. 

Keep Your Phone Number

If you want to keep your phone total when you switch to Consumer Cellular, do n’t cancel your old design until you get the number transferred. You can request a detached SIM card from Consumer Cellular when you purchase a design to get your number transferred. You ‘ll have to follow Consumer Cellular ‘s directions and provide them with some data about your current aircraft carrier to keep your phone numeral when you switch .

You’ve Switched To Consumer Cellular!

You ‘re now ready to switch over to Consumer Cellular. Get fix to save money and get better service and coverage ! Leave a gossip down below if you have any other questions about how to switch to Consumer Cellular .

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