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✍️ Editor’s Note: Houzeo is America ’ s most advance home plate sell platform. american home owners listed $3.5 billion worth of properties on Houzeo in 2021. This guide summarizes how to sell a house by owner ( without a Realtor ) based on our experience listing thousands of properties .

How to sell a house by owner

U.S. dwelling prices surged 17 % in 2021. This affected the real estate commissions that skyrocketed equally well. 90 % of base buyers look for homes online which opens a door of opportunities to save on real estate agent commission when you are selling your house by owner ( FSBO ) or with the help of a Realtor .
» In this guide, we’ll cover:

How to Sell a House by Owner

For Sale By Owner ( FSBO ) represents the home deal method where no Realtor is involved in the property list action. hera are some of the steps to selling a house/property For Sale By Owner ( FSBO ) :

1. What are the Benefits & Risks of Selling a Home By Owner?

“ Sell my home by owner ? ” is the most common question for home sellers as they look to avoid agent commissions. When you sell your home plate by owner in the US, your basal goal is to save money. As a home seller, you should prep for what follows .
The paperwork requirements while selling a house can be simple or complex and will be typically handled by any competent title caller, escrow company, or lawyer based on the submit regulations. Most importantly, in our experience buyer agents are not at all antipathetic to working with For Sale By Owners selling their homes themselves. here are the pros and cons of selling a theater by owner :

Key Benefits of Selling a Home For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

Savings on Commission Selling a house by the owner can result in commissions savings anywhere between 3% to 6%.
Speed to Market FSBO websites like Houzeo will get you on the market within 24-48 hours, or faster!

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Control Over Transaction By interacting directly with the Buyer or Buyer Agent, you reduce intermediaries. That makes everything simpler. Also, there is no contract involved when you sell a house by owner, especially with regards to the listing agent.

Key Risks of Selling a Home For Sale By Owner

Hidden Fees If you want to sell a property by owner, Flat-Fee MLS and FSBO companies could be a great choice. But, many of them are notorious for their hidden fees. Commissions on a house sale can be in thousands.
Poor Customer Service If you don’t get help when you need it, FSBO can become a very expensive experiment very fast. Be sure to read reviews to know how an FSBO site’s customer service is.

⭐ Houzeo is rated 4.9 stars on Google & Trustpilot.

Knowing Help is Available Selling FSBO is simple, but if you ever need help, it’s available. Almost every FSBO site will provide ample information, but the right customer support makes all the difference.

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2. Get Your Home Ready

Making your home attend its best self works wonders. complement every room in a direction that they narrate a fib, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate let furniture consume all the space, and create a visually appealing first spirit .

Declutter & Depersonalize You want the buyers to imagine their own life in your house, not yours.
Clean Scrub, shampoo, wash, deep clean every nook of your house.
Make Repairs If there’s anything glaringly wrong, take care of it early.
Stage Hire a professional stager or organize your furniture to make rooms look neat and spacious.
Repaint Neutral Neutral colors will appeal to a wider range of buyers.
Add Lights Natural light helps, ensure you have open curtains and blinds. Make sure every room has ample light, add bulbs if necessary.
Improve Curb Appeal Clear landscape or plant fresh flowers. First impressions are everything!

3. Taking Care of Disclosures

Disclosures are an important part of the home selling process. It is absolutely necessary to understand the diverse disclosures when selling a home by the owner as you would not get any professional aid. The disclosures may vary from submit to state while some of them may be common .
hera are some of the popular disclosures required while selling a house :

Property Disclosure A document that contains all the general information about the property and any defects present.
Flood Zone Statement This is usually required by the lender to sanction the loan. A flood risk report can help the lender in their process to define the amount of loan to be provided.
Lead-Based Paint Hazard As per the legal binding, for homes built before 1978, the seller should declare any lead-based paint hazards in the house.

