Can’t Keep a Track Of Subscriptions? Here’s How to Track and Manage All Subscriptions

now that streaming services have become about arsenic common as television receiver cable at one point, many people have multiple subscriptions to respective streaming channels, in holy order to watch unlike kind of stuff on their devices. aside from fair streaming services, people are besides subscribed to newsworthiness apps and magazines, along with things like subscriptions for daily groceries, cloud storage, music apps, and much more. Managing so many subscriptions can decidedly get complicated. thankfully, there are tools that users can use on their smartphones and computers that will make cope subscriptions easier and put all of them into one rate. Apple, Google besides provide tools to manage subscriptions within Android and io, and there are third-party apps american samoa well that are made for the same function. here are a few ways to manage subscriptions :

Apple ID for your subscriptions

Apple provides a creature for iPhone users to manage their subscriptions on their telephone itself. To access subscriptions, Apple iPhone users need to go to Settings and tap on their appoint ( Apple ID ) and then refer Subscriptions. You will see a list of all the services you are subscribed to using iTunes .

Using Google Play

similarly, you can manage your subscriptions associated with your Google account from the Payments and Subscription section in your Google Play app under the profile menu. From here, you can choose to pause payments or cancel your subscription. If most of your subscriptions are not associated with either your Google Account or Apple ID, there are plenty of third-party apps available that will do the job for you .


Truebill is an app that allows you to manage your subscriptions. All you need is to install it and fill in your bank bill details. The app will pull your bills and group your subscriptions in an easier to manage and view dashboard.


If you want a childlike and free-to-use app to manage your subscriptions adenine well as remove worry of your personal finance, Mint may be your pick. Just connect your bank account and you are good to go. The app will keep a track of your credit card bills and recurring payments that go as subscriptions. Insights offered by the app can help you save money as well .


If you are looking for an app that does not require you to give it your depository financial institution account information, Subby may be the right choice for you. The only catch is that you will need to manually enter your subscriptions. The app reminds you before the subscription renewals so that you can cancel if you want .
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