Can You Add a DBA to Your LLC on Your Own?

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Do you presently own and operate an LLC but are thinking about adding a DBA for another business you ’ d like to start ? Setting up a “ doing business as ” name yourself for your LLC involves a few steps to register your name by rights .
Understanding DBAs and how they can either be advantageous or dangerous for your small occupation is significant in weighing your options. Should you decide to set up a DBA and go through the file process, you need to determine if you are up for the task or if it ’ s a knowing decision to outsource the filing to person else to ensure it is done correctly .
If you aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate up for the undertaking, you can outsource your filing to Incfile. We can prepare and file a DBA on your behalf — basically freeing up your time and alleviating some of the headaches that can come with setting up a DBA on your own and navigating chartless waters.

With that said, if you ’ re uncoerced and able to put in the time and complete the work yourself, hera are the steps to take when setting up a DBA for your little business .

5 Steps to Setting Up a DBA for Your LLC

1. Decide on a Business Name for Your DBA

It ’ second important to decide on a name that resonates with the business you will be conducting outside of your current LLC. Your new DBA brand identity will provide your potential clients and customers with a better picture and understand of what your occupation is and what precisely it provides .
For exemplify, if your current LLC is a brick-and-mortar cad grooming servicing with the name “ Fido Dog Grooming, ” and you want a DBA name for a mobile version of your commercial enterprise, keep it slightly similar so far descriptive, such as “ Fido Mobile Dog Grooming. ” This helps tie in your current LLC commercial enterprise to attract some of your existing customers while besides attracting new customers seeking out a mobile dog grooming service. While it is n’t required that your DBA appoint is like to your LLC name, it is frequently beneficial. The choice is ultimately up to you .
If you ’ ra having problems deciding on a name or even think of a name, check out Incfile ’ s detached Business Name Generator. This tool will help get the creative juices flowing and provides a list of name ideas .
equitable like when you set up your LLC, you need to do a name search to ensure no one else owns a business with your desired name. To ensure you don ’ t have any issues with the mention you decided on, you can run it through Incfile ‘s unblock Business Name Search creature to ensure your business diagnose is available for you to use .
You Need a DBA  If You Want to do Business Under a Different Name From Your Legal Business Name Contact Us Today

2. Register the DBA Name You Want to Use

name registration requirements vary from express to state. Check with your express to ensure you file the proper documents needed when setting up a DBA. While not all states require you to register your DBA, some require you to file with both state and county agencies. Speak to your local agencies, or search on-line to figure out what you are required to do .
additionally, just because you filed for a DBA in your country and county does not mean you are able to do clientele outside of that state of matter or county. There are restrictions and guidelines in many states as to how you must conduct business after setting up a DBA .
It ’ mho imperative that you do your proper ascribable diligence and check how DBAs are laid out in your state and county to avoid running into any issues. If you ‘re only able to conduct business in your county or state, but you want to do business outside of that delegate area, you may need to file a DBA in all of the early states you plan to conduct commercial enterprise .
If you must file in other areas, this stallion process of setting up a DBA needs to be completed for each state ( a daunting task to say the least ).

Where Can You Get the Required Forms?
You can by and large get all of the necessity DBA forms at your local county clerk ’ second office. Your department of state and county may allow you to complete and submit the forms online, or you may need to print out the documents and submit them in person or by mail .
once completed, you will need to pay the allow fees ( anywhere from $ 10 to $ 50 ) according to your country and county in order to file .
Additional Follow-Up Requirements
Look into how long your DBA is good for in your department of state and county. While some state ‘s DBAs don ’ thyroxine need to be renewed, others will only survive you a given number of years before the submit and county want you to renew your registration to maintain your DBA and keep it in well standing .

3. Secure Any Business Licenses or Registration Needed

Depending on the type of goods or services your DBA provides, you may need to secure proper licenses and registrations, good as you would when setting up an LLC. This will require some homework and inquiry to be done on your separate .
once you understand what licenses or registrations are needed when setting up your DBA, complete the allow paperwork and wait for the blessing. Be indisputable to file any paperwork with both the LLC and DBA name. For example, using the cad grooming business mentioned earlier, you would put on your application and forms “ Fido Dog Grooming DBA Fido Mobile Dog Grooming. ”
once approved, go ahead and move fore .
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4. Publish Notice of Your New DBA

While not always the case, some counties across the state will require you to publish notice of your DBA in your local anesthetic newspaper ( and sometimes even for straight weeks ). You may besides need to send proof that the detect was published in the publication. There are often specific requirements that need to be met within a clock frame following your DBA ‘s approval to conduct business and be officially registered .
You will need to look up the requirements for your county to ensure you digest by the guidelines when setting up a DBA.

5. Consider Trademarking Your DBA Name

It is park practice to protect your list so that others can not besides use it and profit. Therefore, many go the route of applying for a brand on the name of their business. When setting up a DBA, this may besides be a good theme .
The trademark process can be highly long-winded — many hire a hallmark lawyer or use trademark service, such as Incfile ‘s. It ’ s not uncommon to have the application denied when applying for a brand, meaning you ’ ll necessitate to go back to the drawing board. This means more money and time you ’ rhenium investing. For that reason, it ’ south recommended to pay a professional to handle the application process for you. While this is an extra cost, in the end, it can alleviate many headaches and save time and money .
As you can see, setting up a DBA involves a bunch of moving parts. There will be inquiry required, forms to be completed and filed and a lot of meter invested. As a business owner, fourth dimension spent on this process takes away from time spent on growing your commercial enterprise. If you want the procedure of filing a DBA done for you, Incfile offers full-service DBA filing. All you have to do is plainly place an order, and we ’ ll collect the right information, scout you through the process and provide your DBA name .

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