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4. Price Your Home Competitively

In decree to sell your home as For Sale By Owner ( FSBO ), the single most significant factor that determines whether your dwelling sells cursorily is its list price. Whether you ’ ra selling a house without a Realtor or not, the tilt price is crucial for attracting a wide-eyed pool of buyers .
REMEMBER! The purpose of the LIST PRICE is to DRIVE TRAFFIC to your listing. It’s not your SALE PRICE!!!

What happens if you under-price or over-price your listing?

If you price it too low You will get multiple offers. You’ll likely call for “Highest & Best Offer” or counter the best offers. And you will sell at market price
If you price it too high You will get little interest. That’ll make you drop the price, and you will sell at the market price

There ’ s no incorrectly approach, but pricing a little below, generating competition, and getting multiple bids works much better .
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5. Property Description

The property description is one of the important features while selling a dwelling by owner. When you are looking for answers to questions like how to sell my home by owner ? – property description can make a deviation .
Make certain the property description is complicate and attractive for potential buyers. The description of your real estate place could include information about the basic infrastructure, rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, appliances, garden, and much more. It could besides include any historical meaning of the place/property and any specific region characteristics .

6. Right Time to Sell a House

What is the best meter to sell a house ? Well, it depends and varies from state to express. There are multiple factors ( season, holidays, etc. ) that define what is the right time to sell a house. It is frankincense crucial to follow these factors if you want to have the maximal profit and less time on the market .
Check out our state-specific articles for more information on the right meter to sell a theater .

7. Market Your Home

As already highlighted, 90 % of dwelling buyers search and review homes online. frankincense, getting utmost on-line exposure is the # 1 precedence for a seller .

# Marketing Tactic Description
1. List on the MLS Homes listed on the MLS sell faster and for 17% more. That doesn’t mean you need to hire a listing agent or pay that extra commission. Craft appealing listing descriptions to entice potential buyers. Use a for sale by owner website to list your home and offer a competitive buyer agent commission. That’ll have you in good stead to get top-dollar for your property.

✍️ Pro Tip: Research the best For Sale By Owner websites before picking one

2. Get a Yard Sign Do not get a “FOR SALE BY OWNER” yard sign. FSBO yard signs have a negative association. Additionally, it’ll limit your options because MLS’ will not allow them. Instead get a “FOR SALE” yard sign, preferably with your phone number on it. Houzeo custom yard sign is $49 only, and it’s FREE with a selfie!

✍️ Pro Tip: If you secure a buyer from a yard sign, chances are you’ll save on the Buyer Agent Commission as well. Well worth the $49 investment.

3. Share Your Listing on Social Media Share your Houzeo listing on social media. It includes your contact info. If you share Zillow or Redfin listings, all the leads your listing generates will be sold to paying Buyer Agents who’ll demand a competitive buyer agent commission. Houzeo doesn’t sell your information or leads. All buyer leads see your contact info, so you might save the buyer agent commission.

✍️ Pro Tip: If you secure a buyer from social sharing, chances are you’ll save on the Buyer Agent Commission as well.

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8. Use a Showing Management Tool

One of the tips to sell a home for sale by an owner debauched via an on-line serve is using a Showing Management tool. once your property is fix for showings, it is critical to manage them effectively. You want to know precisely who has seen your property or expressed interest in seeing it. And, you want to know precisely when they saw it .
Online showing schedule tools provide base buyers and buyer agents with a frictionless room to request and schedule showings. Cutting-edge showing technologies, like Houzeo Showings, besides feature ways for buyers and buyer agents to provide feedback on your list .

# Feature Description
1. Home Sellers Can Set Their Showing Calendar Buyers and buyer agents should only be shown times when the property is available for showing. This saves the time spent in correspondence of all parties.
2. Buyers & Buyer Agents Can Request & Reschedule Showings It’s critical that buyers and buyer agents can request showings at available times. Things do change sometimes, so they should be able to reschedule and cancel showing requests as well.
3. Buyers & Buyer Agents Can Provide Feedback on the Listing Feedback from Buyers and Buyer Agents is critical for home sellers. It allows them to assess if their property is priced too high, the backyard needs fencing, or the door lock was too difficult to open. If the property is on a major street, there’s nothing the home seller can do about it. But where the feedback is actionable, small remedies can go a long way in improving showings and attracting top dollar for your property.

