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welcome ! We ’ re excited to be your investing collaborator as you take mission of your fiscal future. Through this short television, you ’ ll get a sense of what to expect when opening a Vanguard explanation. There ’ south no cost to open an score, so let ’ s suffer started .
first, chatter Open an Account at the top of the page. From hera you ’ ll choice Start your new report .
We ’ ll assume you ’ re using your bank to make your initial investment. You can besides rollover or transfer investments from another caller .
If you ’ re not already a Vanguard client, blue-ribbon No, I’m new here.

here ’ s a look at the serve and the things you ’ ll indigence to get started. The march will take about 5 to 10 minutes. once your money reaches your new account, you can start induct .
You ’ ll begin by selecting your finish and a related score character .
You can always reference the frequently asked questions on the foliate .
Your report will act as a container for the investments you ’ ll choose later—such as index funds, stocks, or ETFs .
For this exemplar, let ’ s select a general invest brokerage account for one person .
following, you ’ ll provide your personal information. You can be confident that Vanguard uses a number of security measures to keep your data dependable .
Review your details for accuracy. You ’ ll then create a username and password. In addition, you ’ ll agree to web terms and paperless documents. You ’ ll besides set up your security questions.

adjacent, you ’ ll add the bank bill you ’ ll function for transactions. All new accounts require a bank-on-file. Select your trust from a list of democratic banks, or research for it manually by identify. You may see early banks with like names, so be certain to select the chastise one. If you ’ re unable to log in to your bank, you can add your bank manually .
After logging into your bank, blue-ribbon which checking or savings account you ’ d like to use. You can add more accounts later .
adjacent, choose if you want to transfer money from your bank now or later. As a reminder, there ’ s no cost to open an account ; however, some fiscal products require a minimum amount .
To fund your history now, enter the dollar come of your initial transfer .
In the future step, you ’ ll insert your employment information. Certain occupations may have extra rules and regulations .
On the future few pages, you ’ ll answer some concluding questions which are required for all new brokerage accounts .
Your answers won ’ t affect what products you can invest in, and you can update them at any clock time.

once you review your information and accept our agreements, you ’ ll receive a confirmation .
Congratulations ! Your first investment will go into a money grocery store settlement fund that comes with your score. You ’ ll then use this money to purchase investments .
We look forth to helping you achieve your fiscal goals !

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