Marriott Vacation Club

Owners Share Their Experiences with Our Exit Specialist

From Kenneth Friedman

For several of the reasons given above, we decided it was necessary to sell our vacation possession. Knowing the many websites claiming to be able to sell our Marriott Vacation Club points or weeks, but not knowing which are legitimate, we were hesitant to jump into this market .
That is until we found out about the Marriott Vacation Club redemption program. We knew we were dealing with a reliable and reputable company… one that we could trust .
Your staff was highly professional, knowing and effective in walking us through the process. The offer was fair and reasonable and allowed us to still use the points that were in our report, even after the redemption work was complete .
Thank you, Marriott Vacation Club for making this potential. I knew there was a argue we chose the Marriott Vacation Club program for our original purchase.

From Marcus Myles

I had a question about selling my unit and the Exit Specialist was able to provide me information about your timeshare exit program and how that works. The exit Specialist was besides able to get me information on the Vacation Club Points versus the Marriott® Rewards points for my unit. They even gave me information about the Right of First Refusal that Marriott Vacation Club® has, something I didn ’ metric ton know. Just a quick idea on my mind, about reselling my whole, gave me a wealth of information about ownership with Marriott Vacation Club, and I equitable want to let you know they did a bang-up job ! Thank you very much .

From Karen and Doug Olcott

After about 20 years of being Owners with Marriott Vacation Club®, my husband and I decided that it no longer fit our vacation needs. Our children did not want the duty of continuing and we were not in a position to continue the maintenance and planning it takes to best use our timeshare. Marriott Vacation Club has always been an excellent ship’s company to work with and though we were not looking ahead to going through the Exit work, we knew we needed to get started. From the very start, communication was clear and helpful. The exit Specialist adhere with me over a period of a few months. We emailed each other and spoke over the phone respective times, trying to make the sale of both our workweek and our extra 1,500 Vacation Club Points arsenic easy as possible. The exit Specialist kept me informed all along the way to keep me up to date on build up. When papers were sent for us to sign, they were intelligibly marked and we were able to get them notarized and completed promptly. We thank Marriott Vacation Club for helping us through the work .

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