🗓️ Houzeo Showings has all these features and is available on the Houzeo mobile app !

Introducing the Houzeo Mobile App !

  • View your listing
  • Review and compare offers
  • Mange Showings Online
  • Counter an offer
  • NEW! Buyers can now search your property and save it in “Favorites”

Start Your FREE Listing NOW !

9. Negotiate Offers

You are selling a house without a Realtor. The basics of what to do when you get offers remain the same – Accept, Decline, or Ignore the offers ( not recommended ). We suggest you review the offers on all their merits, and never ignore an offer. even if it ’ s a low-ball offer, you should counter with what you would accept. Where you are surely you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to counter or accept, precisely politely decay .
Countering an offer, or calling for Highest & Best offers are 2 progress tactics in every veridical estate agent ’ s arsenal. When selling a sign of the zodiac by owner, you need to learn 2 tactics .
Most companies will give you complex forms to counter an offer, or to request the highest & best. Houzeo has digitized these features. so, you can counter or ask for the highest & best offers with just a few clicks ! That ’ randomness selling a house by the owner made easily .

# Advanced Tactic When to Use How to Use
1. Counter an Offer Single or Multiple Offer Situation Your best offer is not just the highest one. It’ll be competitive across several parameters: deposit, financing, inspection contingency, closing timeline, etc. When countering an offer, you can request any of these parameters to be updated per your preferences.

▶️ Learn more: How to counter an offer on Houzeo

2. Request Highest & Best Offers Multiple Offer Situation If you have multiple offers, and a timeline by which you’d like to pick an offer, you can call for Highest & Best offer from all interested parties.

▶️ Learn more: How to request Highest & Best offer on Houzeo

Negotiating offers when selling a home by owner can be crafty. With the slightest transfer, comes the massive paperwork update, signatures, due diligence. Being a 100 % on-line platform, Houzeo updates the changes across the paperwork seamlessly, cutting back on efforts and clock time lost behind every update .
What if you didn ’ triiodothyronine get offers ? Be patient. It is important to be patient when selling a home by owner. Check your views and saves on Zillow before dropping your list monetary value .
▶️ Case Study: Lori from Melbourne, FL wondered how to sell a firm by owner and saved $ 10,000 ▶️

10. Title, Appraisals, and Inspections

Title, appraisals, and inspections are crucial as share of selling a house. They all require agents/companies that could verify the data and care in the sell work .

Title If there is a dispute relating to property ownership, the Title company comes into the picture. The Title company has the full history of a property. It ensures that in case there is a legal dispute for the property, the legal owner is identified.
Inspection The Inspection agency inspects the property before the buying process is completed. It checks for any defects/repairs in the property and raises concerns accordingly. This inspection ensures that the buyers don’t have to shell out money at their end in case there are defects in the property which were not highlighted by the seller.

The average cost of a home inspection in the US is $340 with a range between $200-$500

Appraisal An Appraisal officer does market research and evaluates the price of a specific property. The appraisal manager ensures that a correct price is offered by the seller and as per the market value.

The average appraisal cost in the US ranges from $375 – $450.

