Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) for Individuals

Keep these benefits in mind when deciding if you want to set up and use a health save score ( HSA ). Let ‘s take a expression at some real-life scenarios and see how HSA savings can play out in assorted situations. Our dedicated Customer Care associates are available 24/7 to support you with any questions along the way. Online chew the fat is besides available on the member web site. Make the most of your account over the long term by investing in common funds. You can set up your account at any fourth dimension and once your account reaches the investment brink you establish, funds will mechanically transfer between cash and investments.

spare HSA Visa ® debit calling card with no transaction fees 4. Plus, the lend security of chip engineering along with Visa ’ sulfur zero liability policy means you won ’ t be held responsible for deceitful purchases made with their batting order or account data. Use your HSA to pay for doctor visits, trips to the pharmacy or even for qualify health care purchases when shopping on-line. You can select from a broad stove of reciprocal fund options to give your account electric potential to grow tax-exempt over the long terminus to help be prepared for future health manage expenses. Your HSA belongs to you, so you can use the money in your report to pay for qualify health care expenses throughout your life—including retirement. There is no time limit on when to spend your HSA funds. even if you change health plans, switch jobs or adjourn, your HSA goes with you. It ’ randomness yours…for life, and the funds never expire. Your health care is directly tied to living financially well – particularly as we live long. You decide how much money to save in your score ( up to the IRS contribution limit ) and which qualified medical expenses 3 to pay with your HSA. An HSA offers tax advantages that assistant you keep more of your hard-earned money by providing the potential for : A Health Savings Account ( HSA ) is a tax-advantaged personal savings account that helps those with HDHP ( High Deductible Health Plan ) save money on many out-of-pocket medical expenses like repair visits, vision and dental care, and prescriptions. An HSA gives you more control over your health care outgo. You can contribute funds into an HSA on a pre-tax footing to save for current and future checkup expenses, putting you in charge of how you spend your health manage dollars. about ternary Tax Advantages : You can receive tax-exempt distributions from your HSA to pay or be reimbursed for modify checkup expenses you incur after you establish the HSA. If you receive distributions for other reasons, the amount you withdraw will be subject to income tax and may be subject to an extra 20 % tax. Any concern or earnings on the assets in the bill are tax complimentary. You may be able to claim a tax discount for contributions you, or person early tahn your employer, make to your HSA. Bank of America recommends you contact qualify tax or legal rede before establishing an HSA .
Investing in securities involves risks, and there is always the potential of losing money when you invest in securities.
Bank of America, N.A. makes available The HSA for Life® Health Savings Account as a custodian merely. The HSA for Life is intended to qualify as a Health Savings Account ( HSA ) as set forth in Internal Revenue Code section 223. however, the account beneficiary establishing the HSA is entirely responsible for ensuring satisfaction of eligibility requirements set forth in IRC sec 223. If an individual/employee establishes a HSA and s/he is not otherwise eligible, s/he will be subject to adverse tax consequences. In accession, an employer making contributions to the HSA of an ineligible individual may besides be discipline to tax consequences. We recommend that applicants and employers contact modify tax or legal rede before establishing a HSA .
Bank of America does not sponsor or maintain the flexible spend Accounts ( FSA ) / Health Reimbursement Accounts ( HRA ) that you establish. The programs are sponsored and maintained entirely by the employer offering the plan, or by an individual establishing an independent plan. Bank of America acts entirely as claims administrator performing administrative tasks pursuant to an agreement with, and at the direction of, the sponsoring employer or individual under an mugwump plan. The sponsoring employer or individual under an independent plan is entirely creditworthy for ensuring such arrangements comply with all applicable laws.

The planning tools and information calculators are exemplifying lone, and accuracy is not guaranteed. They are intended to provide a comparative joyride for diverse consumer health concern options and electric potential costs and savings of those options. Bank of America and its affiliates are not tax or legal advisors. The calculators are not intended to offer any tax, legal or fiscal advice and do not assure the handiness of or your eligibility for any particular product offered by Bank of America or its affiliates. Please consult with qualified professionals to discuss your situation. This web site may contain links to third-party message, which may be articles, videos, or calculators, regarding health plans only as a public toilet. Some articles, videos and calculators may have been written and produced by third parties not affiliated with Bank of America or any of its affiliates .
Neither Bank of America nor any of its affiliates or employees provide legal, tax or account advice. You should consult your legal and/or tax advisors before making any fiscal decisions. This material should be regarded as general information on health worry considerations and is not intended to provide specific health care advice .
If you have questions regarding your especial health manage situation, please contact your health care, legal or tax adviser .
Please consult with your own lawyer or tax adviser to understand the tax and legal consequences of establishing and maintaining a HSA, FSA, Dependent Care FSA, and/or HRA plan .
All trademarks and service marks belong to Bank of America Corporation unless differently noted .
Bank of America, N.A., Member FDIC. Mutual Fund investment offerings for the Bank of America HSA are made available by Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated ( “ MLPF & S ” ), a register broker-dealer, registered investment adviser, Member SIPC, and a wholly owned auxiliary of Bank of America Corporation ( “ BofA Corp. ” ). Investments in common funds are held in an omnibus score at MLPF & S in the name of Bank of America, N.A., for the benefit of all HSA score owners. Recommendations as to HSA investment menu options are provided to Bank of America, N.A. by the Chief Investment Office ( “ CIO ” ), Global Wealth & Investment Management ( “ GWIM ” ), a division of BofA Corp. The CIO, which provides investing strategies, due diligence, portfolio structure steering and wealth management solutions for GWIM clients, is part of the Investment Solutions Group ( ISG ) of GWIM .
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