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so, your product has been delivered by your supplier, you ’ ve got the product description and listing set, and you ’ re fix to ship your product off to Amazon FBA. What steps do you need to take to ship products to Amazon FBA, and what tools can you use to make the process easier ?

Shipping to FBA, Step-by-Step

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want to sell your product entirely through FBA ( Fulfilled by Amazon ), or if you want to sell it both FBA and FBM ( Fulfilled by Merchant ) .If you choose to sell your merchandise both FBA and FBM, start by going to Inventory in Seller Central, finding your number, clicking the dropdown arrow on the right-hand side, and selecting “ Copy listing. ” When you make the copy, be sure to have the choice reading “ I want Amazon to ship and provide customer service for my items if they sell ” checked. This will create an FBA number . nowadays, why not just create a new list that ’ s an exact duplicate of the original, with a new UPC code, and sold FBA ? Having both the FBA and FBM versions of the product listed under the same ASIN will save you time and harass and help with your merchandise ’ randomness search rank. Every customer will land on the same listing, alternatively of being directed to two branch listings. From that one list, customers will have the option to choose FBA or FBM. additionally, you wo n’t have to get new reviews on the separate number. When FBM and FBA transportation options are attached to the lapp ASIN, the reviews cover both.

Something else to keep in mind : you can charge more for FBA products. It ’ s expected, and the higher price will help cover FBA fees . If you want fair an FBA list, without an FBM list, you don ’ t need to copy your list. All you have to do is choice “ Change to Fulfilled by Amazon ” on the same dropdown menu. On the following foliate, you ’ ll be asked whether you want to use your own barcodes, or have Amazon provide the barcodes. I always go with Amazon ’ south barcodes, for appliance . If you ’ re cook to send inventory to Amazon FBA right away, click “ Convert and Send Inventory. ” If you ’ re not quick to send inventory, just click “ Convert, ” and when you ’ ra quick, you can click “ Replenish armory. ”

Create a shipping plan

following, you ’ ll be asked if you want to create a new transport plan or add to an existing one. If you ’ ve never sent a product before, you ’ ll need to create a new transportation plan. For packing type, you should select “ individual products ” or “ case-packed products ” which applies when you are sending bombastic quantities of products in boxes called cases. Click “ Continue to shipping plan. ” Next, you ’ ll be asked how many units you want to send. hera, you can besides change your dispatch name, which I recommend. Click “ Rename ” in the top leave corner and change the appoint Amazon auto-generated to something more helpful for your own inventory system. I normally use the date, the quantity, and the product mention.

Amazon will then ask you for labeling. Every detail sent to Amazon FBA needs to be labeled. You could print off labels and label each product by hand or, you could have Amazon do it for you. It costs $ 0.20 per item to have Amazon do it for you and saves you time, a commodity you can not get a refund on. For 25 items, you pay a expansive sum of $ 5 to have Amazon do the label. Just click the dropdown and blue-ribbon “ Amazon ” under the “ Who labels ? ” column. Keep in mind, this means it will take a few more days for your product to be quick in Amazon ‘s warehouse, since person has to affix each of those labels. sometimes the Amazon employees will put the label right over your logo, so I recommend you put a hand written note in the box that says, “ Please do not put the labels over our logo. ” On the next page, Amazon will tell you how many shipments to send your product in. You can ’ thyroxine constantly send all your units in one box ; Amazon might want two or three boxes, so it can split your armory into different warehouses. once you ’ re finished here, cluck “ Approve dispatch. ” future, you ’ ll see a list of all the approved shipments. Click “ Work on dispatch ” for the first software you want to send . ‍ immediately, you can pick a carrier. At the time of this write, Fedex and UPS are both Amazon-preferred carriers which means you will save a lot of money going with them. Unless you ’ ve got a massive dispatch, you ’ ll most probably want to select “ Small parcel manner of speaking ” here. If your items are less than a pound and relatively little, you credibly won ’ t need to ship in multiple boxes, so you ’ ll choice “ Everything in one box ” under “ Shipment compact. ”

next, you ’ ll input the weight and dimensions of your box. It ’ s a good strategy to round up, merely to be absolutely sure you don ’ t underpay for transportation. If you underpay, Amazon will send your cargo back, and you ’ ll have a hassle reprinting ship labels and sending it back in. once you press “ confirm, ” Amazon will calculate the transportation cost for you. Click the checkmark to agree with Amazon ’ second terms and conditions, then click “ Accept charges to pay the transport. now, you can print the labels Amazon provided, stick them on the box, and send the software on its way to Amazon ’ s FBA center .

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