11. Close Like a Professional

Selling a home by owner means you ’ ll indigence to be a tad bite more fix when it comes to paperwork at the time of closing. You are besides required to take care of close costs for selling a house by owner. This varies per state .
even though your closure lawyer or claim agent will handle most of the legalities involved in a place transfer, you do have several obligations. here ’ s how to prepare for your completion day :
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Review Your Closing Documents in Advance

Closing documents should broadly be available to you in advance of the schedule close date. Review these legal documents at length and understand their provisions. here are some key documents you ’ ll likely sign at closing :

Document Description
The HUD-1 or Closing Disclosure When homes are purchased with a mortgage, you’ll summarize the detailed costs in the Closing Disclosure.
If your sale is all cash, you may get the HUD-1, which is less common. These documents detail the amounts you’re charged for, your loan payoffs if any, and the net proceeds you will take to the bank. Depending upon how much equity you have in the property, you may need to bring a check (or send a wire) on the closing date. Ensure there are no typos in your name, address, property address, bank info, and other details. Review every cost and total amount to ensure there are no mathematical errors or inadvertent costs.
The Deed This document enables the legal transfer of title from the seller to the buyer. Read this document carefully, verifying all details including the legal description of the property, the deed book, the deed book page, and the Property Identification Number (PIN), if any. Once a Seller sold a $94,000 property, but the deed also legally transferred the Seller’s 5 other homes worth $680,000 over to the Buyer. There was a huge scramble post-closing to correct this mistake. It could have been a nightmare for the Seller if the Buyer didn’t honestly transfer the rest of the properties back to the Seller.
Statement of Closing Costs This statement summarizes all the expenses involved in the transaction. This document is easier to understand vs. the HUD-1/Closing Disclosure, but they should tie.
Certificate of Title It allows you to state that you have the right to sell the property.

There are besides extra documents that are required in the real estate betray action. These can vary from state to country. Some of the legal documents needed to sell a house by owner are stated below :

Purchase Agreement This document contains all the information relating to the property and also details about the seller and buyer. It is a legal document that is required when you sell a property.
Bill of Sale A document that specifies the sale of property or transfer of property from the seller to the buyer.
Title Affidavit A notarized document confirming that the seller is the rightful owner of the property and there are no liens.
Survey papers Contains all the information about the dimensions and location of the property.
Home Inspection A document that contains all the information about the inspection of the house. This is required when you sell a property as an owner or with the help of a Realtor.

Check out our state-specific articles for more information on ask documents .

Ask Questions

If this is your first clock time selling a property or learning how to sell your sign of the zodiac by owner, schedule an appointee with the close agent before the date of the close up. Before that appointment, do your research and clarify any doubts. facility on how to sell your sign of the zodiac by owner makes a huge difference .

Bring TWO Forms of Official ID

There will probably be a accredited notary involved who ’ ll require that you swear you are who you say you are. Take a valid driver ’ second license or recommendation for ID. Carry a secondary ID, good in sheath .
closing documents are legally binding agreements. guarantee you keep the paperwork error-free or you can derail your sale and be forced to re-list your family .
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12. Overall Costs

A very important factor that can impact the home sell action by owner is determining the overall costs in the conduct. The transaction is not entirely about agent commission and sale monetary value, but besides includes many other costs. These costs vary from state to department of state.

Agent Commission Even if you are selling your home by owner, there are chances that you will interact with represented buyers. This means that you will have to have to pay the buyer commission.
Transfer Tax This cost is to be paid to the local government when there is a transfer of ownership of the real estate.
Attorney Fee If you are hiring an attorney to aid in the selling process, then you will have to pay the attorney fee. In some states, an attorney acts as a closing agent which makes the attorney fee compulsory.
Property Tax This tax is paid to the local government by the property owner.
Title Insurance Title insurance helps sellers/buyers from any legalities if there is a flaw in the ownership of the property. The insurance fee can be paid by either seller or buyer based on the negotiations.
Capital Gains Tax Many states require sellers to pay capital gains tax when they sell off a property. The capital gain is the difference between the cost at which the house was sold and the cost at which it was bought.

There are multiple other costs ( including close costs ) that are involved when you sell your house. Check out our state-specific articles for more information .

Selling Real Estate by Owner vs Realtor

There are ample differences when you sell your house strictly as For Sale By Owner ( FSBO ) and via a Realtor. But, things have changed over a period of time. There are multiple ways using which a property can be sold by owner in veridical estate .
nowadays, we have FSBO platforms like Houzeo that give your listing a good exposure at a flat fee. here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of selling a home by owner :
Top For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Websites
A thorough comparison between the best in the business
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Bottom-line: Selling FSBO in the United States

The work of selling a house by owner is not simple. however, in today ’ s high-tech universe, there ’ s no need to enlist a full-service agent to sell your home. One of the best ways of selling your family by owner requires you to leverage a advanced For Sale By Owner platform like Houzeo .


Learn more

  • Listing Fee: $249 to $399
  • Available nationwide
  • Listings featured on Houzeo App

Editor’s Take
Houzeo is America ’ s # 1 For Sale By Owner platform .
💰 Save Thousands on Commission: Houzeo ’ s plans are typically a belittled flat tip. This will save you thousands. If your buyer is unrepresented, you save the buyer agent perpetration equally well .
📣 Maximum Exposure: Listings get syndicated to the MLS, Zillow,, Redfin, Trulia, and hundreds of other websites. Houzeo besides has nifty sociable media sharing tools. No early platform gives you this much exposure .
Fast Listing & Changes: Houzeo is 100 % on-line. Listing is easy and changes are fast. So you can focus on what is most important – your sale .
5-Star Customer Support: Home sellers across America have rated Houzeo 4.9 out of 5 stars on major follow-up sites like Google and Trustpilot. There is ease in the fact that when you call, there is a live person picking up the earphone on the early line .
📱 Cutting-edge Technology: Houzeo is the most potent real estate web site. Its advance features include :

  • IntelliList Listing Management System: Lets you manage your listing 100% online.
  • Houzeo Showings: Manage showing appointments online.
  • Houzeo Offers: All offers are summarized online. You can view and compare offers, or counter an offer. In a multiple-offer situation, you can also call for highest and best offers.
  • Buyer Search: Buyers can contact you directly on instead of going through a real estate agent.
  • Houzeo Settlement Agent Platform: Guides you to your closing.

No early gloomy price real estate listing web site comes close to offering such features .
👉 Our Take: is our top pick because it delivers an invincible combination of savings, technical school features, and service of any categoric fee MLS list service website we ’ ve reviewed.

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Pros & Cons

  • Nationwide coverage
  • Listings get syndicated to Zillow,, Trulia, Redfin, and 100s of other sites
  • Quick listing (within a day with concierge)
  • Savings on commissions
  • 100% online – easy listing, fast changes, online showings, and online offers
  • Mobile app availability

Avg. Rating
Houzeo has a 4.9 out of 5 evaluation on Google & Trustpilot .
Houzeo is available countrywide .
Want to know more about Houzeo ? Check out our exclusive television that explains everything you need to know about the platform .
What is Houzeo?
An overview of what the platform is all about
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In 2020, the share of homes sold by owners was 8 %, which is pretty less. however, selling your house by owner not only saves you thousands of dollars in deputation but besides keeps you in control. You talk directly with the buyer or buyer agent, eliminating a jobber. In a nutshell, there is no contract to sell a family by owner .
We have compiled everything you need to know about how to sell a house by owner, state-wise in the under table :

How to Sell a House by Owner in the US

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the top 5 most important things for a For Sale By Owner?

1. guarantee you price your home right
2. Get professional photograph taken of your property – remember the most attend receptive family will be on Houzeo, Zillow, Redfin, etc !
3. List your home on the MLS – It ’ s literally the most crucial marketing joyride
4. Offer a competitive buyer ’ s agent mission – You ’ re saving 3 % Seller/Listing Agent commission on Houzeo !
5. Put your reach details on Houzeo, and on Zillow .
Read more about tips to sell your home fast as an FSBO .

What’s the biggest regret for home sellers?

According to Zillow ’ sulfur 2019 Survey, the biggest repent sellers have is not starting the march of preparing to sell preferably. That ’ sulfur why we ’ ve created Houzeo – Instant list and market of your dwelling to thousands of buyers via the office of the MLS, Zillow, Redfin, Facebook, and chirrup !

Is MLS needed to sell For Sale By Owner?

absolutely ! MLS is by far the most significant cock a veridical estate agent can provide you. The US Department of Justice says that home sellers can save $ 6,200 on the sale of median-priced homes by choosing advanced services like MLS-only packages offered by brokers on Houzeo. If your home is more expensive – it ’ s much much more than that !

Will I have full control of my Flat Fee MLS listing?

Houzeo allows you to request all changes online giving you full control of your list ! Check out this time on
How to Change Your MLS Listing Including Adding Open Houses… All Online ! to learn more .

What are the steps to get my home ready for sale?

( 1 ) Declutter and depersonalize your property.
( 2 ) Make necessary repairs.
( 3 ) Repaint interior walls.
( 4 ) Organize closets and drawers.
( 5 ) Make every airfoil radiance
( 6 ) Eliminate bad odors.
( 7 ) Clean up the landscaping outside.
( 8 ) Make the front door tempt .

How do I list my home for sale in local MLS?

first, log in to Houzeo using your e-mail, Facebook or google plus report. Click “ Sell a Property ” on the splashboard and fill out the address. Select a list pan and Houzeo ’ s IntelliList Management System will make list home easy and quick for you. Upload photos set a price, and sign your MLS contracts—it ’ s that easy, and your home will be listed on the local MLS in no time .

How long does it take to get my listing on the MLS?

After you ’ ve submitted your property information and all details on Houzeo, your base will go live on the lapp sidereal day or the next business day. The MLS system will manually enter the number that takes excess two clientele days to process and activate .

What are the necessary documents in closing your home?

Review these important documents in advance before the schedule close date. First, the HUD-1 or Closing disclosure that details the amounts you ’ re charged for, your lend payoffs if any, and the internet proceeds you will take to the bank. Depending on how much equity you have in the place, you may need to bring a check ( or send a wire ) on the close date .

What do I need to bring during closing?

Before the close, make sure to prepare two forms of official ID. Use a valid driver ’ south license or passport—and a secondary coil adenine well, barely in case. There will likely be a license notary who will need you to confirm your identification .

Can I sell my house without a Realtor?

Yes, you can sell a house without Realtor via For Sale By Owner ( FSBO ) .

Who pays closing costs when selling a house by owner?

The close costs when selling a house by owner can be paid by either seller or buyer or both. This may vary from state to department of state .

What is the required paperwork for selling a house by owner?

Selling a firm is not easy as an owner and requires a fortune of paperwork. Documents like HUD-1, Deed, Statement of conclusion costs, and Certificate of claim are park in about all the states. There is besides submit specific paperwork that is required to be completed by you as an owner .

How much money do you save selling by owner?

The biggest savings come from the fact that the owner will not have to pay listing agent commission of 3 %. If you get an unrepresented buyer, you can save extra 3 %. To overcome the issue of listing agent deputation, many For Sale By Owner ( FSBO ) platforms like Houzeo have come up that give up maximal exposure of your property at a nominative flat fee.

What to know when selling a house by owner?

1 ) You need to understand the risks and benefits of selling a house by owner, 2 ) You should get your home quick and get important repairs done, 3 ) Pricing a family competitively and as per marketplace standards is authoritative, 4 ) Market your home holistically, 5 ) Use showing management instrument for buyers, 6 ) Negotiate offers based on market standards and your requirement, and 7 ) Have deep sympathy of closing documents and costs .

How to put my house up for sale by owner?

You can either market your property offline using flyers, yard signs, getting your relatives, friends, and neighbors know about it. Or, you may besides choose an FSBO platform like Houzeo that will help list your property on real estate websites and MLS .
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